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    Dec 26th 2019
    Man Crate Laughter

    Santa brought both my boys a Man Crate for Christmas. Watching them figure out how to open it was hysterical. I have movies that will bring tears to my eyes for years to come. I highly recommend getting them wrapped in the Duct Tape. They loved that! Extra tools may be required aside from the crowbar included. Then when my one son finally got it open, he loved the variety of Jerky inside. If you have men in your life with a crazy sense of humor, this is the gift for them. Watching them unravel the duct tape and try to open the crate is the gift that keeps on giving! My other son is an engineer and he tried to cheat the duct tape by using a knife but he still opened it wrong and had to peel all the duct tape anyway. His was not in a crate but hilarious to watch him open just the same. He got the Hot Sauce making kit. He loved it. I wish I could share the movies I took. It made our Christmas. Thank you Man Crate!

    Sonja Cinnamon
    Aug 9th 2019
    This made his day

    It was my second time ordering from Man Crates. First time ordering an actual crate. My boyfriend loved it so much he took half the jerky and crate to work and showed and shared with everyone. The women from his office were actually photocopying the card that was included with other items you carry. They plan to order for their sons, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers gifts. They loved it! The quality of jerky, packaging, presentation, and the great customer service was amazing.

    Michael Ormond
    Feb 28th 2019

    it was a birthday gift and well everyone young and old needs a crate of beef jerky in their lives.

    Feb 16th 2019
    Perfect Gift 10/10 !!

    My Fiance Loved it!
    He had fun opening the crate and was super happy about what was inside.
    Will definitely order more crates!
    Team Man Crates have the best Customer Service! Fast and effective!
    Guys you are the best! Made my fiance's day!
    Thank you again!

    Dec 29th 2018
    A GREAT Surprise Gift

    I purchased this for my son, who eats jerky like candy, as a surprise Christmas gift. Well, he not only had an awesome time trying to open it, laughing the whole time, but was amazed at all that was inside!! The jerky is great he said and was gaga in the amount he now had all to himself. Great gift for my Deputy son who eats it all day when stopping for lunch or dinner is not an option. Thank You, Man Crates!!

    Brandy Cox
    May 29th 2018
    Cow-pocalypse Crate

    This was the best gift I've gotten my husband (even over all the guns)! I paid extra for the Duct tape! :) He had no clue what he was opening! When he got it open it literally burst open and jerky went everywhere! So wish we had been videoing it! He said over and over that the jerky was the best he's EVER eaten! Thanks ManCrates we will be buying again!!

    Chris Jones
    Oct 30th 2017
    Great gift

    My wife sent me this for our anniversary. I loved it. Great variety and not the same old gifts that you tire of. I had one small problem with one bag that was quickly taken care of. They went above and beyond in the customer service experience.

    Mary Demonte
    May 7th 2017

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it!! He had no idea what to expect as he struggled to open the crate and he was so excited once he got it opened! He loved all the different types of jerky and even though he got the gift two days ago, he's already down to just one package! This was truly an awesome gift and such a fun experience for him! I'll definitely be a repeat customer :)

    Deanna Leahy
    Feb 17th 2017
    Fun gift

    My husband loved it. Bought as a gift for our 25th wedding anniversary. Threw traditional gifts out the window. No silver for my guy! haha! I was a little disappointed with the way it was wrapped with the duct tape. (additional 10 dollars) It came off in strips rather than being wound around the box several times so it was super easy to rip it off. Fun and unique gift and my husband loves the jerky. It was a fun gift to give. Lots of laughing. Thank you!

    Feb 15th 2017

    Gave this to my soon to be husband (think the crate won him over?!) he LOVES it!! What man doesn't love meat, he loves the crate it comes in! And the diabolical duct tape was an added bonus! This will forever be my fail safe, hail Mary, go to gift!!

    Feb 13th 2017


    Apr 14th 2016
    Great gift

    Received as birthday gift. Wife had it shipped to work.Everybody wanted a chance to open to crate (I work with all guys). Very manly gift. Only problem I now have to share with co-workers

    Apr 1st 2016
    Super Special Gift

    My wife surprised me with this for my 40th Birthday and it is a wonderfully manly packaged gift. Adorable how she giggled at the thought I couldn't open it, I did under 10 seconds :D Jerky after Jerky for awesome selection and variety. One of the best, most thoughtful gifts ever! Thank you Sandra!! I love you!

