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    Sara Dunn
    Jun 28th 2016
    needs work as a whole

    I was sent this item 2 times both times it was broken the second time i was told to glue a peace back on and received 11 dollars back witch i do not feel is adequate for the issues i had and me having to try to fix it. My husbands birthday is on the july 6th and this kinda sucks i hope it stays on after all this was not a cheap item. I work in the carpentry industry after looking a little harder at this team it could also use a little more quality attention it certain areas.

    Hey there Sara, I am dissapointed to hear about your experience with us, that is certainly not the typical experience our customers have with our Cigar Humidor and we would like to make this right by you! One of our Customer Champions will be reaching out to you immediately in order to make this right! You'll be hearing from us shortly, but just in case you need to reach out to us, our number is 866-902-7260.

    Shawn Kachermeyer
    Jun 10th 2015

    This was a gift for a friend, I was disappointed in the fact that we paid extra $10 for duct tape thinking it was still going to be in a crate, then inside it would be the package ductaped...well that wasn't the case. It came ductaped, with bunch of writing & shipping stickers. A warning letting customers know that the duct tape is in place of the crate and there will be writing on the package and shipping labels would be nice. Especially since the friend we got it for had been fascinated by the crate concept when we ordered one as prize for diaper raffle.



    Shawn, sorry to hear you were disappointed with the Cigar Humidor Ammo Can. We actually don't use duct tape in place of the crate on orders where duct tape is selected, we ship all orders as they are shown on the website and add the duct tape to their shipping box. The Cigar Humidor Ammo Can doesn't ship in a crate normally, as shown in the product description and information under the "add to cart" button. If you select duct tape on an item that normally ships in a crate and select duct tape, the crate will still be included.

    Again, sorry to hear you were disappointed, give us a call at 866-902-7260 if there is anything we can do to help make this right!

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