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    Steven Davis
    Mar 13th 2024

    I received this as a gift a couple of years ago. Fun building and great quality. However, I have misplaced the power cord. Can I get a replacement?

    Man Crates Response: Hi Steven,

    We are so proud of this item and we are happy that you enjoyed it!

    Regarding replacements, we do have a 90 day timeframe, upon receipt of order to the time a replacement request is to be made, to be able to provide replacements for missing or damaged items. However, don't hesitate to reach out to us at guys@mancrates.com so that we can give you a coupon code to help you with the price should you decide to purchase the same item or another item on our site.

    Thank you for your awesome feedback!

    Danny L.
    Jan 24th 2022
    Ammo Can Speaker Upgrade

    My wife got me this gift for Christmas. I did ‘upgrade’ the assembly and drilled and mounted the amp and battery boards to the lid with nylon spacers to allow for extra ‘cooling’ since I live in the desert and didn’t want the chance of overheating since it will also be carried in my Jeep in our desert sun. Possible option for others out there, which I got the idea from someone else on your comments section of your website. Nice ‘finish’ to the project instead of the funky Velcro. Overall, fun project that puts out some great sounds.
    So I used #6-32 1 inch stainless (for rust control and overall looks) bolts, washers, lock washers, nylon lock nuts (to hold due to any vibration carrying it in my Jeep so nothing will back off), and fiber washers for the outside of the lid for extra weather/moisture control. Also 1/2 inch nylon spacers to ‘lift’ the control boards away from the lid to allow air and heat control since I live in the hot desert. I used part of the package speaker cardboard as a template to drill the 8 holes out. Worked great. It took about another hour of assembly time, but came out nice and tight so worth the little bit of extra time.
    A heads up. 3 of the nuts for the battery board had to have one edge ‘grind down’ a bit so they fit on the bolt between it and the battery box itself. When assembling it, just hold the nut with your wrench and turn the bolt with your screwdriver. You’ll be glad you took the extra effort. Not a big fan of the Velcro, so to me then result was tight and the way it should be to begin with.
    Only other thing they need to make available is speaker grills to protect them on your adventures with it. Overall, fun project and great sound. Already have friends and family looking into their own. Enjoy, as I am…

    The Real Tony V
    Dec 3rd 2018
    How I Spent my Saturday Morning

    I received this as a Christmas present from my wife because she knows I like to mess with stuff. Well it took me a year to get to it, but when I finally did I found myself more than satisfied with the results. I was especially impressed with the instructions. Actually, the instructions are pretty vague but that's the beauty of it. It separates the men from the millennial pajama wearing, man-bun, effeminate. I had to repair the volume control connection on the circuit board, but having a homie that has soldering skills helps. The sound is awesome. It's too bad this had been discontinued. It's an excellent gift for a dude.

    Chris Chandler
    Jun 27th 2018
    Booming Sound from an Ammo Can

    Received this kit from coworkers while recovering from a motorcycle collision. It was easy to set up and assemble. Took me 3-1/2 to 4 hours from start to finish. Charged the batteries all night before running the amps on battery power. Music played from line-in and Bluetooth connections. Only discrepancy was the charging and Bluetooth leds were switched on the connection diagram. Sound quality is great!

    Robert Notman
    Mar 25th 2018
    Blue Tooth?

    I ordered the Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0 for myself...as my wife says that Christmas comes to me every month...so why not?

    The kit goes together easy enough. I guess real men either don't need instructions or won't read them. The instructions that come with the kit is pretty sparse. You need to drill eight holes but only 7 are pictured.

    Not a fan of black ammo cans. So as soon as I drilled the eight holes I painted it Olive Drab. This will go much better with my WW2 jeep, a 1942 Ford GPW. Also, not a fan of chrome or silver so I painted the speaker (horns?) OD as well. A neat touch that would improve the kit would to include some black wire covers like those that go on computer fans. I've ordered some 120mm grills to see if I can get these to fit. Just need a bit longer screws and some pipe keep the grill off of the speaker.

    The tape to hold the boards to the can slipped so I ended up mounting them to the wall of the can instead of the lid which is what the picture looked like. All of the wires except the blue tooth antenna are really, really long. The blue tooth is very short and the snap on fitting is a pain. It fell off when the board shifted from the tape. I'm sure the tape would work better if there were more flat surface space on the board and the can.

    I guess I don't fully understand blue tooth technology. I turned the box on and my phone found the device and paired with it. However, it has difficulty connecting. I'm like 6 inches away and still no connection. There are some steps that I haven't quite memorized yet. Flip the device on and off a couple of times and then eventually it will connect with my Pixel 2 XL. And when it does, it sounds GREAT.

    I'm looking forward to testing out my new sound machine in my jeep as I drive it around playing tunes from the 1940s. The ammo can should blend in.

    Mar 13th 2018
    He Loves it!!

    He is a tinkerer and music lover, so I thought this would be perfect. He loves it! The sound quality is good, putting it together was fun for him, and it’s LOUD which he loves.

