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    Oct 7th 2015
    Awesome gift for our 12yr old son

    We bought this for our 12 year old son as a birthday gift. He is obsessed with anything sriracha. He thought the crate was cool when he saw it. He loved opening it by himself with the mini crowbar. All of the items inside he loved as well. He said it was his favorite gift. I would definitely order him another one with a different theme for another gift since he enjoyed it so much. The spray nozzle on the sriracha sauce did not work but it wasn't necessary, it was an extra item included in the crate. Would have been fun for him to try though. Still giving this 5 stars. Neat, creative gifts for the hard to buy for people in your lives.

    Sep 20th 2015
    Gift for my older Brother

    He loved it. Hes crazy for Siracha and he was in Siracha heaven! Such an unexpected package.. I would definitely get the duct tape.

    Sep 18th 2015

    After my awesome boyfriend sent me roses to work I started googling "cool gifts to send men". OMG this is the ticket. I sent him a crate for his birthday to his work. It was an outstanding hit of a gift. All his coworkers gathered around to watch him open this crate with a crowbar. He had no idea what he was going to find. He loved everything in it. He loved the idea of it and all his coworkers were jealous that he had the coolest girlfriend to send him a man crate. I will definitely be back for more special occasions or even just b/c. I cannot wait to send him his first ammo can. This was the best thing. Thank you

    Sep 10th 2015

    Not only is getting a small crate at work super cool for your man, but the products that are chosen rocked his world. My boyfriend posted his gift of his facebook singing my praises. Thank you so much for having a quality product that would even make a man take a selfie with his crate. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

    Sep 4th 2015
    Great Bday gift!

    I got this gift for my boyfriend's birthday and was so excited to give it to him! It was fun watching him pry open the box and he was so excited for all of the sriracha products. I would recommend this gift to anyone looking for a unique fun gift. Definitely going to get another man crate for another holiday!

    Aug 24th 2015
    Don't know what to get the man who has everything?

    I stumbled upon your site when I had no idea what to get my husband for an anniversary gift. I was tired of the mundane. This site is THE coolest. Something for every budget and every guy. It was here in 2 days! My only problem with the company? Too many awesome choices! Customer service is awesome. My husband loves the crate. It was really cool to get him something that made smile and get excited. He looked like a kid trying to get the crate open. I can't wait to order from you guys again. My 14 year old son pointed out a few he liked as well. I can't wait to order more crates for my guys! Thank you guys so much for everything. You guys rule!

    J. Murphy
    Aug 20th 2015
    Finally something unique

    We gave this to our son for his birthday. It was so much fun watching him open it. He is a carpenter is said he could actually use the crowbar. We have told so many people of this wonderfully unique gift for the hard to buy for man in your life. Only negative is that living in Canada the shipping cost as much as the gift.

    Jan Richards
    Aug 13th 2015
    What a fun gift!

    I got this for my husband for his birthday & he was very intrigued with the crate. One crowbar, a hammer & many suggestions from the kids later, & it was opened. The Sriracha products kept coming to my husband's delight! The peas are great, he hasn't yet opened the popcorn or the jerky, but absolutely loves the green sauce! It stated on the label that it was mild, so he loaded up his eggs with it the next day at breakfast. Warning - it isn't really mild!! Thanks for the creative gift. After 34 years of marriage, I was running out of ideas! I'll be checking out your products in the future.

    Jun 29th 2015

    I didn't know what to get my step father for a Father's Day gift as they live roughly 8 hours away. I obviously asked my mother if he even like Sriracha and she said yes!! He was so stoked to get it the very next evening! Thank you

    Jun 26th 2015
    Sriracha lovers dream!

    What a great treat for my husband for Father's Day! Finally a gift that a man enjoys getting. Love the manliness of breaking into the box and seeing the excitement when the contents are revealed. Will definitely buy more.

    Jun 26th 2015
    Dad Loved It!

    It took a little more effort for my dad to open the box, he had to use a rubber mallet too, but he thought it was great. He was wondering what could be inside! When he opened the box he was so excited he LOVES Sriracha. He especially loved the green Sriracha and was happy that no one would be stealing his goodies. Thank you Man Crates!!!

    Jun 26th 2015
    Cool Gift!

