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    Jan 22nd 2023

    Been using this system for 5+ years. Excellent quality, no problems, very rugged!

    Oct 16th 2022
    Mug mini crate

    A thank you gift

    Jul 7th 2021
    Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

    I got the exotic meats crate for my husband and the tool boxes for both my dad and stepdad. Everyone LOVED their unique, manly gifts!!! The absolute perfect gift for Father’s Day for all the men in my family!!!

    Feb 24th 2021
    Life saving crow bar

    I purchased this man crate for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. Boyfriend loved that he could have coffee at my house and left everything at my house including the mini crow bar. Two days later my grown daughter was trapped in the bathroom for 45 minutes because the latch on the door was stuck open (antique lock that uses a skeleton key). I called a friend to ask how to get the door open and was told it would be easier to take the door off the hinges. I frantically searched my house for a tool I could pass under the door and saw the mini crow bar that came with the crate. I was able to pass the mini crow bar under the door so she could pry the pins out of the hinges and she passed it back to me to pry the door away from the trim. My daughter was free! I replaced the door handle with another antique handle and skeleton key and we decided to give the crow bar a place of honor in our bathroom - just in case.

    a very satisfied customer!
    Feb 2nd 2021
    Amazing Customer Service!!

    Let me tell you! Talking to Tiffany was amazing in dealing with my mishap! Believe it or not, the fedex truck caught fire! She reordered my item and had it overnighted for me! You guys are amazing!

    Nov 26th 2020

    Wow. For a custom item did not expect for my order to process and be delivered within 3 days from when I ordered. Very impressed and cannot wait for him to open this for Christmas. I will update/add another review of the product but I know there are plenty of reviews already that will support amd saw exactly what I imagine for us as well. :)

    Shipping eta did not disappoint. It arrived a day early. AND I already thought the expected eta was pretty quick for custom around the holidays.

    Marilia Dye
    Sep 1st 2020

    This was my first time purchasing a man crate for my boyfriend. It was our one year of official dating and I stumbled upon “Man Crates.” It was so much fun just watching him open the crate and he was super excited it came with a crow bar. He loved the cup and the quality of the product is amazing. I was surprised the engraving was as nice as it was, I thought it would just be printed on. I subscribed to the website because I definitely will be ordering more man crates in the future! I love that you can pick the date you’d like it delivered, which it was. We are new man cave fans! Thank you for whoever invented this idea- genius!

    Trish wilga
    Jun 13th 2020

    I bought this mug for a guy friend and he loves it. He says the coffee taste better. Which I thought was cool.

    Anastasiya Megega
    May 11th 2019
    Absolutely worth it

    I bought this gift for my boyfriend, although the shipping takes a few days and some of the crates seem a bit pricey, this crate was absolutely worth the wait and the money. Very unique and fun way to gift, and surprise your significant others. And you get to personalize!! So awesome. Thank you to the owners

    Feb 11th 2019
    The best gift ever.

    So my GF gives me this shipping box and says here’s your present. Ok piece of cake. Open the cardboard and inside is another box. Completely wrapped in duct tape! Who the hell wraps an entire box in duct tape? Well no worries, I have my knife. Cut here cut there wa la, open. So now I’m facing a wooden crate with a small nail bar to pry it open. Hard as I looked, I could not find a place to start prying. Well I’m not the patient type so i promplty broke my knife tip trying to get a starting point. All the time I was cussing and messing with this crate she was giggling. Well I’d had enough! More power! I get my battery powered sawzall with the 12 in demolition blade and commence to open this crate. Remember I have no clue what’s inside. She starts screaming me to stop before I destroy it. Whatever it was. So back to the little nail bar. Well even with a nice cut down the center of this crate it took me several minutes of prying and breaking to gain access to what turned out to be one of the coolest and most appropriate gifts I’ve gotten. A stainless steel coffee cup with my name engraved above a coffee and hate logo.
    Now to further the explain my happiness of this product, and company. My GF is not a coffee drinker, and she knows that I would have used explosives has she given me this exceptionally well packaged gift in the morning. So after I finish this review I’m going to order the flapjack crate for her. ( my fat girl loves pancakes). Wait for some morning when she’s hangry, then enjoy my fine coffee cup as she hates this company for holding up her breakfast! Thank y’all for the fun !

