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    Jan 7th 2024

    I bought a box for my dad and Lil brother since both enjoy grilling. It was amazing and both loved it.

    Had a slight mishap with shipping due to UPS being slow and unreliable but MC responded promptly to my concerns over the delayed gifts and immediately made it right by refunded shipping. My dad especially got enjoyment out of the packaging

    Feb 9th 2022
    Awesome All Around!

    Great assortment, professional packaging and it came SUPER quick!

    Tina Sargeant
    Dec 17th 2020
    He loved it!

    Purchased this one for my Son the Master Griller and he loves it! It's too much fun opening this gift, great idea and a true Man's surprise!

    Sep 24th 2020
    Dad’s birthday gift

    Got this for my dad’s 54th birthday and he loved it. He absolutely appreciated this and it made for some laughter to open the crate with a crowbar. I asked my brother to help him and he refused excited for the little project to prop it open. My father is a business man and loves the concept of your company! A novelty gift all around. Most dads can buy anything they need for themselves so give Man crates a shot to surprise him with something unique and made with thought and care. 5 stars!

    Don Hawbaker
    Dec 27th 2019
    Outstanding Christmas Present

    My kids got the Hickory Grilling Man Crate and crowbar. Tried to use my hand to get the crowbar far enough under the top/crate joint and finally had to get a hammer to get it loosened up enough to be able to work around the top to get it off. The contents look like they will be used and liked. Did clean the top of the crate and the bottom of the lid and added two hinges . Using this to hold/store the accessories for my smoker ( electronic thermometer , bear claws, and a few other things ). It is well worth the effort it took to get the crate open.

    Dec 26th 2019
    Husband Loved it

    I got the diabolical duct tape cocoon , so there was no peeking this year.
    He a absolutely loved the little crowbar. And wants me to order more for other guys now.
    Thank you for coming up with the perfect gift for men.
    Ps: he likes the grilling stuff inside too.

    Beau Chevassus
    Mar 11th 2019
    Video review and demo

    I go this at a Qmissions event (they're a veteran's nonprofit that combats veteran suicide incredibly effectively). It was a fundraiser. Love this box! Here's me taking apart my Man Crate:
    Keep up the amazing work and impact, Man Crates.

    George Koester III
    Feb 14th 2019
    You Did It Again

    This was a really great crate. This was a gift for my father and he liked it. I hope that you never ever get rid of this crate. This was the perfect gift for him.

    Susan Hamilton
    Dec 26th 2018

    My husband loves to BBQ and this was a perfect gift for him. He especially enjoyed - after he finally got the crate open - reading all the labels "If it did exist in 1850, it ain't in here." So much fun on Christmas morning. Thanks ManCrate!

    Feb 14th 2018
    Manly Valentine's

    I am so pleased with Man Crates right now!! I got my first man crate for my husband for Valentine's Day. I didn't really know what to expect but I was hopeful it would be somewhat cool. My husband LOVED it!! I love that it actually comes with a tiny crowbar to open the crate with. It arrived exactly when I was told it would be delivered which made me very happy. And all the products inside are great quality! Will definitely be coming back for more crates for the men in my family. Thank you Man Crates for an amazing Valentine's Day gift for my well deserving husband.

    Elise M Nix
    Feb 14th 2018
    Generally Amazing

    This is the second time I've used ManCrates. Personally I love the concept. I ordered this crate and when it arrived, the bottom was already detaching and could not be hammered back into place. I called customer service and my representative (Arden) went above and beyond for me. Even though there was a hiccup, I will ABSOLUTELY continue to order from ManCrates. It's perfect.

    Dec 10th 2017
    Best gift ever!

    I bought this for my husband, originally for Christmas, but I was so excited I gave it to him early! He absolutely LOVED it! My brother knew about it and now he wants one too! The box to put the chips in works so well, we’ve used it twice already and have only had it about 4 days! I will definitely be ordering more crates, and getting the duct tape on it next time!!!! Thank you guys for such an awesome gift!

    USAF Momma
    Apr 10th 2017
    My son LOVED it!

