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    Mar 3rd 2016
    Great Company!

    I ordered this crate on a Thursday afternoon and paid extra for it to be shipped by Saturday. I ordered the crate for my dad and was hoping to see his reaction while I was in town for the weekend. The crate arrived Saturday morning! My dad is a hard man to please and he couldn't get over how cool the whole concept was. We used the rub that evening and it was great. Thanks for providing such a great, quality product!

    Feb 17th 2016
    Fun Gift to give

    Opening the crate is the best part. Although the guy I gave this too, got the crate open in less then 2 minutes (he had a hammer). Everything in this crate was good quality items. He loved everything and kept looking at the gift items throughout the evening. We used the sauces the next day. I will definitely give a Man Crate as a gift in the future. The price matches the quality of items inside the Crate.

    Kelly Hughes
    Feb 2nd 2016
    Great Gift!!

    I got this for my husband's birthday who is so hard to buy for. He loved this gift and opening the crate was a thrill for him. Everything in the crate was very well made and packaged perfectly. Great gift for the hard to buy man in your life.

    Jan 15th 2016
    I did good!!

    Below is the thank you note I received from a client I sent this gift to. I think I made a good choice.

    I did use the crowbar! In fact I had to get my hammer and use the crow bar to get it open. I have to tell you that was one of the most clever, unique, fun gifts I have got in a long time. As a person who loves to grill and smoke meat (I have seven smokers, one of which will feed 1,200 people) the items inside the crate were perfect but the crate itself was awesome!

    Thank you!
    Thank you!!
    Thank you!!!

    Jan 14th 2016
    Awesome Christmas Present

    I bought this for my son for Christmas and he said what a great idea that there is a place like this. He put the box under his tree and just couldn't wait to open it. All he could talk about was the way it is packaged. We Skyped with him and watched him open it, which was very entertaining. He loved everything in the package especially the meat claws, and said they would be great for pulling pork. I never thought of that. I will be ordering again from Man-crates as this is a great business to find a unique gift for the men in your life.

    Gigi Mrray
    Jan 13th 2016
    Great Gift

    I gave this to my Hubby for Christmas. He loved it!!.. I will order many more!!

    Jan 4th 2016
    Fantastic Gift

    Purchased for my manly-man son, who was as pleased to test his crate-cracking skills as he was with the contents. Lots of fun to open and a great gift for guys who love to grill. Super-ultra-fast shipping, too. Thanks, Man Crates people.

    Dec 29th 2015
    My dad was really impressed

    About the product: I bought this for my dad for Christmas. He usually gets fewer presents than the rest of us and therefore is usually done open his before everyone else. The crate packaging made sure he spent a lot if time opening his gift and he really enjoyed it! Once inside, he was really excited about the contents. We went over for dinner a few days after Christmas and enjoyed some ribs made with the meat rub - delicious!
    About the service: There was a bit of a glitch and my order didn't ship right away - luckily the superb customer service agents at man crates were on it right away. Once they noticed the mistake, they sent it via expedited international shipping right away. I can't say enough good things about my experience dealing with the people at man crates... I'm from Canada and they made the crazy exchange rate easier to swallow. I don't mind paying for a quality product and exceptional service.

    Dec 28th 2015
    Perfect birthday present!!

    I ordered this for my boyfriend, who loves to cook and grill. This is the 2nd crate I've gotten for him and this is by far is favorite! He has used the heck out of the leather gloves for all of the holiday cooking we have been doing, not just for grilling. Absolutely love the Touch of Heat sauce!! Great combination of food and grilling items!! Will definitely keep ordering Man Crates for the special man in my life!!

    Dec 28th 2015

    First off, I was not expecting the volume or quality of the contents! Yes, I read the items, and saw SOME of them in person before purchasing. This did not prepare me for the high quality of the items received. Gave this crate to my father-in-law and "oh, wow! this is super, oh there is more!" Highly recommend this crate to anyone who loves to grill!!

    Dec 27th 2015
    Recieved as a Gift

    I got the Pit Master crate as a Christmas gift. I had a blast opening it in front of everyone although my In-laws wanted to know why I keep a hammer under the couch. Mind your business old man. The tools and gloves are top quality and I put the rub on some ribs that are in the smoker as we speak. I used the crate lid as a dinner plate and I filled the crate with spent ammo shells that usually litter my truck. Looking around the website I see a few more id like to get for myself and for gifts for others. If all of the crates contain products of the quality of the Pit Master Crate you cant go go wrong. Great idea guys. Keep it up.

