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    Feb 7th 2018
    Absolutely love it!

    I received this as a gift from my girlfriend and after using it, my beard went from a scraggly mess to an easily maintainable beard of epic proportions. I will definitely be passing this along to all my friends! Every product inside this crate is well thought out and extremely helpful in creating a work of art attached to your face.

    Feb 1st 2018
    Love it

    Awesome gift for man in your life

    Adam Gangl
    Jan 26th 2018
    Awesome gift.

    My wife got me this last year as a birthday gift. All of the products do a great job. But more importantly the oil, balm, and shampoo smell great. I prefer the oil to the balm. The brush was stiff and great for stubborn hair. If a refill kit was sold without the brush. I would definitely purchase it. Every shampoo I have found since just isn't as good.

    Jan 25th 2018
    Oldbearded one

    Awesome, very surprised. Man crate is correct. Definitely needed the Crow Bar, and reuseable. Great gift and concept. Superb products inside.

    Jonathan Lopez
    Dec 24th 2017
    Fantastic prducts

    I was given this create by my brother and his wife for Christmas, it was great. The best part was opening the create with the crowbar, made the moment that much better. The products however GREAT!!! I have had my fair share of bread products everything from the very expensive stuff to the low end stuff. Nothing comes close. The soap is great makes my bread very clean without much effort, the oil is also good, but my favorite is the beard balm. Haven’t come across anything that nearly as good. I will def be getting all my bread products from you guys. THANK YOU GUYS

    Robyn Torres
    Dec 8th 2017

    I bought this for my husband and intended on giving it to him for Christmas. Once it arrived I was so excited I had to give it to him early. Watching his surprise to see a crowbar and wood crate in the box and struggling to open it was the best. He loves the crate and was so surprised to see the products really are premium quality products. I may have to buy another crate to refill his beard products once gone.

    Misty Langston
    Dec 2nd 2017
    Beard Crate

    I bought this for my boyfriend's 37th birthday, the funny part is I had ordered it way early and had it wrapped in duct tape and he had a very hard time opening the gift. He absolutely loved this.

    Nov 16th 2017
    Loved it

    I bought this for my husband's birthday and he loved it. He enjoyed the packaging and the comical cards that were included. We highly recommend this box.

    Apr 16th 2017
    A complete hit!

    He loved the crate and everything in it. He was totally surprised and thrilled.

    Feb 20th 2017
    Smells like Man Spirit

    Bought this for Valentine's day and he absolutely was head over beard for the whole crate. From the opening of the precious cargo (which, thankfully, was not as easy as I feared) to trying out each item, every part was magical. I love the smell of it as well and can tell that the oil and balm will last quite a long time.

    Danae Smith
    Jan 26th 2017
    Mountain Man LOVED it!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas who looks like your stereotypical lumberjack. He definitely got a kick out of the packaging but the products inside were perfect. Everything in this kit smells SO good and his beard is the softest ever. Love love love it! :)

    Sheila Crawford
    Dec 13th 2016
    Hubby loved it

    My sister got this for my husband for Christmas. He loved it. I did laugh because he had a bit of a problem getting the crate open, but was well rewarded. He loves the products.

    Nov 21st 2016
    Birthday Gift

    I got this for my husband for his birthday he loves it, so do I his beard is even more beautiful using the soap and oil.

    Nov 3rd 2016
    More than just a pretty face

    Not only did my boyfriend LOVE the idea of this crate, the products actually work REALLY WELL. As soon as the box was open (which, had already given him the gift of an ego boost) he rushed off to the bathroom to try it out. His beard was the softest it has ever been! I didn't know it was even possible. The box also arrived exactly on time. Thank you Man Crates for the best anniversary gift ever!

    Sep 20th 2016
    Perfect and useful

    I got this for my boyfriend, who is in the phase of having a beard, and he is in love with it, he is also is obsessed with anything "manly", he absolutely loved this present I got it delivered right to him for his birthday, he loved trying to open the crate, it took him a little bit, when he finally opened the gift he seemed genuinely thrilled, everything in the crate smelled great and I guess works well? (idk a beard looks like a beard to me) this is the second man crate I have ordered and I have had great experiences both time, It doesn't say how big this mini crate is so for reference I think it was like 6 inches each way (obviously it's a cube) so it is small, but small isn't bad! What I really love about man crates is that it truly is things that men love and gives us women an option other than watches or cologne to buy our guys, the crates not only look cool but what comes in them are actually useful or fun! I will continue to order and hope every crate is as great as the ones I have gotten so far!

    Nannette Murphy1924
    Aug 29th 2016

    I bought his product for my son's 34th birthday. He has a great beard (like his father's). I have bought other products, but he likes this the best. Wish you have refills.

    Jun 7th 2018
    Great crate!

    Husband loves the products. The soap leaves his beard clean and fresh and the oil smells really nice. The only thing he doesn’t personally care for is the balm, but only because you have to “melt it” and he’s not for the waiting. Overall would definitely purchase again.

    Feb 11th 2018
    More muscles than the average bear

    I actually got this for my fiance for Valentines Day, but could not wait to give it to him. We opened yesterday, it took him 25 seconds to open, I recorded. His reaction was amazing! He absolutey loved the products inside, as well as showing off while opening. I loved it! Great idea!! We cant wait to start using it!

    Jan 21st 2017
    Duck Tape Novelty wasn't worth the money

    Loved the products inside, but the crate was definitely not hard to open. Also, the 'diabolical duck tape' was not worth the extra $10. It is one layer of small strips of tape that kept him out of the box for less than 5 seconds. I would have been better off buying a roll of tape and wrapping it up myself. I would order another one if the crate met expectations.

    Jared Lang
    Aug 7th 2020
    Missing Oil

    Co-worker got this for me as a thank you gift so naturally I had to check out the site. That's when I found out mine was missing the oil.

    Everything smells good and have yet to use it, but sending without and item is a big issue that won't ever get 5 stars no matter how good the product.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Jared, So sorry to hear you were shorted the oil! Please give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll make things right!

    Feb 28th 2018
    Great product inside but....

    I got this crate for my husband for Valentine’s Day. When it showed up I opened the box to take the crate out, and the top of the crate was not even attached. It wasn’t glued at all. So I had to superglue the top of the crate before my husband came home to open his gift. The whole point of a crate is to watch him work to try and open the gift. Was not too happy about that. The products inside are great, he loves them. The only downfall is you apparently cannot find them anywhere else so you cannot purchase refills which is really unfortunate. Overall I recommend this crate, but the company needs to be sure that they seal all their crates properly, prior to shipping out.

    Jan 22nd 2018
    For my boyfriend

    I sent this to my boyfriend for Christmas. I enjoyed watching him open it...muscles. He loved it. However, I was disappointed that the comical cards and my personal note were not in the box. This is why I gave it 3 stars.

    Feb 11th 2018

    The products were great. However, the lid was VERY poorly glued on. He opened in 10 seconds with nothing but his fingers. The entire reason I purchased this was the fun of watching him open it. I’d recommend saving money and buying the beard products separately. So disappointed.

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