    I ordered this as a birthday present for my USAF son stationed across the country... and who loves all things BBQ. I added the "diabolical duct tape" packaging because our family does things like that. I told him he had to have someone video the opening for me. He thought the duct tape was the "thing" only to see the crate inside. Not one to mess around, he skipped the crowbar and went out to the garage and grabbed a sledge.:-) He loved the packaging, and loved the contents- he plans to use the crate in the grill, too. I can't wait to order another great gift from Man Crates!

    Arrianna Holwell
    Dec 9th 2016

    I ordered this product for Christmas for my extremely difficult brother. We haven't even opened it yet but I was amazed at how fast I got the product! It came a day after I ordered it and I opened the box and it has the note I chose to put in the box along with the little crowbar. Great looking product so far and I'm super excited for him to open it! Great product for the difficult guy in your life!

    Nicole Loope
    Jun 13th 2016
    For my dad

    My dad has always loved grilling so I got this for him for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. He said the wood chips were the best he's ever used but can't seem to find that brand anywhere. I will be buying another man crate for my dad very soon. Best product out there!

    Feb 20th 2016
    Great Man-Gift

    I sent this to my Dad for Christmas and watched over FaceTime while he opened it. That was half the fun! I really like the marketing and "packaging." Apparently he isn't a huge fan of corn nuts, but the beer nuts were so good even Mom couldn't resist. They've already tried the poultry seasoning with good reviews. Dad says he'll try out the smoker box in the summer and I'm hoping it and the rest will have good reviews from them also! Thanks for a great man-gift idea. I will be buying more from you in the future!

    Val/ Michael
    Jan 10th 2016
    Hickory Grilling Crate

    Novel idea! My husband received this for x-mas from his daughter and after watching him open it, I know he will get another. What fun ( did require an additional hammer). He loved it!

    Dec 28th 2015
    He loved it

    Got this for my stepdad for Christmas. He's tough to buy for. Other than needing to pull out the hammer to assist with the smaller than imagined crowbar, it was great!

    Dec 25th 2015
    Crated A+++++

    Bought for my son in law for Christmas, he is the griller guy! Loved it!

    Forrest Russell
    Dec 23rd 2015
    Hickory Grilling Crate

    Absolutely the most awesome gift to get the "Grill Master"

    Dec 16th 2015
    Great for a gift and sent with the quickness!

    I sent this to my folks up in CT.. received the package almost overnight. Was a huge hit... especially for those grillers on your gift list! They couldn't stop talking about how awesome the box was that it came in. Definitely a happy customer!!

    Dec 11th 2015
    Great Customer Service

    I received an email saying that my package was delivered, but when I went outside the package wasn't there. I was so worried that I would not be able to get a new package in time for Christmas. I contacted customer service and they sent me the same package with no charge. Three days later, the package was on my doorstep. The package arrived yesterday and I can't wait for my dad to open it for Christmas!

    Dec 10th 2015
    Fun and nice items inside

    Got this for my Dad's 62nd Birthday. He needed a hammer, but he had a lot of fun getting it open. He ate the snacks right away and is excited to use the smoke tray. Seems to be good quality things inside. If I had to say a negative, would just be a little pricey-but if you want unique, can't beat this. Maybe they will make crates for women too, as my wife would love the bacon one, lol

    Jul 14th 2015

    I had sent a gift to someone that has everything. I was told he thought it was a hoot. When he was opening the crate with duct tape and the crowbar he was laughing so hard. Will be ordering more

    Jeff Lorch
    Jul 9th 2015
    Fantastic product, BETTER service.

    Got this crate for my Dad for Father's Day. Unfortunately, when it arrived, the sauce bottles had broken. Nothing else was damaged, and shipping issues happen. I called customer service, and left a message explaining the situation. They got back to me promptly, and shipped out a replacement set of bottles, along with chips, just in case they had gotten soaked. A mix up occurred with that shipment, and it arrived at my house, roughly 1800 miles away from my Dad. After a good chuckle with another customer service champion, they shipped out an entirely new crate to him! Dad loves the product, and is already happily using it. I cannot even begin to explain how refreshing it is to find ANY company, much less one online, that not only meets, but goes FAR beyond exceeding my service expectations. WELL DONE guys. This company is at the TOP of my list for gifts from here out!

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