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    Rick B
    Jun 24th 2022
    Awesome Gift

    My daughter surprised me with this for Father’s Day, but it’s good for anyone with facial hair. I love the brush most of all.

    Aug 29th 2021
    Oil is the best

    Got one for my birthday a few years back. This beard oil is the absolute best on the market. I’ve tried them all grave before shave and several other brands. They smell nice but none come close to how long this oil keeps your beard soft. It’s very thick so it last a good while and you don’t have to use it daily like those other brands. Wish I could order just the oil on Amazon from them.

    May 24th 2021
    This is so cool!!!

    I just received one of these from a very close friend of mine! He is my brother from another mother and is so darn thoughtful!!! I can't wait to try this out!!!

    Feb 24th 2021
    Every Holiday!

    I ordered this for my dad for his birthday one year and he loved it so much that he literally said that I could buy this for him for every holiday and he would be happy for life. My dad is my papa bear and if it makes him happy, it makes me happy!

    Feb 3rd 2021
    beard crate

    got this for the hubby for Christmas and he LOVES it!! Is there anyway for us to order certain products separately?

    Apr 28th 2020
    Beard Crate

    My hubs absolutely loves this stuff. I have bought several for him and he loves them all. Is there a way to get the products individually? He is in a panick!!! Thank you for great product he loves!!!!

    Candice Johnson
    Dec 31st 2019

    I bought the mini create for hubby's Xmas gift. He was so curious since the packaging was interesting enough that I didn't have to wrap it. I tied a bow around it and stuck it under the tree. After he used the crowbar to open the wooden box (which he thoroughly enjoyed in itself, and was worth every $ watching him do so) 😂 He immediately started using it every day, he stores it right in the box it shipped in and comments about how much he loves the product. (And they say woman are bad) He spends more time in the bathroom than I do now, and he's already asking how to get the refills!
    He had alot of trouble training his beard to grow one direction and this stuff just works, no other words for it, it just works and works well! I even love when he uses it!

    Vanessa McGarry
    Dec 26th 2019
    Great gift!

    I purchased these for my two son-in-laws and they loved it! The fun of getting into the crate as well as the products inside!

    Dave Worrell
    Dec 1st 2019

    my dear friend sent me a kit by suprise and so reluctantly i tried it. have in the past had issues with some products but NOT this!!! wow love it smells great and skin feels refreshed. GREAT PRODUCT.. THANK YOU ROLL OVER ROY!!!

    Suzanne Metze
    May 22nd 2019
    Best gift eva!!

    I bought this for my 22 year old Son for Christmas last year. I'm still hearing that it's the best gift he's ever gotten! He has a nice beard, but it's wirey. This man crate has made it so soft and tame. I would recommend giving this gift for any man who wears a beard on a regular basis, especially a thick or long beard.

    Nicole K
    Mar 15th 2019

    I purchased this crate for my husband on Valentine's Day and he loved it! I think I love it more! It smells so good and the soap and oil really do soften the beard and make it manageable. The boar bristle brush is fantastic! 10 stars! the extra for the duct tape wrap, its worth it!!

    Monica Keith
    Feb 12th 2019
    Oh my wow!!

    Got this for my husband and he was so happy!! Like a kid on Christmas!! It smells really gooood! Thank you Man Crates for helping me pick the perfect Valentine's day gift!!!

    Feb 5th 2019

    Purchased this last May for my husbands bithday. He loves the products and had fun opening the Crate. Probably going to get it for him again this year.

    Chris M.
    Jan 10th 2019
    Super product

    Received as Christmas gift and never realized how much I need this stuff. Taming my mane has never been so easy.

    Jay Nalley
    Jan 8th 2019
    Simply the best!

    Better than all the rest! My wife got me this beard crate for Christmas and it was one of the most unique gifts I've ever received. I've used a lot beard care products and this stuff ranks at the top! If you need a top notch gift for the beard in your life look no further. This is it!

    Eric Goodell
    Jan 7th 2019

    Wife got me this for Christmas. I've used MANY DIFFERENT beard brands. This is by far the best smelling yet!
    I need to find a way to buy just the bar soap. It smells so good I've started using it throughout the day as hand soap.

    Caleb Melcher
    Dec 30th 2018

    My fiance got my this box for Christmas. She got priority shipping and paid quite a bit for it. The box unfortunately did not arrive in time by fault of the shipping company. Man Crates generously refunded the shipping cost quickly. The product itself is excellent. Love the brush! Would recommend.

    Vanesa Garcia
    Oct 16th 2018

    Boyfriend loves it. Balm can be melted between fingers. Product smells amazing and helps with skin irritation as well.

    May 10th 2018

    We got this gift for my brother-in-law and Omgosh was it the BEST gift we have EVER given anyone!!! It came wrapped in duct tape, like actually hand-wrapped!!! Everyone was so impressed with the presentation of the crate! Everything about this crate is a beard lovers dream!!! My brother-in-law and hubby are now requesting nothing but man-crates as gifts from now on!!!!

    Apr 17th 2018
    Beard Kit Birthday Surprise

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He has quite the beard, with exception of occasional trimming he hasn't cut it in 3 years. But he's tried all sorts of products and LOVES the way they smell and the oil makes his beard so much more vibrant in color and much softer. The only thing he wasn't in love with was the brush, it won't brush through his thick beard but he has a special beard brush. So in all it was a win.

    Apr 8th 2018

    My boyfriend loved it!! He uses it all the time. I just got him the taco crate for our anniversary and plan to get him a crate for his birthday!

    Mar 3rd 2018
    Birthday boyfriend

    So my bf is a bust crap for fun kind of guy. He also is always on the road for work and needs stuff to stay tamed. I was worried because of some of the reviews that said the lid wasn't on properly. But, whatever past kinks the company may have had seem to be resolved bc, he told me "they were very enthusiastic about making sure that was hard to get into". The bonus... he loves the products already. Thanks Man crate.

    Brock Sanders
    Feb 23rd 2018

    I got one for Valentines, the products are fantastic, I have never used beard balm, I had no idea what I was missing. Can't say enough good things about this company, and its product.

    Feb 21st 2018

    I was a little worried about the product quality at first because my man has sensitive skin, but he is in love with all of the beard products in this crate! He keeps going on about how the oil makes his beard so soft and honestly, more manageable than it was before.
    For me, watching him struggle to open it was the best part! This thing is super glued TIGHT. It took him a few minutes and a few trial and errors to figure out where his "sweet spot" was to open it. I think he really liked the challenge of getting it open and was smiling and laughing during the whole process.
    This is a really fun gift for your man.

    Angela Hawkins
    Feb 14th 2018
    Beard Man Crate

    I got this for my husband for Valentine’s Day! Not only did he enjoy opening the crate, but he loves the beard products inside! The customer service was awesome as well! I spelled something wrong on the personalized card, and within 5 minutes of their operating hours the next day a live person texted me back saying the spelling error had been corrected! You can pick the date of delivery as well! Would recommend this for any woman giving their man a gift! Definitely will be getting my husband another Man Crate in the future!

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