    Mar 26th 2016
    A great Guy I met and dating

    Well I bought the beef Jerkyies for a real southern Cowboy who is so picky and complains of gift he has received. I got him this unique gift for his birthday and He Loved it. I recorded him attempting to open the crate and after several attempts with the crowbar he asked me for a hammer all I did is laugh in the recording once he opened it he looked like a little kid so happy with the gifts he told me this was crazy and different. Thanks Man Crate Crew you did make an impression on this man and made me look so good lol Thank you Edna

    Feb 15th 2016
    The Best Ever

    High quality jerky. Had some amazing flavors, steak and the carnivore candy were amazing. Best Valentine's Day present I ever got.

    Jen Westfall
    Jan 26th 2016
    Loved it!

    My husband is very difficult to buy for so I decided to try this for our anniversary! Ordered the Cow-Pocalypse...he loved it! Even put a picture of it on Facebook and he never puts anything on Facebook!! :-)

    Jan 6th 2016
    will re-order!

    Bought this for a Christmas gift for my husband who has everything. It was so much fun and an awesome concept. He loves all of the jerky. Taste is awesome. He loves it so much that he is planning on sending some of his friends one on their birthdays. Also, super fun opening this crate!

    Dec 29th 2015

    The look on my mans face when he was trying to open his man crate was priceless! After a few minutes of trying to open the crate it was time to get a hammer and bust that crate open! The Jerkey is so good and there is so much of it. Best gift ever! He loved it.

    Dec 28th 2015
    Wonderful Christmas gift!

    My husband LOVES jerky and this crate was a hit! I highly recommend this one for the jerky lover. I also did the extra duct taping which went over well.

    Hubbal Coffman
    Dec 27th 2015
    Perfect Man-Gift

    My business partner received this from me this year, I knew he liked beef jerky and figured this would be a good way to help him branch out from the usual Jack Links and he certainly liked it. Glad I found this place!

    Jacqueline M Berger
    Dec 26th 2015
    Cow-pocalypse Crate

    Bought this as a Christmas present for my husband who loves every kind of jerky known to man. Had it duct-taped so we could all sit and watch him open it. Well I'll be darned, he just got a razor and wham, it was open. Then he took the crow-bar and opened the wrong end. When it was all said and done, he fully loved what was inside. All those wonderful jerky's. He hasn't stopped eating it since opening. Well done Man-Crates, very well done. Thank you so much for all the help I received in ordering. Will definitely order again when the need arises.
    Thanks again Man-Crates. You are awesome!!

    Catherine Merchant
    Dec 26th 2015

    A friend at work found your website and ordered one for her husband. When I saw the website I ordered one for my husband. He absolutely loved it. He loves beef jerky and it was the perfect gift for him. He has shown it to everyone. My daughter is going to order one for her father-in-law for Father's Day next year. I will definitely order again. Thank you.

    Dec 10th 2015
    What A Surprise!

    Wow - my husband received this as an unexpected gift. We had never heard of Man Crates, but what a surprise when we opened the shipping box to find the cutest packaging EVER!! What a clever and unique gift and the jerky is awesome as well!!

    Dec 8th 2015
    Loved It!

    Bought this for my adult son who informed me his two favorite foods were meat and chocolate. He sent me a text asking if I had sent a Man Crate.He continued to text me as he opened it. I got an all caps message saying "IT'S FULL OF JERKEY!!" He absolutely loved it! He texted me again later to let me know how good everything was and to let me know it was one of the best gifts ever.

    Daphne Eckhart
    Oct 26th 2015
    Hun Loved IT !

    My husband absolutely loved this crate.
    He thought it was the coolest thing in the world when he received it.I purchased this for my husband because he was building me a walk in shower and thought it would be a nice surprise for him ,it was :)
    Now christmas is coming and we are thinking about getting one for our son int he Air Force, and one for our older son at home. I think they will love it too. Oh one more thing, these are not easy to open ! :) But he had a blast getting it open :)

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