    The instructions are not exhaustive, which was scary at first, but after he got to looking at everything he figured it all out without issue.

    Iris Murillo
    Mar 7th 2018
    This is a really awesome gift for a man

    I bought this gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day I had it delivered where he works, he said he was pleasantly surprised and really loved the gift I picked this gift because he owns guns and riffles and likes the ammo cans he has a collection, so it was totally unexpected and his coworkers and boss were really jealous. I have bought many gifts from man crates for my boyfriend, son and my daughters boyfriend and loved them all when it comes to a man man crates knows excatly what to do needless to say I'm one happy and satisfied customer.

    Thanks MANCRATES team 👍🏽

    Mar 4th 2018
    Boom Box!

    Received as a gift. Fun to assemble and sounds good. I may order myself another for the office. You should sell a “blank” kit for people that might to turn other items into a boom box (crates, kegs, coolers, etc).

    Feb 28th 2018
    My husband loved this gift!

    This speaker is awesome, bought it for my husband for Valentine's Day. I knew he'd love it because it's so different and he thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. He uses it all the time.

    Amanda Simeone
    Feb 28th 2018
    Awesome idea came out great

    I got my husband this as a gift and now I need earplugs :) great idea for someone who likes tinkering and showing off unique pieces

    Feb 23rd 2018
    Bad Ass

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine's day. I was trying to think outside of the norm and I was successful! He finally got to put it together today and we haven't quit listening to it since. He had it put together in about 2 hrs. And that was in between trying to get our 3 yr old to leave stuff alone haha. I will most def. Be trying another kit for our anniversary! P.s the tips on the extra hole came in handy. The only bad part was there's not a knob for the volume!

    Feb 15th 2018
    Love it

    I ordered this item as a Valentine’s gift for my husband. His only complaint- he didn’t get to smash, bash or rip the package. He enjoyed being able to put it together the way he wanted and the sound is good quality.

    Amanda Scarber
    Feb 7th 2018
    So much fun

    My kids picked this out for my husband. It was so much fun watching him try to figure out what the “crate” was all about. There was a small hiccup in the process and man crates jumped through hoops to make it right.

    Stephanie Smith
    Jan 5th 2018
    Best Hubby Son moment

    My son and I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loved it and even better the two of the spent some time Christmas night putting it together.

    Jan 2nd 2018
    Great gift for the handy guy!

    Great gift! I received this for my birthday! Speed square and pencil are handy to layout holes for switches and LEDs. Make sure you check clearances between switches and speakers before drilling your holes. Basic electronics knowledge helps. Fun build!

    Stephen Kuckelman
    Dec 30th 2017
    Man Crates is unbeatable!

    I ordered the Ammo Can Speaker Kit 2.0 as a Christmas gift for my son. This was my third Man Crates gift so my expectations were understandably high. My son is a hunter and skeet shooter and builds his own computers, so I knew he would love the Ammo Can Speaker Kit. As he was putting it together on the day after Christmas, he discovered that the circuit board had a broken component and could not be used, nor could he go any further with assembly. Of course, I felt badly about giving a broken Christmas gift and on the morning of 27 Dec I called Man Crates and spoke to a very nice young woman who identified the part from my description of the problem and assured me a replacement part would be shipped immediately. A day and a half later I received the FedEx overnight shipment with full replacement parts, and my son completed his project a few hours later. Team Man Crates gets TWO BIG THUMBS UP from me for their follow up Customer Service and TWO BIG THUMBS UP from my son for a fun project with unparalleled sound. WOW, does it look and sound great! Nobody would be disappointed with this gift and it can be given with the confidence that it is backed by MAN CRATES....... I want one!!!

    Aimee Jenkins
    Dec 26th 2017
    Merry Manly Christmas!

    Thank you, I got this for my husband and he just loved it. I ordered it to be wrapped in duct tape and we all got a good chuckle out of that. The product is solid, instruction were accidentally thrown away in the unwrapping of Christmas morning. It was super easy to access the website and download the instruction. I’m very pleased so far. One small piece came off within the control panel. We contemplated calling for a replacement, but husband was able to appoxy it back in place.

    You will not be disappointments f you buy this for your husband. The project was wonderful! Great sound and clarity!

    Thank you,

    Dec 25th 2017
    Testosterone in a can!

    Got this for my 20 year old Army Cadet. What can I say....ammo can, build it yourself, instructions to ignore, tools, drilling, sandpaper, electronics, go back and read ignored part of instructions, duct tape (for good measure on the bluetooth connector), loud music, return of the boom-box, did I say ammo can? I have once again cemented myself as the coolest Dad around by delivering something completely unexpected....clocks ticking guys; what do I do for next year?

    Dec 17th 2017
    Best gift ever for gadget-y types of guys

    I bought this gift for my husband who is a software engineer. He absolutely *loved* it and he and my 2 boys had a great time laying out all of the components and strategizing how to attack the project. Then my husband literally stayed up all night to put this speaker together (used a headlamp and everything!). You should have seen him parade the speaker around when it was finished and show it off to everyone who came over. (Basically taking any opportunity to pat himself on the back for a job well done!) It's definitely his most favorite project! The black can is very sleek-looking and the speaker quality is quite good. Bluetooth range is strong too. All around an excellent gift that gets used in our house and is a huge source of pride for my husband.