    Part of my sons 21st Bday gift. He got a kick out of opening his present with a hammer and prybar!! Cool gift ideas! Some are a little on the expensive side but definitely a crowd pleaser. Thought the peas were a little weird...

    Lacey J.
    Jun 25th 2015
    So good.

    My husband literally drinks siracha from the bottle, so this was the perfect crate for him. He was so confused when he opened the box to find the crate, and he took it so seriously. He got the rest of his tools out to open the box. So funny. The siracha-y goodness just kept coming, and he was like a kid in a candy store. He loves the spray bottle, and uses it to cook all the time. The presentation and everything was perfect for this...I will be buying more!

    Lea V
    Jun 24th 2015

    My husband is OBSESSED with all things Sriracha! So I got this for him for Father's Day and he LOVED it!! I think he liked having to open up the crate part the best! LOL! Thank you for existing! This was the perfect Man's Man gift! I highly recommend it! Thanks! Lea V

    Jun 24th 2015
    Sriaracha Crate w/duct tape.

    It was a great hit. Couldn't get the spray nozzle to work. Think the Sriracha was just too think but that's ok.

    kellie drayton
    Jun 24th 2015
    amazing fathers day gift

    I bought my husband this man crate for a Father's Day gift! He absolutely loved it! He thought it was really cool that it came in an actual crate and he had the "challenge" of opening it! Once inside, he loved everything! Within the first two days, the jerky and popcorn were already completely gone! He is very excited about the squiter for the Sriracha bottle- seeing he eats sriracha on almost everything!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Dad loved it

    My dad loved this on father's day. He had a hard time opening with the duct tape. I would highly recommend the tape its fun watching them struggle. I must say that the siracha jerky bacon is actually pretty good.

    Jun 23rd 2015
    For Man and Beast

    In a world of over-priced fruit and flower bouquets, it was awesome to come across Man Crates. I sent the Sriracha crate to my fiancé at his office as a random mid-week surprise, and he loved it! His admin was suspicious of the package since I opted for the duct tape wrap. I got a text saying "Did you know I was getting a legit crate?" Yes, a legit crate...BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN. He loved everything in it, especially the jerky. The Man Crate basically caused such a stir in his office, that dudes were checking the website and making comments about everything. I am happy to report that my surprise interrupted an otherwise productive day in a major logistics company. Cheers, Man Crates. I am forever grateful for you making me the coolest significant other in his office. I will most definitely be using you guys again. Also, my cat is enjoying sleeping in the now empty crate. It's the most manly bed he's ever had.

    Peter J.
    Jun 22nd 2015
    The Sriracha Crate - Es Perfecto

    Ordered two for my sons on Father's Day - Shipped out on day of order, arrived two days later - in perfect wooden glory! Both were in shock and awe! It's a manly-man thing.

    My only suggestion for Man Crates is to maybe do a British-themed crate to celebrate Onslow, the "bone idle and out of condition" beer guzzler from the British sit-com "Keeping Up Appearances."

    Jun 5th 2015
    Gift made for a man!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday & he loved it! He was so excited about the rub and the spray attachment for the bottle. I think his favorite part was having to use tools to open the crate. Really brings out their testosterone! It was fun watching him pry & pull to open it.

    Jun 3rd 2015
    Siracha Box

    My husband loved this, he loved that he had to use teh crowbar to open it. He loved the spray top for his Siracha the best I think.

    Jun 2nd 2015
    Best gidt ever!

    I bought this for my brother in-law who loves spicy foods and he loved it and couldn't thank me enough for it.

    Renee Adams
    May 28th 2015
    Great product!

    I sent this to my man on our anniversary and he was wowed! He told me the best part was having to open it with a crowbar and I agree. He also raved about the food and couldn't get enough of the bacon jerky. I suggested sports theme crates (especially Hockey) to the man crates team and got a great e-mail back so I'm hopeful I'll see those one day because I do want to order from this company again! Thanks for the awesome gift Man Crates!

    May 26th 2015

    Kickbutt cratw and customer service!

    May 14th 2015
    Coolest spicy gift ever!

    This was and I quote "The coolest gift I have ever received. You are the best woman ever!". I never thought Sriacha and a wooden crate would get me such kudos! Love the quick delivery. I paid extra for the overnight and it was well worth it. He always sends me flowers and this is a great way to say I love you without being too cliché. LOVED IT!

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