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    May 31st 2020
    New hobby

    I got this for myself. I decided to give home brewing a try and this kit has everything needed to get started. Beer turned out great and many more beer brews to come. The only improvement to the kit would be to chuck the plastic charboy and go with two buckets. IMHO.

    I did my fermentation in the bucket and got a second one for bottling day. This saves the need for siphoning. Every operation is gravity fed this way.

    Mike Mendoza
    Mar 7th 2019
    An experiment turned into a pastime

    I ordered this kit so me, my stepdad and my son could try our hand at our first ever home brew. We were immediately hooked by the intricate detail of the process. We brewed the smash batch and drank it as soon as it was ready. We were so eager to do another round we found a local home brew to try new recipes and we have turned home brewing into a family hobby. Beyond that though, we have spent such great time together, brewing and bonding as fathers and sons and as men in a hectic world. Thank you man crates for this incredible product.

    Valeria D.
    Feb 8th 2019
    Great tasting beer!!

    I got this for my boyfriend's birthday and we started brewing right away. It was a blast!! The instructions were very easy to follow, everything you need comes in the kit (which is great because you can use it again!), and the resulting beer was DELICIOUS. We loved it.

    Dana Belculfine
    Dec 15th 2018
    Great gift!

    I got this for my husband last year. He is a beer snob and loves the beer he made from this kit. We got the 5-gallon kit and he was able to make 2 cases of beer!

    elizabeth Armijo
    Dec 14th 2018
    Got this last year

    Got this last year for my husband. It was great. sadly we never got to dink it as someone opened the tab spilling he beer everywhere. it spelled great through. I have been ordering Mancrates for years and they always have exceptional customer service

    big spot
    Jun 3rd 2018
    im still laughing

    I saw this commercial really late at night while watching tv and i was sitting waiting for the ‘big spot’ guy to come on and be like “that was bad, don’t you wish you can tell them that?” i genuinely thought this whole company and all of their products were a made up conseption for a ‘get money for taking surevys’ type of organization. i then laughed for twenty whole minutes. so yes, i recommend this product.

    Michael Ellison
    Mar 18th 2018
    Valentines Day

    My wife surprised me with a kit for Valentine's Day. I immediately started my first brew! I am enjoying an especially good Pale Ale as I type this. I am actually looking for the ingredients to start my next batch. All of my friends are wanting to try some. Can't say enough about how fun it was. Give it a go. Your friends will be glad you did.

    Ty Riehle
    Dec 28th 2016
    Christmas gift for husband

    I bought this for my husband as a surprise Christmas gift! He is the hardest person to buy for and he absolutely loved it!! It worked perfect and he really enjoyed the process!! Definitely worth the money!!

    Jan 6th 2016
    Xmas Gift For Son

    My son turned 21 this past fall. He grew up watching his Dad, my husband, brew beer (& win trophies). I knew I wanted to make sure he got the perfect gift Xmas of him turning 21.
    He absolutely loves it.

    Dec 16th 2015
    Perfect gift!

    I was looking for something unique to send as a thank you gift for a friend. He was completely blown away by this. It has everything you could possibly need to start brewing your own beer and is very good quality.

    Jun 25th 2015
    Best Father's Day gift ever!

    My fiancee received this as a gift from his two kids and me on Father's Day! He was so excited. He'd been wanting to do home brew for a while but we never too the time to get all set up. Man Crates made it easy with one stop shopping for the whole kit and fast delivery! I'll definitely be using their services again for Bdays and xmas from my dad, brothers, step-son, and nephews!

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