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    Dec 2nd 2015
    He never had a clue

    I bought this for my boyfriend for our anniversary. It was delivered while I was at work and the anticipation of what was in the box nearly killed him. He shook it and weighed it and even went to the website to try to guess what was in it. He was completely surprised and very happy with the gift. His friends were especially impressed with the enamel glasses and the chalkboard/pencil. Now to find a local brewery that will fill it.

    John Dean
    Nov 25th 2015
    The perfect gift

    Sent this crate to my cousin, who has a huge growler collection, as a gift. His words "The mini keg growler is amazing and is going to get filled tomorrow night. Awesome stuff!!" sums this item up perfectly.

    Nov 5th 2015

    Once again, the badass guy got another gift and he loves it!! The cups are badass to!!! Love this site. thank you!

    Oct 31st 2015

    Husband loved it for 11th Anniversary gift! The growler looks little, but as someone who works in a brewery, it IS 64oz. Its his favorite new growler! Watching him pry open the bow was AWESOME! Cant wait to send some out as gifts for others!!! Another stellar crate!

    Gloria Hughes
    Oct 30th 2015

    I was searching the internet for a unique 10th anniversary gift for my husband when I came across the Man Crates website. Oh my gosh, what a fun and brilliant idea. My husband was not only surprised but thrilled it wasn't wrapped in paper with a bow on top! He loved trying to get into the crate - it was part of the fun.

    Ladies - throw away the hallmark cards and surprise your beloved with one of these terrific gifts! You will have no regrets!

    Gloria Hughes
    Oct 29th 2015

    I was looking for something unique for our 10th wedding anniversary and stumbled onto the Man Crates website. Had the best time trying to decide which one of these I was going to choose, they all looked terrific.

    It actually arrived a day earlier than I had expected and totally surprised my husband with how unique it was. Throw away the bows and ribbons ladies - this is the best gift site ever for your manly man!

    Dec 16th 2020
    Great quality but forgot the crowbar

    Great quality and it has the surgeon general warning label on the bottom of the growler so he can hopefully get it filled at a brewery once Covid is over. He loved how the growler was shaped like a mini keg. The only complaint was it was shipped without a crowbar. Living in an apartment in the middle of the city it wasn’t like he had one laying around. He was able to get it open with a flathead screwdriver pretty easily which was disappointing considering I thought he’d have to work to get it open. But I guess it worked in his favor since they forgot the crowbar. I reached out to man crates and they are making it right.

    I have another man crate (different items) shipping to a friend across country so I am hoping that one comes with a crowbar.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Don't know, looks good, waiting for the product.

    I wish I could say everything was all happy like the rest of the customers did, only the shipper (FED EX) did not deliver it in time. It was sent to a business that closes at 4 pm and their policy is end of day means 4:50 pm. Now their is no information on the package! Oh well so much for a happy Valentines surprise. The surprise is my fiancee did not get it and it goes back to the holding facility? Maybe we can track it down and intercept it sometime tomorrow or the next day. Happy LATE Valentines Honey the night is ruined.

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