    Jody Halsted
    Dec 26th 2015
    My Husband Loved It!

    Truly a fun gift for Christmas! My husband had no idea what he was getting into when the wooden crate appeared! He loved the contents and is excited to do some grilling! The meat shredders, 'man fork' and leather gloves were his favorites!

    Dec 26th 2015
    Great Gift

    My husband loved it once he opened the crate but that was 1/2 the fun of the gift. He loves his smoker and this was the perfect gift for him.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Best Unique Christmas Gift

    I sent the Pit Master Crate to my son for Christmas. Not only was he intrigued by the "crate", everyone who saw it on Facebook starting checking out your site and asking what I sent and how I found you. We have a video of him opening the crack since we were not able to spend Christmas together. Once he got the crate opened , he loved everything inside. Great gift!

    Dec 25th 2015

    This gift is awesome! My husband loved that it came in a crate and had fun opening it. The items inside are solid quality. This is no gimmick. They have put together a superb set of items for the man who loves grilling and smoking meats. I look forward to finding more gifts from Man Crates for future occasions.

    Sharon Clark
    Dec 25th 2015
    He's all WTF???

    I bought this for my Man for Christmas and as we live in different states, he opened it up with me on the phone with him. It was hilarious! It took him over 5 minutes to get the duct tape off and into the crate! He totally loves the crate by the way and he was very surprised at the cool contents of this gift!! I will order from ManCrates again as this was as much fun to give as it was for my guy to receive!!

    Renée from Green Bay
    Dec 23rd 2015
    Gift for My Boss

    Gave the Pit Master Man Crate to my boss for Christmas this year and HE LOVED IT and all the contents inside. It was like a pinata for guys. The best part of the gift was watching him try to pry it open...it was hilarious!
    Definitely will be ordering more crates in the future

    Dec 16th 2015
    Perfect Birthday Gift For My Dad!

    My Dad absolutely LOVED the Pit Master Crate I sent for his birthday. He is known in our family for his amazing skills on the que, and this gift truly celebrated that. He said all of the items in the crate were perfect, and he thought the crow bar was a clever touch! I only wish I got to see him open it. Man Crates is an awesome company with creative, quality products, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

    Jennifer Manz
    Dec 16th 2015
    The Boss Loved it!!

    We ordered this for our boss, who is the "man that has everything", and he just loved it. We ordered it with the duct tape wrapping, and died laughing as he was trying to get in, and then he went all primal and just ripped the box. The minute he saw the crate and crow bar he started laughing. Then it was the game to get into the box. When he got in, he was so excited, the gloves were a huge hit, and of course the customary "Wolverine" pose with the claws made us all crack up. Thanks for having something so unique.

    Dec 16th 2015
    Early Christmas Gift

    I let my husband open this BBQ crate a week before Christmas and I can tell it will be his favorite gift already! He thoroughly enjoyed prying open the crate and was genuinely happy to see so many cool BBQ items inside after he wiped the sweat off his brow! He loved it so much we immediately went back online and bought two more crates for other family members. Thanks for offering such a great gift and for sending it so quickly during the busiest mail season of the year! You're awesome and so are your crates!

    Dawn Stone
    Sep 18th 2015
    My Guy LOVED It!

    Bought this for my husband and, despite his struggling with he crate (laughing all the time), once opened, he was delighted with the contents. My neighbor wanted to snag the gloves and the fork! I combined this with the Mount Rubsmore and he is happily grilling away! Love the Man Crates Idea! Looking forward to new gift ideas in the future!

    Sep 2nd 2015
    Awesome Birthday Gift

    I bought this for my husband who LOVES to grill. The packaging was outstanding. Hard to say what was better watching him open the crate or seeing how much he enjoyed all the cool grilling gifts inside. He was thrilled and so am I.

    Aug 12th 2015

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. I have never seen a grown man so excited about opening a gift. And that was before he even saw what was inside! First thing he did was put on the gloves. We were not disappointed and I will be purchasing many more of these crates in the near future.

    Aug 11th 2015
    Best Birthday Surprise

    The box itself is as much fun as what's inside. We purchased this for my daughter's boyfriend who is really into his new grill/smoker. We really hit it out of the park with this one. Definitely a winner!

    Cindy Pollard
    Jun 25th 2015

    I bought this for my husband for Father's Day. He had so much fun unpacking the crate and he really loved what was inside. I think he was most impressed with the gloves.

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