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All reviews for Booze-Infused Jerky Crate

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    May 13th 2021
    Exciting and fun

    Bought this for my manly brother. He enjoyed receiving the box. Ordered with the duct tape wrapping and he had a great time trying to open. He said suspense was Amazing! He has not tried the jerky but Im sure he will enjoy since it is infused with booze and because reviews are phenominal! Im so glad to have come across this website and am sure to use again in the future! Great service, great product, and best of all fast shipping!

    Kelly Lewis
    Mar 13th 2021
    Great Gift!

    I sent this as a surprise birthday gift for my adult nephew, he loved it and the crate is just the best! The jerky was great too.

    Feb 20th 2021
    Valentine 2021

    This was an excellent gift for my man. Due to the weather, he received his box a week later, then attended, which made it better because of the anticipation. We didn't care for the duck tape that seems like a waste, but otherwise, everything else was great. Lots of laughs watching him opening his create. I would buy it again.

    Aug 28th 2020
    Most “Manly” Fun Gift

    Anniversary gift to my husband. He absolutely LOVED it! So fun...and I truly loved the look on his face while opening it. The Man Crates make for a unique way of gifting. Very tasty jerky too!!

    Amy Franco
    Aug 24th 2020
    My Husband Loved It!

    100 recommend!

    Jun 24th 2020
    Best Fathers Day ever!

    Had no idea what this was. The ducktape wrapping was so cool.
    Then the wooden crate with the little pry was total fun experience.
    Then I got to the 'meat' of it all.... great idea. Smiled for a long time!

    Mandy Sundin
    Jun 23rd 2020
    My husband’s present

    My husband received this as a Father’s Day present, but the only bad review is that, I paid extra for the duct tape as well and it didn’t come wrapped with duct tape. But overall it was perfect.

    Oct 17th 2019
    Awesome Gift

    I have received this for Boss's day from my employees. I have to say it is one of the best gifts I have received. Not only is there an awesome selection of Jerky, but the packaging in the crate made it quite fun. I defiantly would recommend this for anyone.

    Jun 27th 2019
    My husband

    Oh my. My husband absolutely loved this. This was the best thing he said he ever got (besides our kids lol)
    Thank you so much!

    Jun 26th 2019

    My father absolutely loved this and so did my mom it was amazing

    Jun 16th 2019
    Most Amazing Gift

    My new go to gift for the guys in my life! I don’t know who had more fun, my husband opening it finding all the goodies inside or me watching him open it. Honestly, I could buy jerky cheaper, but the cool different flavors and the awesome crate make it worth every penny! We also got one for my father in law and he loved it just as much!

    Jun 10th 2018
    Father's Day

    I sent this as an early Father's Day gift to my Dad and it was a huge hit! These crates are a unique gift for the guy in your life that are sure to be a hit.

    William Hooper
    Feb 14th 2018
    Best Valentine's Day ever

    My wife,well my girlfriend but I call her my wife, surprised me today at work with this crate at work delivered tome wrapped up in duct tape. It was the best gift that I have ever received. The only problem is that everyone keeps trying to taste my meet now

    Feb 8th 2018

    My wife surprised me with this for my birthday. Open the crate with a blast the jerky inside some of the best I've ever eaten, if you know somebody who likes jerky this the gift for them!

    Feb 8th 2018

    My wife surprised me with this for my birthday. Open the crate with a blast the jerky inside some of the best I've ever eaten, if you know somebody who likes jerky this the gift for them!

    Jan 10th 2018
    Great Gift for the Hard to Please

    My dad is the hardest person to shop for. I got this for him for Christmas and he loved it! He said it was the best gift he got! He was very happy with the quality and type of jerky in this crate and I am very happy that I found a great gift for someone who is nearly impossible to shop for!

    Steve Kenison
    Feb 18th 2017
    Great gift from my lovely wife

    Pretty much best Valentine's Day gift ever. They are absolutely correct when they say the crates are "sealed with ill intentions." You're going to have to put in some work to get to your treasure that awaits, but it's very much worth the effort.
    Haven't finished all of the jerky yet, but so far, so good. Fantastic idea. Much love to my beautiful wife for going off the beaten path!

    LaShawna Lynch
    Jan 4th 2017

    My sister and I bought this crate for my brother in law for Christmas and paid extra for the diabolical duct tape. This was the best gift ever. At first he was afraid to open it, he thought something was going to jump out of it. He just looked at it for awhile, by this time the whole house was laughing hysterically. He managed to get through the duct tape fairly easily, but when he realized he still had to get through the crate he began to be suspect again. It was soooo funny! He then asked how to get in the crate, to which I exclaimed "It's a Mancrate, men don't read directions, so it didn't come with any!" It took him several minutes to get the crate open, and once he did he was estatic. Needless to say he had Whisky BBQ Jerky before breakfast, and enjoyed every minute of it. I also bought a crate for my brother, man we had gut -busting laughs Christmas morning. Thanks Mancrates!

    Jan 21st 2016
    im in love wit the jerky

    omg im in love the bbq wiskys amazing tha rum i loved spicey tho overall im in hevean

    Kirsti Scott
    Jan 11th 2016

    I sent this to my dad & grandfather for Christmas. Since I could not be present for the big day, I wanted to send them both something fun they could enjoy. They loved the packaging and the product is A+ too!

    Thank you! I will definitely be ordering from you again!

    Dec 29th 2015
    Great Gift

    Bought this for my Husband. He loved it, It comes with a bunch of great beef jerky. Some are stronger then others but it tastes great

    Ken Fouts
    Dec 29th 2015
    Best gift ever

    Sent the booze infused jerky crate to a friend who is retired from the Army Corps of Engineers. "It was hard to open" he says...EXACTLY...but the prize was worth it. Thanks Man Crates.

    Dec 26th 2015
    loved it but....

    Love it, just one small request, find a different way to seal the crates besides glue as it damages the crate when trying to open it and the crate is a huge part of the present! The jerky we have tried so far has been very taaty. Great fun gift for that person who has everything. Will definitely order from you again.

    Dec 26th 2015

    This was the best gift I could give someone. And, that jerky is amazing!

    Dec 25th 2015

    My hubby loved it! He is in complete awe and it takes alot to woe him! He is a simple man who hates gifts but he loved this one!

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