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    J. Baker
    Jun 22nd 2015
    Fathers Day Gift

    My wife got this for me for fathers day, just a awesome gift.

    Lisa B.
    Jun 21st 2015
    Lisa B.

    Purchased this as a Father's Day gift. My husband loves it. I would like to mention that the customer service you people provided went above and beyond my expectations! I will refer your company to all my friends and family here on the east coast! Great Job guys!

    LaSonya Lewis
    Jun 16th 2015
    Happy Father's Day!

    I had got this gift for my Daddy because we were both in the US Army and plus this ammo can was a lot easier for him to open than the crate I got him last year. He loved it!!

    Hollie Young
    Jun 11th 2015
    Awesome Birthday Gift

    I'm an Army Mom and wanted to send my son a cool gift for his 23 birthday and with your help he was suprised with this awesome ammo can and manly man gifts inside. Thank you Mancrates. Y'all ROCK

    May 22nd 2015
    Birthday Gift

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday & he absolutely loved it! This is a great gift for the "practical" guy!

    Apr 8th 2015
    Birthday Gift

    Best thing I could give my outdoor husband for his birthday! He liked everything about it, and can't wait to use it!

    Mar 17th 2015

    Sent my dad the survival package and the container was the ammo case and he was in love with it. He said it was a sturdy ammo case and the contents inside were nice and sturdy as well. Definitely worth the money you spend. Was a little worried it would get to him on time but it arrived the same day the said it would. It was perfect!

    Mar 15th 2015
    Great gift

    Got this for my husband and he loved it. I would definitely buy from them again. Such great gifts and AMAZING customer service!!!!

    Mar 7th 2015
    hubby loved it

    He laughed when he saw the handbook. Almost identical to one he received when he joined the army. He loves the ammo box.......I am sure I will find reasons to get him more.

    Mar 7th 2015

    I was so excited to see my boyfriends face when he got it. He absolutely loved it, this is the second man crate I've bought, I will buy another one and recomend it to everyone

    Feb 26th 2015
    The perfect gift!

    Quality products, great shipping speed and all around wonderful experience. I scored big points with my guy getting him this. Glad I found thIs website I will 100% be ordering again.

    Feb 23rd 2015
    he loves it!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentines day. He can't wait to go hiking and camping this year to use all his super cool stuff! Thanks for the great gift!

    Feb 20th 2015
    Need to survive a rainforest on fire?

    Then you need this product. If Chuck Norris needed an outdoor survival kit he would proudly sport this one. I purchased this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he wasn't even insulted that I thought he needed it to aid in his outdoor survival.

    Feb 20th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    I ordered this gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We had been in a LDR for 2 years and I was beginning to give up on finding the perfect gift until stumbling upon Mancrates. He received this crate on Feb 14th in great condition and absolutely loved it! Great customer service as well, definitely a go-to gift for man who's impossible to shop for!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Valentine's Day Gift

    I recently purchased this product for my husband for valentine's day and he loved it. He is an avid gun lover and outdoor person and loved the contents of the package. He was also excited to have another ammo can! From day one of the purchase of this product, I have heavily conveyed to others how awesome the website and it's contents are. I can definitely say that I will continue to purchase product from you guys! Thanks again!

    Feb 16th 2015
    outdoor survival

    My husband was not only wowed but shocked at what an awesome gift this was. He thought I went above n beyond, yet it was all u guys. Thanks

    Feb 12th 2015
    Best Gift Ever!!!

    I bought this for Valentine's Day for my husband. It came in great time and there were no problems at all. My husband opened his gift early because the curiosity was killing him! When he saw the Amo case his face lit up. When he opened it up, it was like XMas. He was "giddy" and trust me, my husband is NOT a "giddy" kind of guy! This site Rocks. Can't wait to impress my father-in-law next!!!!

    Angela Smart
    Dec 29th 2014
    Loved It!

    Bought this for my hubby from the dogs for Christmas (I am that pet owner) and he loved it. Thanks so much for making my shopping so easy... I finally can get the man who has everything, something and I don't have to think about it. You have a life long customer. Keep up the great work!

    Dec 28th 2014
    He loved it!

    I received it in a timely manner for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loved it! He had been wanting another ammo can and now he has it! The shovel reminded him of one that he had as a kid.

    Melly Singer
    Dec 27th 2014
    3 sons entertsined gor hours

    My 3 sons are in their 20s and it's always a challenge at Christmas. On a whim I ordered 3 Survival man crates and added them to the pile around the tree. Without a doubt they were the biggest hit over the holidays . Thank you for maki g their Christmas, and also mine!

    Dec 23rd 2014

    I bought this for my boyfriend who is one of those guys who has everything...and he loved it. He was super thrilled and I couldnt be happier. He said he loved the ammo container and how creative a gift it was.

    Dec 18th 2014
    My man LOVED IT!!

    I sent it to my boyfriend who lives out of state for Christmas. The second he saw the packaged he ripped into it and was in love!!! He texted and called me to tell me how much he loved it and how excited he was for such an awesome gift! He was super impressed with the knife that came with the kit all the guys said the knife was "badass" lol

    Dec 13th 2014
    Aww man!!!

    This is for my husband for Christmas, like my son he has everything imagineable, he drives for a living and I thou this is cool, no matter what's inside. The only disappointment I have i thought it showed on the site it was also in a crate with a crowbar and it's not. I wanted to give them their gift at the same time and watch them go at it together. Really wish it was in a wooden crate.

    Nov 18th 2014
    Great Gift

    I bought this for my husband, he and his friends LOVED IT!

    Oct 6th 2014
    Amazing Gift

    I got this for my husband for our anniversary. I had no clue what to get so I searched around the internet and found this. I was not disappointed....neither was he! When he opened it up, it was like a kid on Christmas morning. He loved it and couldn't wait to bring it to work to show his buddies. I would highly recommend this for any guy who loves the outdoors.....

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