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    Barbara Gribble
    Dec 25th 2015

    I bought one for each of my son-in-laws who both hunt. It was a big hit. Thank you

    Dec 23rd 2015
    cool but not

    What could be cooler than getting your own create to open. nothing but maybe a ninja eating tacos. The only issue was that the labels where blank even though I filled the form out online.

    Dec 22nd 2015
    I'm stunned!

    I sent this crate to my 33-year-old son, who never like anything I get him! Well ~ HE LOVED IT! Everything about it! Of course, hes's a big strong guy and ripped through it with ease, but he was extremely happy with the goodies inside! Thanks Mancrates! You're awesome!

    Dec 22nd 2015

    I have all brothers, and 4 sons...this is fantastic! Go for the duct tape add on, the monkey doing a math problem looks they get trying to get INTO The crate is so worth it! AWESOME gift!

    Dec 20th 2015

    I ordered this as a surprise for my son's 26th b-day. I was worried about it being delivered on the requested date, but it was perfect! He was so surprised! He loved the packaging! He loved the contents.... saying everything was perfect!thank you man crates!!! I've already ordered for my son-in-law for his upcoming birthday... can't wait! Thank you, thank you!

    Dec 17th 2015
    Redneck Brother in Law

    Since my sister died 4 years ago, Bill hasn't even decorated for Christmas until he got his Slaughterhouse crate. He loved it and said it was perfect for a Tennessee Redneck! He sent me a pic of it with a wreath on it!

    Dec 13th 2015
    Six Stars!

    Had this gift sent to my brother post shoulder surgery - THE PERFECT GET WELL GIFT! Loved the jerky and all of the other snacks and had a great time getting it open. Mancrates is my BEST FIND in 2015! Great service, unique gift and packaging. THANKS!

    Nov 16th 2015
    Best Gift Ever

    I sent this to my son's best friend at college and had it duct taped as well. He called me to ask how he is supposed to get it open for starters considering they only have plastic wear in their dorms. But after a half hour he finally got it and said it was awesome. He love it! Not to mention you have great customer service as well! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Nov 3rd 2015

    I sent this to my husband oversees. It got to him just in time for his birthday. I also talked to a customer service rep and she was very professional and helpful!

    Emily Stacy
    Oct 16th 2015
    Loved it

    I work in an elementary/junior high school. We ordered this for our principal for Boss's Day. He loved it! Huge hit with him.

    Chris Parker
    Oct 14th 2015

    This was a great anniversary present to my husband! In lieu for flowers, this was an excellent replacement!

    Sep 30th 2015
    Anniversary gift

    Wanted to send my boyfriend something nice to his work but didn't want to send flowers or candy. So glad I came across this website. Will definitely be ordering again in the future!

    Sep 30th 2015
    Awesome Anniversary gift for hubby!

    I chose this man crate for my hubby for our second anniversary and had it shipped to the hotel we were staying at. He was ecstatic! He had to do a step-by-step photo and post on Facebook as he was opening it. The duct tape cocoon was a fabulous touch! I will definitely be using your services again in the future!

    Sep 29th 2015
    Man Crate

    I purchased this for one of my coworkers who is very special to me. He loved it and we had a good time watching him open it. This is an awesome gift. Even our human resources department asked me for the information about this

    Sep 18th 2015
    Perfect man gift!

    My husband absolutely loved his crate! He's a big beef jerky lover so it was perfect! He loved opening it and since he hasn't ever heard of this place, he was pleasantly surprised. This gift is so much fun, and I love that there isn't any bows ribbons glitter balloons or anything girly! Perfect!

    Sep 7th 2015
    Happy Birthday

    Sent this crate to my son for his birthday. He had just started his freshman year at college not to mention it was his birthday. Needless to say the crate was a BIG HIT with him and all of his new friends and also sent a little bit of home to him while he was adjusting at college. I highly recommend this and all the crates at Man Crates I have sent several and they are always well received.

    Sep 4th 2015
    Coolest Thank You Gift

    We sent 2 crates as a thank you to a crew of guys in another office that had assisted us on a big project. The crates were awesome! They set it in the middle of their work area and each took a crack at opening it up. They said "It was the coolest thank you gift they'd ever received!" Fabulous idea for a guy gift! Love the Man Crates and will definitely order again soon! Thank you!

    Aug 27th 2015
    Huge hit

    I sent the Slaughterhouse Mancrate to my fiance for his bachelor party...and they devoured it in minutes. They all said the jerky tasted amazing and it was such a perfect gift for a bunch of dudes! Also worth mentioning, you guys have amazing customer services!!! Like for realzies.

    Aug 25th 2015

    I bought this for my husband as a surprise. I had it delivered to his work and he loved it. He was worried about opening it because he wanted to use the crate after opening it as storage, but it all worked out!

    Aug 22nd 2015
    He loved it!

    I got this as a gift for my brother, and it was a huge hit! He loved it! The whole family enjoyed watching him try to pry the lid off with the crowbar. He really liked all the treats and the duct tape cocoon, but the crate itself was what took it from a good gift to an awesome gift. Thanks!

    Moni Henderson
    Aug 14th 2015
    Unique & Fun

    My husband is in TX and I'm in VA. For our 28th wedding anniversary, I wanted something for him that was unique, fun and useful. Hubby was on the phone with me when he received the box and began opening it. If only you could have heard the confusion in his voice when he said "there's a damn crowbar." Yes Honey, I replied, you need it to open the crate. He couldn't do it one handed, so down went the phone and then all the "wow" "look at this" "I love it" etc etc. it was a HUGE hit! Thank you for making our anniversary very special. Not sure how I can top it, but suspect by next year, you'll have something ready that will! Thank you so much!!!

    Brian Albritton
    Aug 1st 2015
    Birthday Gift for Brother

    I sent theSlaughterhouse Crate to my Brother for his Birthday
    and he loved it and said he had never seen anything like it!
    Absolutely loved it!Nice work Man Crates!

    Jul 30th 2015
    Birthday Surprise

    My husband had almost as much fun tearing off all the duct tape as he did busting open the crate. He wasn't a huge fan of the fruity treats, but all the meat - meat - meat was a giant hit. His son-in-law was in awe! :D

    Kelley Munoz
    Jul 29th 2015
    husband was over the moon for this gift!

    I stumbled on your website and immediately saw that the Man Crate was going to go over well with my husband. He has a tough exterior but a softy at heart. When he saw the box alone he was like a kid at Christmas and loved the challenge of having to open the box. Once he opened it and saw his favorite snacks inside he immediately wanted to know where I found this awesome and creative gift! We are already going to buy one for his brother. He was smiling from ear to ear that I bought him this gift for our 1 month wedding anniversary. I like that he wants to keep the box and reuse for storing his "stuff".

    The package arrived on time and was all that I expected once we opened it and saw the variety of products. Great gift for men who want gifts with no fuss!

    Wendy S.
    Jul 28th 2015
    Amazing Gift for any age

    I purchased this crate for my boyfriends 15-yr old son and the crate was a complete success!! The crate was tough enough for him to struggle a bit to open (which we all enjoyed) and the Slaughterhouse variety had him tearing into them in no time. I am a returning buyer and will be back for more. Best idea for any man or young man.

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