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    Jul 9th 2014
    very cool

    I got this gift for my husband for his birthday. He loved all of it! the shovel was really cool and so was the fire starter! The best part of the whole box was the survival guide! I love this whole concept of a manly gift basket ( minus the stupid girly basket)! We try and get each other fun and frivolous gifts for birthdays and this was a great blend of useful and fun ! I would definitely get another one and recommend this item.

    Jun 23rd 2014
    Outdoor Survival Ammo Can- 5 out of 5

    Birthday Gift, this gift was awesome, a MUST for any Man who has everything!

    Kim Carawan
    Jun 17th 2014
    Love it!

    We purchased this for my husband for father's day. He really likes it. He enjoyed exploring all the goodies. The ammo can is a big hit as well.

    May 14th 2014
    She survived!

    The Big 60.... Best. Gift. Ever.
    But the ladies really need a She -Crate!, too!

    Cabal S.
    Apr 22nd 2014
    She found it... I don't know how but she found it...

    Easter gift from the Mrs. and I've never heard of it before!! I was shocked when I looked at the cardboard box it came in and it was stamped like a wooden crate. Then I opened it to find an amazing ammo can full of survival gear. A MUST have to start my preparation kit!! Can't wait to utilise this stuff and add to it with the others you have on this site!

    The best gift I have received from anyone!

    Mar 24th 2014
    Love it!!

    I purchased the Outdoor Survival Ammo Can for a friend of mine because he got jealous of the one I got my boyfriend a couple of months ago. He was beyond stoked and couldn't stop telling everyone about it. Thank you for such an awesome gift!!

    Kim L.
    Feb 16th 2014
    Best Gift For Valentine's Day!!!

    My husband loved this!! He was very happy with all of the items and was surprised that I was able to find something so perfect for him!!

    Oct 16th 2017
    Great kit to start off with and build upon

    Got this as a surprise birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law. My thoughts on it:
    1) FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual is great for survival education; was EXTREMELY happy to find it in the box.
    2) Like Rothco gear, so the emergency blanket and paracord were also welcome additions.
    3) Nice sampler assortment of survival rations.
    4) Survival shovel seems pretty sturdy, though I have not tested it in the field.
    5) Was not too impressed with the made in China, stainless steel knife. My Bear Grylls paracord knife is similar, and my Mora Companion will still be my primary, but hey, you can't have too many knives. Plus points for including a firesteel.
    6) Ammo can is metal and heavy duty; can easily customize the contents and throw it in the back of your car for emergency situations.
    I debated between 3 or 4 stars. Either the price could've been lower or a better knife could have been included. Forgo the one time use glo-stick and include a hand crank LED flash light. Shovel takes up a lot of space, instead would've liked to have seen things like basic first aid items, a compass, emergency whistle, etc how about an emergency water pouch to wash down all the survival food. Since I received this as a gift and did not pay for it myself I'm going to give it 4 stars. Great concept and good effort.

    Jan 23rd 2015
    Love it but...

    Loved it and shipping was SUPER fast but was sad it didnt come in the wooden box like the other kits.

    Dec 8th 2014
    No Duct Tape

    Can't wait to see my husband's reaction when he opens this on Christmas! The product itself is awesome, such a good idea!
    I would just suggest foregoing the duct tape wrapping. There were numbers written in Sharpie on all sides of the box which defeated the purpose of using the duct tape as my wrapping paper. Waste of $10.


    Hey there Lacey,

    Sorry to hear that the Fed Ex guys left graffiti on your Duct Tape wrapping. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise.

    Dec 8th 2014

    Best Christmas gift idea ever

    May 14th 2020
    I bought because of the reviews & I thought it would be amazing unique gift idea

    I have photos but the site doesn’t have an option to post them, the box/can is very small, my “indestructible” can was so dented that it looks like someone got bored at work & played kickball with it across the floor, the paint was so smudged, it looked so carelessly done & it really hurt me to see that, considering all the reviews. It’s like a box of samples, while they did agree to send me a new box, what is the point of buying from somewhere that so carelessly handles someone’s purchase, this was obviously not done by fed ex because the paint on my can for the “greeting” or can number was also very smudged & looked TERRIBLE. Whoever made my box was either having a bad day, or didn’t like that my personal note said “ I thank God for you” It really bothers me, this is NOT, I repeat NOT worth no 75$ plus SHIPPING & that’s my promise to you. I will say, it’s worth maybe 45$( & that’s including shipping) but that’s it!! The company’s customer service is absolutely WONDERFUL but sadly, I will not buy from them again.

    Jul 7th 2014
    Ammo Can Gift

    Its a good idea but its nothing more than a novelty gift. Knife is cheap, shovel flimsy, 30 cal ammo can and not a 50 cal, best item was the survival handbook.

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