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In the Box

Street Meats

Premium Highway Meats

  • Peppery-Gravel Possum Jerky
  • Sweet Habanero Hare Strips
  • Asphalt-Salted Armadillo Jerky

Highway Helpings

Regional & Seasonal

  • Sea-Salt Street Skunk
  • Teriyaki Raccoon Jerky
  • Spicy Curry Snake Bites
  • Cajun Chipotle Squirrel Sticks

How It Ships

Jerkygrams ship in cardboard boxes.
Your meats will arrive in an awesome cardboard box that says, "Surprise, it's meat!"

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Environmental Snacktivism

We love our great planet, and knowing nearly 400 million animals a year are wasted from roadkill really bums us out. Sadly, this problem has been overlooked by those open-toed, sidewalk activists with clipboard convictions, so we've taken it upon ourselves to ensure those animals' deaths were not in vain.

A true conservationist is devoted in both heart and stomach, willing to put their tenets where their taste buds are. Real change comes from the environmental snacktivists.

Banquet of the Backcountry

We're embarrassed to admit it's taken us this long to get where some Americans have been for decades, but we're now firm believers that when it comes to jerky, fresh and flat is where it's at.

A little possum can go a long way when repeatedly subjected to over 100,000 pounds of intense, sixteen-wheel tenderization to achieve the distinct, melt-in-your-mouth texture of our delectable Peppery-Gravel Possum Jerky.

The swift kick to the tasters of our Sweet Habanero Hare Strips will put water in your eyes and hair on your chest, and the zesty stylings of Asphalt-Salted Armadillo Jerky will roll your tongue up into a ball of jubilant celebration.

Due to scavenging demands, all jerkies and flavors are subject to change and may also include:

  • Sea-Salt Street Skunk
  • Teriyaki Raccoon Jerky
  • Spicy Curry Snake Bites
  • Cajun Chipotle Squirrel Sticks

Street Meat to Die for

All of our highway jerky selections are pressed, dried, and flavored in their purest, most natural state.

The rich remains are left undisturbed to soak up the sunlight and unique seasonings of their regional terrain. This aging process can last for days to weeks on end until the irresistable scent drives the circling buzzards into a violent, unstoppable rage--nature's egg timer. And we only scavenge wild, organic meats to ensure our jerky is au naturale, free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.

We can't save all the animals, but we can honor their lives by savoring all the animals with the Roadkill Jerkygram.

Want your jerky fix pre-flattened? The Slaughterhouse crate might be more your speed.

Customer Reviews

    Skeeter Wilson
    Apr 1st 2015

    Just like my mama used to make.

    awesome daughter
    Apr 1st 2015
    literally THE BEST!!!

    My sisters and I got this for our dad because he would always tell us crazy stories about the bizarre side-of-the-road animals he ate growing up in Mississippi.

    He was skeptical at first because "most idiots dry the meat like it ain't already dead" but when he bit into the armadillo jerky he literally started crying!!! He said it was the best roadkill meat he'd ever tasted! Thanks Man Crates for making an old mans dreams come true!!!

    He also especially loved the squirrel sticks!!!

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