    Robert Gilbert
    Dec 31st 2021
    Birthday Gift

    For a mechanic, amateur radio operator, automotive electrician and retired Fire/Medic this was a great gift. The instructions need a little revision. There is a bag with two black and two red tinned wires, however no idea what they are for. Also, there bridging clips / jumpers on the socket where the volume control plugs in, no mention in instructions to remove. I did not like the Velcro option, so I used a #8 x 32 tap and threaded the four holes in the battery tray and the four holes in the Blue Tooth / Amp board. Next I made a cardboard template to mark the lid, make sure the antenna connection is close to the hinge! I drilled eight holes in the lid and used HILLMAN #8 x 32 x 1 inch round head machine screws (Part number 491425 @ Lowes total price for 2 packages $2.50) and two HILLMAN 3/8 x .171 x 1/4 inch nylon spacers (Part number 880430 @ Lowes total price for 8 packages $5.75) for each of the eight holes. I used a total of 8 bolts and 16 nylon washers to give air space off of the lid. I turned the Boom Box on . . . and nothing!! The batteries were dead, so the are charging while I'm listening to my project. A great project, however the builder better be able to think outside of the box as he or she is building the Boom Box.

    May 20th 2018
    Good service, fun gift

    My wife gave this to me as a Christmas gift but I didn't have time to put it together until a few months later. I ran into the same problem as others with the Bluetooth and Charging LEDs being reversed from the diagram, but it was easy to fix and it would seem like it would be easy for the manufacturer to include a card with the correction in future orders. Then again, just figuring that out was kind of fun. The charging LED just stays on but the batteries charge ok. An improvement would be to put a grill over the speakers to protect them but I will probably figure something out for that. I had a problem with the Bluetooth connecting and the company promptly replaced the part, which was great. Overall it was a fun, thoughtful, and useful gift that has made some of my buddies envious.

    Amy Griffiths
    Feb 15th 2018
    Great gift for the hands on guy

    This was a Great Valentine's day gift for my man. The sound is GREAT and the macho design was a winner. Only two issues that needed troubleshooting: Bluetooth terminal needs to be stronger and a file would be convenient to have included in the kit, to deal with the drill burrs. I would buy this again and or recommend it. Be prepared for all the man drool from his buddies as he puts together this bad boy.

    Amy Griffiths
    Feb 15th 2018
    Great gift for the hands on guy

    This was a Great Valentine's day gift for my man. The sound is GREAT and the macho design was a winner. Only two issues that needed troubleshooting: Bluetooth terminal needs to be stronger and a file would be convenient to have included in the kit, to deal with the drill burrs. I would buy this again and or recommend it. Be prepared for all the man drool from his buddies as he puts together this bad boy.

    Feb 14th 2018
    Works better than Expected !

    My Wife bought this for me as a Valentines Day Gift. Took me about an hour to assemble and complete. Only thing that should be addressed,and I'm glad someone here in the post reviews wrote this , is that there are 8 holes, not 7 you need to drill. The side shows 7 but you need to put one in the back or side for the AC Input plug. Other then there is no plastic or metal Knob for the volume control, this Bluetooth Ammo Box Speaker set works pretty Badass !!

    Jan 29th 2018
    Great Sound

    I received the Ammo Speaker kit for a Christmas gift. Admittedly I wasn't expecting too much but was I surprised!!☺

    The final product sounds way better than I ever expected, but the assembly was a little more technical that a novice should attempt.

    During assembly I ran into a few questions and I got a great response from Josh at Customer Service. My 1st issue was the 3 LED indicator lights. The diagram tells you what they are but doesn't tell you which color is for which function and all 3 plugs are the same. RED = Power, Blue = Bluetooth, Green = Charging. Next, one of the circuit board wiring receptacles was never soldered to the board, or just broke off. Josh sent me replacement quickly. You'll also have to drill 1 additional mounting hole, making 8 not 7 holes as pictured. Make your hole layout to avoid the welded overlap seam in each end of the box.

    Be very careful with the SMALL wire from the Bluetooth antenna to the circuit board!! It is difficult to get plugged into the board, but needle nose pliers help get it snapped in place. Look close at the 6 pin volume control wire plug. The board receptacle for it has 10-12 pins, but the 6 wire plugs in to one end ( See image in instructions)

    When my wiring was complete I had a small, 16" 4 wire red/black lead left over with no instructions about it. Next came the mounting for the battery holder and the amp, which the instructions gave no clue as where to mount. Josh told me the one the have mounted them on the underside of the lid using the Velcro adhesive. This works but is not a great solution. I'm thinking on the bottom would be better if there is enough space, but be mindful of the short wire length from the bluetooth antenna.

    Overall it's a great project to do with a kid, but more detailed instructions and additional images would be well received.

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