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    Oct 23rd 2015
    Great Gift for my Boss

    I was not there to watch him open the gift, but the family stated that it was hilarious to watch him try the impossible. They went to the website for advice on how to open the box and they were surprised and laughed to see the online instructions. Very clever. The jerky was excellent and a great gift for him. Thanks MANCRATE.

    Oct 21st 2015
    Coolest Gift!

    so I was stumped on what to get my husband for his birthday this year (cause he's extremely hard to shop for, because he always gets whatever he wants) and was so glad that I found man crates! =) it was super awesome. I wasn't there to see him open it, but I did come home to a knife, hammer and the small crowbar next to his opened man crate. lol. I was shocked to see 12 bags of jerky fit in the crate as I pictured it much larger. however it was a unique gift and he LOVED it. Thanks again man crate for making my husband one happy guy! =)

    Sep 25th 2015
    Big win! And healthy!

    My husband is hard to buy for. He gets everything for himself and ldoes tons of researching everything before purchasing. Leaves me scratching my head for gifts. He really enjoyed this gift. He loves his jerky and is picky. He started a diet and watches calories while comsuming tons of protein. He was very happy to find the crate was jerky and even better bonus was he was impressed with the sodium calories and best of all taste. This crate was a super win. He even told me that this is the first gift he honestly really loved. The spoiled punk! Props to mancrates for putting a quality product in such a novlty. The combo is rare. Thanks! I will be exploring other crates soon. His birthday approaches....

    Denise Berger
    Sep 18th 2015
    Returning customer

    ithis is my third time ordering from Man Crates and second time ordering the Cow-pocalypse Crate for my husband. Men are hard to buy something to be delivered - flowers, not so much! He has told me he loves it so much that I could buy one for EVERY special occasion. Man Crates Rock!!!!!

    Sep 9th 2015
    Rave Ravaging

    Seriously, my man can't stop talking about a few things:
    - How ridiculous it was to open the box....he used a hammer!
    - How AMAZING the jerky is, absolutely awesome! And now I have to find more of it. :)
    - And he is happier because he has snacks during work that he LIKES to eat, he won't share, but will tell people all about it!

    Shalin Galbraith
    Jun 30th 2015
    The good kind of Jerk...

    Beefy goodness in abundance! The fun is in watching the opening of the crate. The delicious bounty is awesome - we loved the variety. My 10 year old son has requested one for his birthday in advance. LOL

    Jun 25th 2015
    All meat, no bones...

    Couldn't be any better, unless it was an endless supply!

    Jun 24th 2015

    It's a lot of beef jerky - a years supply possibly! Fast shipping, cool concept. My husband thought it was awesome and my kids were cracking up at him trying to open it. Great customer service too with a fun approach to gift-giving. Loved it.

    Jun 24th 2015

    I ordered the Cow-pocalypse for my husband for Father's Day. He is so hard to buy gifts for but loves his meat. I decided to bite the bullet and take the risk and ordered it to be delivered the Friday before so he could take it on our road trip. I checked online and the advice to go for the duct tape wrap was so worth it. He loved the wrap, wrestled with opening the box and had no idea what was inside. He told me that the duct tape was cool and when he saw the little crowbar, he was totally geeked. Once inside, he enjoyed all of the goodies. I think I had just as much fun watching him as he had opening his gift. I rarely can suprprise him with something he hasn't seen, so I was beaming with pride when I "got" him. Yeah! I will definitely order again!

    Jun 23rd 2015

    Ordered this for the jerky-loving hubs (that has everything) for Father's day. He LOVED it. We will for sure be shopping with Man Crates over and over again in the future.

    Lisa Mendoza
    Jun 22nd 2015
    Man Crate is the HEAT!!

    First I have say wow!! I ordered it June 12 and my little tracker of course could only show the US but between the time it left the post office to the time it made it to Afghanistan 7 days!! Like an angel hand carried it! So today while I'm working I get a message from him... :)
    "Received the Man Crate!! Thank YOU I LOVE IT!!the guys thought it was cool!!we went to the website, there are some cool stuff there!! I also got a high five emoji and a big awesome across my screen. He did say the crow bar was missing but he used his handy leatherman :). I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my man-the greatest in the world- feel like the King of the world :). YOU ROCK!!!