    Jan 10th 2019
    Good looking cups backed with amazing customer service.

    I ordered two of these for Christmas gifts for my brothers in law who are nearly impossible to buy gifts for.
    The opening of the crate was indeed something the entire family enjoyed. The cups are nicely finished, and engraving was well done.

    We had one issue with the lid seal. I contacted customer service with a picture of the seal, asking if I could get a new lid, as the seal leaked. They sent me an entire new cup, even engraved, the exact same way. That was really impressive. The response from customer service was timely, friendly, and exceeded my expectations. There where no delays, no arguments, they apologized and said they would replace it immediately.

    Overall, I found the value to be acceptable.

    I will be a customer for life with Man Crates.

    Sep 15th 2018
    Better Than Expected

    Once again Man Crates comes through with another awesome crate! This mug is not some rinky-dink crappy mug. It’s not only a great size, fits well in the cup holder in your truck, it has a great lid and it keeps coffee warm for way longer than expected. The custom engraving is clear, precise and a great design. The pour over coffee filter is better than the pictures can show. The drip thingy is compact and light enough for take hiking or camping but is also great for putting in your desk as a way to avoid crappy office coffee and have quality Alpha Coffee to get the blood flowing on those groggy mornings. All-in-all an epic buy and I am beyond satisfied. And the shipping was incredibly fast for a custom item, ordered early on Wednesday and it was delivered on Friday afternoon.

    Jessica D.
    Jun 12th 2018
    Love this site!

    Our anniversary was in March and I ordered my fiancé the “salami bouquet”... he LOVED it! And the packaging was so perfect! (He initially thought I had bought him flowers! Lol) I just ordered this personalized coffee crate and can’t wait to see his reaction, he LOVES coffee! I intend to use this site for purchasing gifts for every occasion in the future!

    May 26th 2018
    Early Father’s Day Gift

    Ordered this for my husband. Delivery was extremely fast. He loves everything in the crate. He loved opening with the crowbar. I already know what I am ordering for Christmas for him.

    Mar 26th 2018
    Awesome Gift

    Father in Law loved it! Bought it for his birthday, he had a fun time trying to open the crate, wasn't easy hahaha!

    Susan Curwood
    Feb 5th 2018
    The perfect gift!

    My son in law is in the Marine Corp and uses this out in the field. Needless to say his buddies are jealous.

    Feb 25th 2017
    Even better than I expected

    I got this crate for my husbands birthday and figured he would get a good kick outta it. He LOVED it! Opening it was just as much fun as the gift itself. I have a strong feeling these crates will become a birthday tradition. :-D

    Dec 17th 2016
    Birthday Gift For Father

    Since I live in California now, I wasn't able to be there for my fathers birthday, but when i ordered this gift, he was absolutely in stunned. Really loved this product! Thanks ManCrates!

    Emma Molina
    Sep 8th 2016

    HE ADORED THIS GIFT <3, I'm very happy about the quality and I will most def buy hime more of these boxes in general from man crate. He opened it in 10 mins!!! (I was surprised i thought he will open it in like 2 minutes since he's a power lifter with all them weights n stuff) REALLY WORTH BUYING! <3 especially for a coffee lover at any hour of the day and to go.

    Dec 29th 2017
    Loved the Gift! No Crowbar...

    Sent this to my brother for Christmas. It arrived on time and in great condition, but there was no crowbar. It was a little painful to watch him try to pry it open over video chat.

    Upset true man
    Dec 29th 2017
    Cool idea disapointing results

    Wife got this for me for Christmas. First the cup is hand wash only sorry not very manly two made in China for $50 for a cup and a filter and one bag of coffee. Wife was even disapointed She even thought the cup was bigger. I drink coffe out of a man size cup on this little thing. I had a blast opening the crate and even had a hard time cuss it was so well glued. I was really bumed when I saw the cup was made in China and hand wash.

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