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Ramen Making Crate

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In the Box

  • Ramen Tools:
    • 2 Melamine Noodle Bowls, 7.6" dia (holds 40 fl oz)
    • 2 Melamine Renge Ramen Spoon, 6.75" Length
    • 2 Pairs of Black Tipped Chopsticks
    • Recipe Cards Included
  • Ramen Ingredients:
    • Organic Ramen Pack Miso, 4.1 oz
    • Organic Ramen Pack Shoyu, 3.8 oz
    • Chili Oil, 1.22 oz
    • Chile Pepper, 15 g
    • Roasted Seaweed Nori Sheets, 0.56 oz

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

  • Order today and it ships the next business day
    Order today and it ships the next business day
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

When will it arrive?

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Forever and Ever, Ramen.

If your definition of ramen involves a styrofoam cup and styrofoam-looking noodles, you’re right to look down on it. Real ramen is a steaming bowl of gourmet noodles and toppings. We hope everyone has a chance to look down on a bowl of real ramen as the smell of perfectly balanced broth rises up.

We’ve included all the ramen, oils, and spices he’ll need to transform his meal into the ultimate noodle nourishment. Featuring two melamine ramen bowls, spoons, and pairs of classically designed chopsticks, the Ramen Making Crate will teach him to make authentic, appetizing ramen.

Give him the Ramen Making Crate and show him how deep the ramen bowl truly goes.

Ramen Run-Ons

  • The durable and lightweight melamine serving bowl is perfect for savoring ramen, soba, and udon, as well as salads and soups! Plus, the black is very slimming.
  • Painted on both ends, these Hashi chopsticks are lightly lacquered for an authentic, timeless Japanese look.
  • Organic and vegan, these non-fried, miso and shoyu flavored noodles are made with concentrated broth ensuring a bold, savory flavor.
  • Paper-thin nori, or roasted seaweed, adds a salty, complex flavor to his favorite ramen. Who says he doesn’t eat his veggies?

Customer Reviews

    Jun 8th 2021
    BEST Customer Service

    I have ordered many crates with ManCrates and have never been disappointed! Everyone’s always excited to open them! I bought this crate for my dad for Father’s Day and he absolutely loved it! However he noticed while opening that the ramen packets were stuck to the glue of the crate and had ripped. I texted the ManCrate number immediately and just asked if they could send only the ramen packets since that was the only thing damaged. They immediately emailed me back saying they’re sending me a brand new crate free of charge! Will definitely continue to order crates for my dad, stepdad, and bf!!!

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