    May 24th 2015
    "So Much Beef Jerky"

    My boyfriend loved it. He described ManCrates as "A tempting mistress" while opening the crate. Once he got it open he bellowed "The spoils of war!" He really kept his head on a swivel.

    May 13th 2015
    Great gift

    Sent this to my boyfriend who happened to be deployed, and he loved it! Opening it was exciting and made all his buddies jealous. He said the beefy jerky was the best ever and it really is a great gift because there's really not anything for him to take home so extra packing won't be a problem. If you are thinking about it get it, because it's literally unlike anything your dude will get and he will feel manly opening it.

    May 11th 2015
    Great Gift

    This was a gift for my father-n-law. He can be a bit challenging to find a gift for.
    I am happy to report that he found the packaging creative and LOVED the jerky.
    I will use Man Crates again for gifts. No complaints with service or quality. Great job!

    Apr 21st 2015
    He LOVED It!!!

    My hubs is the hardest man in the world to buy for so...I googled "birthday gift for man" and luckily, I found Man Crates! He LOVED the duct tape wrap and the crow bar! The jerky has been high quality with great flavors! My 19-year-old son has already picked the Man Crate he wants for his next birthday too!

    Dave Shelby
    Apr 13th 2015
    Can't beef this product

    Very clever packaging; opening the crate is sure to keep the egos of even the most manly he-man properly tamped down. Great idea!!

    Mar 17th 2015

    Thanks so much for the Mancrate! Fun to open! I LOVE beef jerky--nice an lo calorie too!

    Mar 9th 2015
    best gift ever!

    My husband loved this gift! He is very hard to shop for because he never asks for anything. This was a great idea, he's always in the field training (USMC Infantry) & beef Jerky is is favorite snack. This crate was awesome with a bunch of new flavors for him to try. best gift ever! It was very easy to order and it got there fast!

    Melanie Lawson
    Mar 3rd 2015
    Unique and Awesome!

    Unique. Attention Getter. You guys are freakin awesome! The duct tape wrapping added to the enjoyment because it's harder to open. Fun Fun Fun......I've sent them to clients and to my father in law. Everybody loves them.

    Mar 3rd 2015

    Got the cow-pocalypse for the guy's room at my wedding weekend. What can I say... it was perfect. Plenty of awesome options, great for a group to work through over the weekend.

    Feb 25th 2015
    Top notch company!!

    I ordered the cow-pocalypse crate for my hubby and when we got it we were pretty disappointed. The lid was not attached and came off as my hubby was taking the crate out of the box it was shipped in. I contacted customer service and they were fast in responding and shipped him a totally new crate!!! He had a blast opening it! I will definitely be ordering more crates in the future and will recommend to all!! Thanks James for renewing my faith in customer service. You are indeed the customer champion!!

    Feb 24th 2015
    Great product

    I purchased this product for my husband and another crate of the same product for a very close friend. In both cases, the men were thrilled. Everyone has loved the packaging and had such fun with it.

    Feb 19th 2015
    Mission accomplished

    I bought the cow-pocalypse mancrate for my boyfriend's Valentines gift. He was impressed w/ the wooden box, he said he'd never seen that kind of wrapping. He's a meat lover so he was pleased by the fact of having an ample endowment of beef jerky. I was so excited for him to open the crate, of course he said it was a piece of cake but admitted that he might have needed to kick the box to open it lol, I would definitely recommend this crate and will in deed come back to buy more. Excellent customer service and got next day delivery w/ no problem. Happy customer!

    Feb 18th 2015
    It was perfect!

    The package arrived right on time and my fiance loved it! The jerky was very good quality and delicious. I will definitely be ordering from this store again!

    Feb 16th 2015
    Perfect gift for the man with everything

    It was perfect for the man's man!

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