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    May 28th 2015

    Bought this for my boyfriend's birthday and he loved it!

    May 16th 2015

    I got this for my husband for our anniversary and he absolutely loved it! This has everything for the man who LOVES to bbq! The gloves were his favorite out of everything but he is putting everything into good use! I would definitely recommend this for any occasion. They will love it!

    May 12th 2015
    Great Get Well

    I ordered this as a Get Well for one of our Execs. It was a total hit! He loved it and we will definitely order this the next time we need a gift!
    The only complaint I have is that I paid extra for the quicker shipping and he didn't get it on the Saturday as I had hoped.

    MAN CRATES EDIT: Hi there Amy, so sorry to hear your order did not arrive as you expected it to! Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right for you!!

    Teresa Figueroa-Garcia
    Apr 27th 2015
    Great gift for the guy who has it all

    It was my 5th wedding anniversary and I could not figuer out what to get my husband. After searching high and low I came across Man Crates and it was the perfect gift for my husband who has it all. He loved his gift and it was fun watching him open it.

    Scott T. Taylor
    Apr 22nd 2015
    Hard To Buy for Father

    My father is hard to buy for what ever the occasion. This crate nocked him off his feet, not only did he have fun opening it, but He laughs at a box present joke and lots of tape. He's a BBQer, Smoker or Griller of meats and fish, either at home or on his Boat so this hit the spot.
    Great Gift Idea keep them coming.

    Mar 26th 2015
    Pleased a Professional

    I ordered this for my son's birthday, and I thought I was being totally redundant because part of what he does FOR A LIVING, is to make and sell BBQ. As a matter of fact, he has won many local awards for his BBQ. When he opened his crate, he was delighted with the contents, and I guarantee everything will be promptly used. Thanks so much for this great (and painless gift). The next crate I order will be for my son-in-law's birthday. I wish you had a DIY crate - that would be the one for him, but I suppose I'll have to wait on that!

    Mar 18th 2015
    Absolutely fantastic!!

    My husband saw this site on TV and started watching Youtube videos of crates being opened. I ordered the Pit Master crate for him as a surprise and just for fun, added the duct tape "wrapping". What a blast!
    The crate arrived in the exact time frame promised and the duct tape was fabulous! My husband dug in and had a ball opening and inspecting each item! The leather gloves were his favorite and all the items will be put to good use this summer with his new smoker!

    Thanks for such an interesting and unique site! We both loved the experience!

    J Miller
    Dec 28th 2022
    All the supplies you need

    The crate is such a great idea and the supplies were perfect ..... Only we didn't get any crow bar to open. Nothing like a Christmas gift you can't get in to!

    Man Crates Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your crate arriving without that crucial crowbar! If you haven't already, definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions who are standing by and happy to help with any order troubles you may have. They can be reached at guys@mancrates.com.

    Mar 26th 2018
    Disappointed but Happy

    My husband received his gifts on Friday. He thought the pre filled cards were great.
    The only disappointment was that he didn't have to open his crate. When he went to get it out of the box everything went crashing down the lid came off.
    He loves everything that is in the crate and couldn't wait to but it all to good use which he did.
    After looking at the crate itself you can see that when they nailed the top that the air gun used had to much pressure as the nails went right through the piece of wood.
    Would give better rating if he could of truly opened his gift and not have it open for him by default.

    May 22nd 2016
    Gift for my Boss

    I had purchased this crate for my boss as he loves BBQ and he's pretty damn good at it. He loved everything about the gift and was impressed with the quality of items. Shipping was awesome as it arrived on time.

    Unfortunately what I was pretty upset about was how easy it was for him to open his crate. This gift comes in the squared shaped crate and all he had to do was pry it in 1 forward and 1 backward movement. Honestly I had blinked and his crate was open (no struggle at all compared to the flat rectangle crates)

    The other thing I was upset about was the duct tape packaging option. I had paid $10 extra dollars (thinking they would use a whole duct tape roll) when in reality, they had only put 1 layer of duct tape around the box. I strongly suggest that you save the $10 and duct tape it yourself.

    I do highly recommend this crate though as the items inside this gift was a huge hit.

    Linda Uhrenholt
    Dec 26th 2017
    ManCRATE Failure

    Was so hyped to see my brother open our Pit Master Crate Christmas gift today. I knew his 5 year old boy would want to help “Daddy” open the crate. My husband and I were sitting in anticipation for the reveal. ALAS, THE CRATE WAS ALREADY OPENED, it was like no one glued or tacked it down. The crowbar was not needed, in fact my brother exclaimed “What’s this for?” My husband and I were so so so disappointed after being so excited. One of the aluminum wood containers was bent up but still okay to use. However, all the rest looked great!

    May 26th 2018
    Missing CrowBar

    The entire experience is to opening the crates with a crowbar and they did not include it in the box.

    Alma Enriquez
    Feb 14th 2018
    Missed the experience.

    I ordered the Pit Master Crate for my husband for Valentine's Day, and I am rating this a 1 star not because of the quality of the items inside, but because of the missed experience.

    The whole wood/crate/nails/crow bar type thing is such an awesome idea for any man. However, when he received the crate, he was so excited! Cut the cardboard box open, exposed is the wood crate. He was even more pumped. He grabbed the crate by the top and I pulled the bottom of the cardboard box to fully remove it and get the crate out... and the bottom of the wooden crate completely fell off, it seemed to be stuck to bottom of the box it shipped in. And everything fell out, landing on his feet.


    I am so bummed out, upset. I know this doesn't happen to all crates. But we just had bad luck. And he didn't get to experience opening the crate with his crowbar. Truly disappointed.

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