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    Jul 7th 2015
    Bad Ass Bday Gift!

    I sent this to my Dad for his birthday; I wish I was there to watch his reaction opening it! He said the spices smelled amazing and couldn't wait to use the hickory chips. I opted for the duct tape wrapping, and my Dad was SO amused! Using the mini crowbar to pry open the crate was "a fecking blast!" according to him.

    I'll be ordering from Man Crates again for sure! Well done.

    Ashley Treadway
    Jul 5th 2015
    Father's Day Gift

    My dad really enjoyed the crate, he loves to grill so it fit him well.

    Jul 3rd 2015
    He LOVED it!!

    When my husband saw that his gift came with a crowbar it was game on! He loved using a crowbar for the 1st time hahaha! I think that was one of the high points of the gift. He enjoyed everything in the box and the seasonings are delicious. We will be using the smoker this weekend.

    Jul 1st 2015
    I got an A+ from Dad

    My dad is a vegan. And he lives to grill vegetables. So this gift was a huge hit. He told me I got an A+ on originality and another A+ on all around great gift. He mentioned the little crowbar multiple times - he really enjoyed the packaging!

    Jun 24th 2015

    Father's Day gift for my dad, now 80. He's the demo man, so a crate with crowbar was right down his alley! Our family gathered around and watched him pry into the crate, like a kid on Christmas!

    The concept of the gift is great and the contents also of high quality.

    Dad was so very pleased with this utterly unique gift!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Fathers Day Surprise

    This was my first but not my last purchase. The crate comes exactly as described and pictured. My dad had funny opening it and was surprised by how much was in it!

    Gabbie S.
    Jun 22nd 2015
    fathers day win.

    I bought my dad a man crate for Father's Day. First off, it got there earlier than expected (I thought it was going to be a few days late, but it was a few days early) so that was awesome. Secondly, watching him trying to pry open the crate with the crow bar was fantastic. Thirdly, he totally loved everything in the crate. He still compliments on how cool of a gift it was. Man crates is totally rad and I can't wait to buy from them again.

    Amy Dotson
    Jun 22nd 2015
    Pops loved it!

    I sent this to my dad for Father's day. My mom read the directions while my dad tried to pry open the crate. He called me laughing and absolutely loved it. I was thrilled I could give my awesome dad such an awesome gift. Bonus points, my health nut mom (in a good way) approved all of the ingredients. Yay! Thank you!

    Jun 21st 2015
    greatest gift ever

    This was my son's birthday present. He was thrilled first off that it came with a crowbar. If he can destroy a crate that starts the fun. This man loves to grill ANYTHING! He used it the day he got it. Thought it was all delicious. Thanks for giving me the chance to get something he had never heard of before.

    Apr 29th 2015
    Mancrate Awesomeness

    Sent one to my brother for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. Excellent customer service, and great product!

    Stephanie H.
    Apr 22nd 2015
    It's awesome!

    He had no idea I was buying him a gift let alone a gift he would have to pry open with a crow bar. He has used it several times already and loves it.

    Apr 21st 2015
    great gift

    This was a great gift! You get exactly what you see in the pictures on the website and I think it was definetley worth the price, since it is so unique and truly is a hit with the guys. I sent it to myself and brought it with me to give as a gift in person and it was perfect

    Mar 29th 2015
    Great Crate

    The person I sent this to was blown away by the uniqueness of the Man Crate

    Mar 27th 2015
    Great Gift

    My dad loved it! He loves to grill and said the smoker box was a nice quality (not like the cheapy tin one you find) -- really nice thick cast iron! Got a kick out of having to open his gift with a crowbar too!

    Beth Ann Tilley
    Feb 20th 2015
    Fun Gift

    I bought my boyfriend the BBQ crate for Valentine's Day. He loved it! He's been sharing it via FB and over the phone. He immediately using the steak rub and the beer nuts. Keep these types of products coming!!!

    Bonnie B.
    Feb 19th 2015
    Seriously Great Gift

    This was definitely a great gift for my boyfriend. He's not really picky when it comes to receiving gifts, but he was truly excited to open the crate with the crowbar to see what was inside. Great concept! I'm excited to see what kind of gift options they'll come up with next!

    Feb 18th 2015


    Feb 16th 2015
    great product

    My husband loved his gift!

    Feb 16th 2015
    Excellent Gift

    My husband was very excited about this and said it was a wonderful gift. He loved the crate and that he had to pry it open :) I bought the grilling crate and it couldn't have been better!

    Feb 16th 2015

    I gave my husband one for Valentines, he loved it. This will be my go to for all guy presents!

    Feb 11th 2015
    it was the crowbar that really did it for me

    I knew my boyfriend would get a kick outa this gift. He just got stationed at a new location so I bought this as a house warming gift. He called me saying it was the greatest thing that he's ever gotten purely because of the crate and crowbar. I really thought it was hilarious and the marketing was phenommmm. Gota give it to these young entrepreneurs. Would never have bought an 79$ box of bbq sauces if I didn't love the thought of the whole thing and the cute pic of the kids who run the company. Yall rock. Thanks for a funny gift:)

    Feb 2nd 2015

    My husband loves getting his crate! He had never heard of it even so when he opened it he was so excited about it and has told everyone about it since!!!

    Jan 27th 2015
    Great Gift

    What an outstanding 60th birthday gift. It's a nice feeling to hear true enjoyment and see a twinkle in a Man's eye when they tell you how much fun it was to open a gift with a crow bar. Living Overseas, it's hard to find a perfect gift to send. The content was great, and of course the presentation is fabulous! Well done Man Crates!!

    Jan 26th 2015
    Love it

    I bought this for my husband and Not going to lie I think i was a little more excited than he was. He did love it - winter in Minnesota isn't the best time to grill though. ;)

    Camille Breckenridge
    Dec 26th 2014
    my brother loved this!

    My hard-to-buy-for brother was so excited about this crate. He couldn't wait to get home and grill some meat! Each of the quality products went well with the theme and of course, the packaging is great. Thanks for this product and we will certainly be purchasing more crates in the future.

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