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    Kim Griffin
    Apr 9th 2019
    Really??! In the house?? Is this real? Ppl actually have bees inside..

    I considered buying one but lost my nerve!

    Apr 2nd 2019

    I bought one for each room in my home. Now I REALLY DO have the sweetest house on the block

    Apr 2nd 2019

    I bought one for each room in my home. Now I REALLY DO have the sweetest house on the block

    Apr 2nd 2019

    What do I get if I actually order this? 😆

    Apr 1st 2019

    I'm still chuckling over this! GREAT idea and appropriate timing!

    Apr 1st 2019
    Stinging idea, love it

    This crate is all the buzz right now!

    Apr 1st 2019
    Bit o honey

    This is the sweetest gift ever! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Although, it’s a little hard to keep the bees inside. They keep wanting to fertilize all the flowers outside.

    Apr 1st 2019
    Ow, ow, ow!!!


    Marianne Lexin
    Apr 1st 2019
    Today is April 1st.

    That's all I have to say about that.

    Apr 1st 2019
    Best crate so far!

    This is pure genius 🐝

    Kili Mike
    Apr 1st 2019
    Should have the Internet Buzzing

    What a great idea! Did not beelieve this was possible but want to take a swap at it. Nothing is better than homegrown!

    Not so Proud of my gift
    Apr 1st 2019
    After a trip to the ER...

    Probably not a great idea if you’re allergic to the critters. Get to know your guys allergies first.

    Sad customer
    Apr 1st 2019
    Wish this were real

    But April fools on me

    Chelsea Daniel
    Apr 1st 2019
    Y’all are a mess but good joke

    Cracking up at this, seriously you are unbeelievable! Lol I know it’s a joke but I’d pay $99.99 to send a crate of bees to my ex boyfriend so if you could help a girl out I’d appreciate you. Hahaha!

    Michelle Chevallier
    Apr 1st 2019
    LMAO on this kit

    Y’all made my day with this April Fool’s joke. Made the middle of the night feeding for our infant just a little more “sweet!” Keep up the great work.

    Apr 6th 2019

    This is a terrible gift. Bees live, on average, 6 weeks during the summer and a few months during winter.

    There is no queen with this kit, so the bees will just leave, because they can’t make a queen with no brood cells.

    500 bees to start out with is a joke. A normal box of bees is 3lbs or about 10k bees.

    If this is a joke it is the dumbest way to spend money. All of the bees will be dead on arrival.

    Might as well start selling box of cows to have your own meat supply.

    Ho Lee Chit
    Apr 2nd 2019
    Worst gift ever!

    The bees don’t stay put and started flying around the house immediately! They don’t give you a funnel or anything that would allow you to get the bees from one box to the next! I was stung a few times and turns out I am allergic to bees! After I returned home from the er all the bees were dead thank goodness!

    Apr 1st 2019
    what is it?

    What exactly is this about? Bees??in your house????

    Please explain in great detail what this is all about and exactly how it works.

    Man Crates Response: Hi there Buzzed,

    This is indeed about bees, all up in your house, and the delicious honey that is reaped as a reward for a job well done.

    We here at the office tested this product extensively over one day (Friday) last week, right after our shipment of bees arrived, let me tell you, it created and continues to create quite a stir here at headquarters. We planted our sunflower seeds in a planter's box we built specially for the occasion, and are eagerly awaiting our blossoms.

    After the planting we released the bees in a very ceremonious "unscrewing of the bee jar" and since have been overwhelmed by the sheer excitement they've caused by having them around. I can attest to the beauty of the Roiling Bees (selected for their aggressive honey manufacturing properties), known throughout the world as the finest honey producers, the honey they make is the finest and most complex, it's viscosity is world renowned, and it's applications are endless. Imagine the excitement the same swarm of 500 bees would create in your home, imagine the looks on your neighbor's faces when you invite them in and hand them a jar of handmade honey straight from the swarm buzzing over their heads!

    There's something so rewarding about showing up to work and being greeted by a swarm of 500 thriving bees hovering hear the office entry. Nature's majestic presence is keenly felt by anyone that enters our headquarters, even our delivery guy is so humbled that he has started leaving our mail outside today. While the bees haven't quite set up their honey-making shop, we figure they will in good time, and then we expect the honey to flow. In the meantime we're enjoying the anti-inflammatory properties of the ointment and have discovered new and exciting ways to apply the included bandages in fashion forward configurations that are worthy of the finest parisian runways. We can assure you, thanks to our swarm, we even have a new appreciation for even the most mundane of office tasks. Even the act of typing this very response is painfully intentional, making every keystroke an eye opening experience. I think it's safe to say that we haven't had a product this exciting in our office since the live wolverine crate.

    This, my friend Buzzed, is all about connecting with nature, in an exhilarating and rewarding way. I would describe the process in further detail, but I'm afraid that would spoil the discovery process. Sure you can go buy a jar of honey at the store, but where's the reward there? Where's the flower to table connection that is fostered by cultivating every tiny drop of honey by one's own labor swollen hands? To foster your creativity we've included a step by step instructional manual written by one of the guys on our block who 'knows a lot about bees'. I can assure you his meticulous instructions will have you feeling like an expert in no time!

    Give it a shot, I'm sure you'll become a bee-liever!

    -Team Man Crates

    Apr 1st 2019

    Not even interested what a terrible idea for untrained men to be exposed to venomous bees! Take this down before your sued because some had a anapalactic reaction. Great companies need good feedback hope you take head to the warning.

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