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    Mark H
    Feb 22nd 2021
    Highly Recommended Project

    The belt-making kit was my 5th ManCrates project - I built the Folding Knife, the Tactical Tanto, the Barrel Smoker, and the Watch kit before tackling this one.

    The leather is excellent quality, and easy to work. I am extremely pleased with the finished product. I even had enough leather left over to make a bracelet for me and one for my wife, using extra studs that I purchased locally.

    Highly recommended for beginners & experts alike.

    Notes for the belt-builder -

    1) The rivets in my kit needed a Phillips head 1 (PH1) screwdriver.
    2) When cutting, a fabric cutting wheel & mat help speed up the process and produce clean cuts.

    Thanks ManCrates - Well Done!

    Nick A.
    Jan 4th 2021
    Great Project!

    A nicely packaged quality leather strip with all the fixins. Easy to understand instructions and my two hands had this belt constructed in no time.

    Dec 30th 2020
    Loved it

    I bought this for one if my sons
    He enjoyed it. We wish it had tools to emboss the body of the belt. A way to personalize it

    Oct 12th 2020
    My girl

    I received this kit for Father's Day. It looked good, but I held back on execution until the proper time when my fam could watch me craft it.

    This is exceptional leather and allows a bit of artisan work. I took my formally fav belt for measures and used some sharp crafting tools.

    It came out perfectly and I'm not sure I'll ever have another favorite belt.

    This is $150 to 200 quality if your hands are good. Butter leather, perfect brown, and feels like something from the 1800's around your waist. So nice. A legacy piece.

    Jun 6th 2020
    Upset with packing

    I knew the package would arrive in a cardboard box, which was a little bit of a bummer seeing that the item costs $70, but the most upsetting part is the shipping label was attached to the actual box, so I had to take the shipping label off and it ripped the cardboard “gift box”. I’m sure the belt will be great, but I’m definitely not impressed with how it was shipped and may not order from this company again.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there,

    Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry to hear you were disappointed in your order! While we love sealing up great gifts inside wooden crates, we understand that not every recipient appreciates the sweat and struggle that can go into liberating them. That’s why we’ve added a variety of items to our spread that ship out in other ways. Your gift could arrive in one of a few forms depending which item(s) you order, and if you’d like that gift wrapped in our Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon.

    If you’re in the market for our namesake crates, keep an eye out for anything on our site that has “Crate” in the title. We’ve included a photo on each Product Description Page as well as just inside your Shopping Cart, letting you know this item is a crated one, and that it comes with one of our Man Crates crowbars.

    We do our best to let you know how the item is shipping by showing a photo on the product’s page and in your cart of how the item ships. We also let you know how the item is packaged in the product description itself.

    That being said, we're happy to work with you to make this right by offering a discount or to arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make you happy, thanks!

    -Team Man Crates

    Deb H
    Jan 3rd 2020
    Christmas Belt

    My husband is a belt freak, he has many so what a perfect gift for the crafty man that loves belts. He made it, couldn't wait to show it to me whilst wearing it! I am most definitely happy with this purchase, now on to the knives!

    Jan 2nd 2020
    Awesome gift!

    My girlfriend got me this for Christmas. I loved putting it together and it matches my boots perfectly! I would definitely recommend!

    Emily Scott
    Jan 25th 2019

    The quality is top notch 😉. I ordered it Wednesday late afternoon and Thursday MORNING it was at my door!!! Super impressed and so excited to give this to my Bf!!!

    Jan 23rd 2019
    Friggin awesome!

    Dude. It's called the "Trouser Wowzer," how can a girl resist?

    I got this for my BF for Christmas -- it was perfect -- he ws stoked! The leather is superb and he got to customize it as he saw fit. I'm back shopping for Valentine's Day, so if you have any hesitations, don't. Sure, maybe you could buy a belt elsewhere (or many of Man Crates other items) but you're really buying the experience.

    I would like to add though, most of the projects do not come in a crate, which kind of bums me out. I wish you would add it as an option, like the duct tape wrapping, just because I think it would add to the overall experience.

    Aida Stearns
    Jan 5th 2019

    My husband loved this kit so much. He has so many belts and now this is his favorite. It was his Christmas gift and he sat down on the floor like a kid and went to town making his new belt.

    Eric Surcouf
    Dec 17th 2018
    Love it

    I really like this belt. Beats a tie anyday

    Jun 9th 2018
    Great gift!

    Bought this gift for 'daddy' for Father's Day. He loves it, and it was super easy to do. Not only does he love to wear it, but I also love how it feels against my skin. Real supple leather. Definitely would recommend.

    Danielle B
    Jun 5th 2018
    Much needed gift!

    My hubby absolutely LOVED this gift! He uses leather belts for Roofing & badly needed a new one. This couldn't be an easier DIY gift! I actually helped him hammer the holes & he was blown away that Man Crates delivered once again! You just need a hammer, screw driver, & sharp blade to make different designs for the end of the belt, but we left it as is without using a blade! Than you sooo much Man Crates!

    Apr 28th 2018
    Fantastic Gift

    Bought this as a "thank you" gift for a boyfriend who has been going above and beyond on stuff for the new house I bought. He loved it. Said it was easy to do. And, the finished product is super nice. Really nice, buttery leather. Totally worth it.

    Mar 23rd 2018

    I got this for my boyfriend, yet I was unsure if he would like it. Gave it to him as an early birthday present and he absolutely LOVED it!! He took it to his work to show a few of the guys and made it there and they all were impressed, some of them went on their phones to jot down the website, lol. GREAT idea gift and was a big hit. Thank you guys for making these awesome gift ideas for guys.

    Mar 7th 2018
    Leather Belt Making Kit

    Bought this for my son, he loves it! Leather was great and he said it was easy to do.

    Dec 17th 2020
    Disappointed with packaging

    We’ve ordered before so we know the kits are decent however we were really disappointed with the packaging this time around especially since we paid extra to get the “diabolical duct tape” since the kit didn’t have the option to come in a crate. This was a gift for my teenage bro-inlaw and we thought the novelty of having to figure out how to open the present on top of getting to make it would be something fun for him. The box came pretty quick well before the holidays which was good because I’ll have to re-wrap it again. There was nothing really “diabolical” about the duct tape packaging. There was a single layer of tape around the box and some of the edges were still showing the cardboard. We thought that for $10 extra it would atleast have a couple of layers or more of duct tape and that it would live up to its “diabolical” name. Hoping what’s inside makes up for the hasty wrapping.

    Man Crates Response: Thanks for your feedback, I’m so sorry to hear you were disappointed in the product you received. We do our best to offer a great value for the price and I’m sorry to hear we missed that mark for you!

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, so when you're not happy, we're not happy! We'd be glad for the opportunity to work with you to make this right by offering a product replacement, discount, or we can arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Please reach out to our awesome customer service team by giving us a call at 866-902-7260 and we’d be happy for the opportunity to make this right ASAP!

    -Team Man Crates

    Dec 22nd 2019
    Unfortunately not long enough, no listed size

    Length is also not mentioned anywhere on this listing from what I can tell. Ordered three man crates, two for my husband (belt and pocket knife) and one for his brother (belt). Brother has young children around so we thought best to not get any knives. The pocket knife kit looks awesome so far, but neither belt will fit my husband or his brother. The kit itself looks like a lot of fun, but it is disappointing that the leather strap isn’t long enough for either of them.

    Things that would be helpful: Please list the exact maximum and minimum length that a finished belt can be, and / or please do different size options. I would have gladly paid more for slightly larger belts.

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