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    Some Dad
    Jan 18th 2018
    Took about 2 hours for son and father

    All works well with the exception of the volume knob. But that was ok because it can be adjusted with the phone. Both Bluetooth and aux works fine. An 8th hole was needed for all exposed devices. Time with the kid was the most valuable gift.

    Jan 29th 2018
    Great gift idea, but...

    Purchased this as a gift for an outdoorsy-hands on man. The concept is great, and he was very excited when he opened it and began putting it together. However, the "motherboard" had a piece broken off (volume control piece), therefore we could not complete the kit build. I called customer service, very professional and courteous, and was informed a new mother board would be over-nighted. It is now a week after that phone call, and we still have not received the piece. Something that was supposed to be overnighted on a Tuesday, was not shipped out until Friday, and was shipped with 2 day express.. meaning the peice will come this Tuesday. I still stand behind this product, but when paying $14 shipping, I expect things to be in tact, and an over night piece be delivered quicker than a week after it was promised. This was a gift for a planned guys trip, and now it will not be able to be used since all pieces were not received in tact. Slightly disappointing. I cannot give a review on how the product functions since we are still unable to complete the build. What we were able to build took about an hour. He enjoyed the look of the product, and hope the sound does not disappoint.

    Troy Moritz
    Dec 29th 2021
    Better be pretty handy while ignoring the instructions

    The instructions were a bit problematic on several levels. You’ll need to build the kit without using the ammo can so you can test and verify your wiring is good before you start the install. Also, if you follow the drilling suggestion for where you should put the buttons, it will obstruct where you would adhere the foam sound insulation. Lastly, the instructions encourage you to put the circuit boards in the lid section, if you do this, and you logically place the board as close as possible to the hinge so it has the least possible travel to the button panel, the wires on the Bluetooth antenna are still too short. The antenna wire breaks when you discover this leaving you with a unit that doesn’t have any Bluetooth range as it has no functional antenna. The speakers look cool but the speaker sound is pretty mediocre. It was my son’s “big” christmas present and I feel like it could have been a better kit. I pity the less than handy person that attempts to figure this kit out. I’ve built computers and electronics for 30 years and I have a full machine shop. If we encountered these problems and identified defects, what will the average person do? We couldn’t figure out what one set of wires was for, it appears to be an unknown extra. Also, the instructions don’t tell you this, but you must install and tighten down all the nuts on the buttons before you put in the speakers or you cannot reach in with a pliers any longer. If I were man crates, I would A.) Get a better speaker, B.) Rewrite the instruction manual, and C.) Get a new Bluetooth antenna that has a longer wire so it doesn’t break if you assemble it precisely as the photos show.

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