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    Aug 18th 2015
    Great Product

    I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. Very good quality.

    Starla Stockard
    Jul 25th 2015
    Higher quality than I had expected

    I got this for my fiancé, on his first fathersday as a blended family. He loves his cigars. I wanted something unique and manly, It went over better than expected. I rolled the dice spending a lot of money not knowing the quality I was gonna get. To my surprise. IT WAS FABULOUS. I will be ordering for futer holidays, Christmas, Birthdays and Fathersday again.

    Bob Carzoli
    Jul 16th 2015

    Bought this for myself after receiving another Man Crate gift for Father's Day. Love it! Fits perfectly in my locker at my country club and holds an ideal amount of cigars. Not completely sure how well the humidity will hold over time, but I couldn't be happier with the purchase and Man Crate's OUTSTANDING service. Customer for life!

    Josh S
    Jul 1st 2015

    I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my dad, and he absolutely loves it! He has always wanted a smaller humidor, and has never had a cutting tool like the one in this package. I have purchased 3 other Mancrates in the past 8 months since I discovered this site. I cannot be more pleased with quality of the products, the level of customer service if I have any questions or issues with an order. This is all around 110% the best idea for any gifts! I refer ALL of my friends, family, and acquaintances!!

    Jun 25th 2015

    I ordered this ManCrate for my husband's first official Father's Day. He had been getting small gifts from my son for a few years now, but this May we had our first baby together and his first baby so I wanted to make it special. It went over even better than I hoped. I hoped he would love the humidor and the rest were just extras, but it turns out that the cutter and lighter are both high quality as well. He loved the whole thing! Also it showed up right on time, the day before Father's Day. Great product, will definitely recommend it and absolutely order another in the future.

    Shannon Anderson
    Jun 25th 2015
    Awesome Gift!!!

    This humidor is even better than I imagined and my husband LOVED it!! My only complaint would be that it didn't contain instructions on use of and how much! Other than that, I would order this as gifts for other men in my family!!

    Jun 24th 2015
    Best gift for cigar smokers

    I ordered 3 premium humidors for my two brothers and my dad for Father's day. One happen to be broken. ( my assumption is our "wonderful mailing service.") When I reported this to Mancrates they sent a new one as soon as I told them. Best customer service, wonderful and quality products. I use them for my company and my family and friends. I will always recommend Mancrates when you look for a gift for a man. You should too. You won't regret it.

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Super Cool

    Ordered as a gift for a friend that helped us out. Almost didn't make it out of the house as my husband liked it so much! The recipient did get the gift and LOVED it. Commented on the quality of every item and was just impressed. So are we!

    Ken Adams
    Jun 21st 2015
    Happy Fathers day!

    I received this as a fathers day gift from my children and their spouses and I could not be happier. This is probably one of the coolest gifts ever and just proves I was an awesome father, to be able to raise kids with enough class to buy a gift like this!

    Jun 16th 2015
    Happy Birthday to me

    I've never had a humidor so as a cigar smoker, I decided to give myself a birthday present. As a military veteran, I thought it was an interesting product. The light and cutter are high quality. The cutter also has two different sizes punches, which I prefer to cutting. The hygrometer and the crystal humidifier are also good quality. It's a great gift for any cigar aficionado, military veteran and manly man in general.

    May 19th 2015
    great gift

    Gave it to my brother-in- law who just graduated law school and he was ecstatic!!! He absolutely loved it.

    May 5th 2015

    I received this as a birthday gift from my wife and sons recently. I couldn't have been happier. Very unique and the accessories are high quality. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys cigars!

    Mar 14th 2015
    Great Unique Gift

    I have a hard time surprising my significant other with gifts, and Man Crates has helped me with that yet again! The humidor is amazing, as are the cigar cutter and lighter. Everyone I had email contact with for customer service responded quickly and were friendly and helpful. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll be back for more!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Premium Cigar Humidor

    Got this for my husband and he absolutely loves it!

    Feb 17th 2015
    Husband Loved It!

    Purchased this for my husband, a lover of all things cigars. He loved it. Thank you.

    Feb 4th 2015
    Great Man Gift

    Wanted this for Christmas but was sold out...THANKS EARLY SHOPPERS!! So I ordered one for Valentine's Day. Loved the duct tape wrapping but wish it had come in a crate? Otherwise, excellent gift idea for the cigar smoker in your life.

    Feb 3rd 2015
    Ordered for Son/Boss

    I wasn't able to get this for Christmas as I hoped but gave an IOU which even went over big. I was notified when the Premium Cigar Humidor was again available and ordered right away. It just arrived last Friday to the joy of the receiver. Everything looked as I though when he showed it to me and he seemed pleased.

    Feb 3rd 2015
    You need to add a 10 stars (awesomeness) rating

    My younger brother is in the army and likes his cigars. Talk about perfect gift. Really nice items included in the humidor and it was well built. He recently got back and this was a wonderful welcome home gift. Duct tape wrapping just to top it off. Macgyver would be proud. If you smoke cigars, like well built quality humidors, and general badassness got one now. Stop reading and order. Yes you. Now.

    Dec 6th 2014

    Ordered this for Husband's Birthday and he loved it! It was delivered super fast and I chose the duct tape gift wrap and that was a big hit too. There was a small problem with our order and Mancrates fixed it immediately, I can't wait to order another one for my Husband. Thanks guys!

    Nov 30th 2014

    This was ordered as a gift for my boyfriend who mentioned needing a cigar humidor. I figured (accurately) that the Ammo Can would go over pretty well-and it did not let me down. Not only is the can itself cool, but the contents were impressive.

    Mar 12th 2015
    Humidor Birthday Present

    The product got loss by Fedex then found again by a neighbor who got the package by mistake. When my husband got it he thought it was very cool. Being a army veteran he like the amo box turn in too a humidor. H just wish it was wider for his bigger cigars.

    Feb 19th 2015
    Great Gift!

    My husband loved the gift. Some of his friends are jealous! The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star review is the picture shows writing on the side of the box relating to which ammo it carried. I was disappointed that the box came without the writing. It would have made the box look more authentic.

    Dec 13th 2014
    not a bad product but expected a little more

    I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. I opened it up just to make sure everything was there and the top of the ammo can was not glued on well at all, I felt like It was going to fall apart. I also wish that this product would come in a crate. Those are the only down sides to this product. Everything else is exactly as ordered.

    Dec 7th 2014
    nice gift.

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. So we haven't tried it out yet. I did open everything up to make sure it was all up to par, and I noticed the wood on the inside of the top of the ammo can was poorly glued and broken. That's the only negative about this product.

    Feb 15th 2017
    Great Idea

    The idea of making a humidor out of a ammo can is a great idea....However, gluing the humidifier into the can is a very poor idea. This type of humidifier needs to be soaked in distilled water to work. The only way to do that is to remove it from the can. A better idea would have been to glue a magnet to the back of the humidifier, and have it attach to a metal piece. Therefore the humidifier could have been removed, filled with water, and replaced. I will be modifying the ammo can to work better, myself.

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