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    Jun 24th 2015

    I received this gift for Father's Day. I am excited to try salt block cooking. The crate and everything in it was unique. The items in the crate were "top notch".

    Jun 24th 2015
    Dig it.

    Dig you guys...seriously. Like I almost wish I had more dads so I could order more crates.

    Keep it fun!


    Tina Valentine
    Jun 24th 2015
    Best Father's Day Gift

    My husband LOVED this crate! Like the others we have purchased, it isn't just full of filler stuff, everything is useful and the content choices are well thought out. We have always been very pleased with everything purchased from Man Crates and will continue to order in the future!

    Jun 23rd 2015

    My husband received this Crate for Fathers Day & he loved it. He is looking forward to many more crates in his future. The quality of the products included in the crate were great.

    Jun 22nd 2015
    Love it!

    Tried to get is last year for my husband but was sold out. Got it for him this year and he is thrilled with it. He can't wait to start making some of the recipes that was included!

    Matt Pisarski
    Jun 21st 2015
    Great gift

    Got this for my father for fathers day only problem is he was smarter than the crate. he noticed the bottom was not glued shut so he opened the crate with ease. He was stoked with the contents though so im happy overall. Note to Man crates glue the bottom too

    Lissa L
    Jun 16th 2015
    fathers day

    I got this crate for my dad for Father's Day. He absolutely loves it! Had a lot of fun figuring out how to open it too! Thank u so much! Wasn't my first ManCrate to buy & it won't be my last either :)

    Jun 5th 2015

    After cranking on the lid with the crow bar for 5 minutes and being taunted multiple times by my 12 year old for failing to be man enough to open the crate, my wife looked up online tips for opening the crate. It said "try harder"! How awesome is that! When I finally got it opened I was actually surprised. I can usually guess what my presents are. I love to cook and have never heard of a salt block cooking method. Keep up the great work.

    Jun 4th 2015
    Holy Man Crates

    I'm just a chick in the military, deployed and far from home this fathers day. So, of course, like the insanely awesome daughter in-law I am, I went on the hunt for the most mind blowing gift I could find. After several dead ends I was told offhandedly that there was this awesome site called Man Crates. Further investigation revealed that I had stumbled onto the most amazing small business site in the world. From the presentation and the well thought out packages to the customer service and plethora of ideas, I fell in love immediately. So without hesitation, I found the crate I thought the best dad would love and sent it to him. Literally 3 days later it showed up on his front porch and for someone who hates recieving gifts... he is extremely excited to open it. Thank you so much for making me look like the best gift giver out there... and allowing me to be a part of fathers day even if I'm half way across the world.

    May 5th 2015

    My husband loved this gift...I mean really loved this gift. He's not a person that likes getting gifts but he thought this was the coolest thing ever.

    May 2nd 2015

    This is the third crate I've purchased for birthday gifts and they are always a big hit! Perfect for the man that has everything! The customer service reps go above and beyond ...keep up the awesomeness

    Apr 28th 2015
    thank you!

    Great experience! Great customer service. Very friendly. This is my second time ordering from here and I love everything about it.

    Apr 22nd 2015
    Great finding manly gifts

    Not to many places have gifts you can get you husband, boyfriend, son. Was thrilled when I found this website. Was even more thrilled when my boyfriend received it. He loved it as he loves to cook and likes trying new things and new ways to cook.

    Rebecca G
    Apr 15th 2015
    Unique, high quality gift

    My husband was excited about this as soon as he saw the crowbar! The contents are high quality. We've used the block a couple of times in past week to rest steaks and chops on before grilling. The salt block worked as described and gave the meats a nice even flavor without it being too salty. All the other products in the box are of good quality also. It is a great gift and so unique.

    I will definitely be ordering more crates!

    Terry Beverly
    Mar 31st 2015
    Everest Grill Crate

    When this was ordered we thought we'd get it in three days; however tracking showed it wasn't happening. I called and your AWESOME customer service dept shipped another one via next day delivery at absolutely no cost to me! The first package was intercepted and returned. I didn't have to do anything, except watch my brother be blown away by a super fantastic, one of a kind gift. Thanks again for your incredible service!

    Mar 30th 2015
    Salt block

    I got this gift for my brother's 50th birthday. He has everything, so he is very hard to buy for, although he loves grilling and he loves to try new things. He is also quite the prankster, so the crate and crowbar were perfect! I skyped with as he opened his very heavy gift!. He was quite please with everything he opened, and my sister in law sent me a picture of him reading the cookbook all afternoon. He hasn't used it yet, so I hope it tastes as great as he hopes.

    MF Jones
    Mar 27th 2015

    A few friends bought this for our friend's birthday. He struggled with opening the crate (this pleased us) but was so excited by the contents. It's hard to impress someone who has it all, but I think this worked! Thank you Mancrates!

    Mar 25th 2015
    very unique grilling package

    The box arrived in good time. My husband had to work to get the box open so I'm glad what we found inside was quality. I ordered the grilling package with the salt blocks. The grilling book isn't just recipes - it gives a great background on the salt blocks and how to use them. We are looking forward to trying them. Thanks ManCrates!!

    Mar 16th 2015
    Salt Rock

    My husband loved it. Gave it to him as an anniversary gift. Great quality. he loved having a crow bar to open his gift!

    Mar 11th 2015
    For the BBQ King

    Sent it to my brother Neil who is a grilling connoisseur. He was PUMPED. Great gift, you guys are making me look good !

    Feb 27th 2015
    Best gift ever

    I bought for my husband as a house warming gift because we closed on our first house. When I saw this I thought it was the perfect gift and all the reviews were right it is the best gift he loves it and can't wait to start using. I would definitely recommend this company and this gift for any man that likes to cook.

    Feb 23rd 2015
    Love It!

    I love this website! I always struggle with gift ideas for my husband and sons and this solved the problem! Excellent customer service and fast shipping! This will be my go to site for gifts for all the special men in my life!

    Feb 17th 2015
    fun gift

    My husband loves to cook...and this was a new experience. He salts a lot of meat but this was new to him...The stone is pretty even if we don't use it a lot. He also enjoyed the opening of the crate. Turned out to be a wonderful valentines day gift >

    Feb 17th 2015
    Great Gift

    My husband loved everything about this gift. From opening it with a crow bar to all the cool and different tools inside. I received this certificate from the Rachel Ray Show and I am very grateful. I have been suggesting this to other people. He's excited about using everything.

    Feb 17th 2015
    It Rocked!

    When Christmas rolls around I always enjoy getting something unique for my brother. I just happened to see a talk show advertising "Man Crates." When I checked out the site, I was totally amazed!! While speakjng with the guys, they were prompt, polite and absolutely off the chain! Let's just say my brother was stunned! Not only did the actual crate impress him, the contents "rocked" his day. I realized there was a piece missing but the guys got right on it and shipped it to him. He had it in days! This site is unique in both it's gifts....but more so in the customer service. In this day and age, it seems to be a rarity.
    Thank you!

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