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Paella Making Kit

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In the Box

  • Carbon Steel Paella Pan (13")
  • Paella Rice (2.2 lbs)
  • Saffron (0.8 g)
  • Sweet Pimenton (2.6 oz)
  • Valencian Paella Cooking Base (34 fl oz)
  • Large Wood Paella Spoon
  • Recipe Cards Included

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Order today and it ships the next business day
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Paella All Day-a

First, he mastered the fine art of toasting bread. Then, he achieved the perfect level of cheesiness with his baked ziti. Now, he's ready to graduate to a new challenge in the kitchen—a dish rich in history and even richer in flavor.

Inspire the aspiring chef with the Paella Making Kit, which contains the tools, ingredients, and techniques he needs to plate palate-pleasing paella. Say that five times fast. Whenever he takes out his paella pan, he'll embark on a flavor voyage to the Valencia region of Spain, where this adventurous entree originated.

Help him dish out the deliciousness, one wooden spoonful at a time, with the Paella Making Kit.

Preparing the Grain of Spain

  • The authentic, polished carbon steel paella pan from Culinary Collective is a paella prepper's best friend. It cooks up 4-6 servings, and looks darn classy doing it.
  • Paella is all about the rice. Uncle Ben's simply won't fly. Matiz España Traditional Paella Rice will give him the proper grains to create paella, arroz negro, and risotto.
  • He'll spice things up with the included Aneto Valencian Paella Cooking Base, Matiz España Saffron Threads and Rey de la Vera Sweet Pimenton (paprika). Fun fact: It takes 150,000 crocus flowers to produce 1 kilogram of saffron.
  • Often enjoyed family style, paella is passed around with a wooden spoon. The mango wood paella spoon lets diners scoop up plenty of meat, vegetables, and the carmelized socarrat at the bottom of the pan. Paella pros know that's where the real flavor is.

Customer Reviews

    Jul 7th 2020
    Great Paella Making Kit

    I bought this for my father in law because he loves trying new things and cooking. Comes with everything you need. Customer service was awesome as well. Shipped in two days.

    Feb 19th 2020
    Awesome Paella KIT

    Ordered this for my husband for Valentine's Day; was a GREAT treat for him, he loves paella and this was an awesome experience for us. People need to stop rating this unfairly because they aren't reading the product description. It is a KIT not a CRATE, if you want a CRATE then it needs to state CRATE in the title. Don't hesitate to order this just because it doesn't come in a crate, it is an awesome gift and the recipient will love it regardless of what it ships in.

    Nov 7th 2019

    Got this for my husband for his bday and he loves it! Stop down rating this because you can’t read! I can’t wait for him to whip up some paella!

    Jun 8th 2019
    Exactly as described!

    You mean to tell me that this wonderful gift package is rated only 2 1/2 stars because of 4 people who didn’t read the description?

    Dec 30th 2018
    Nice quality, all items should come in a crate

    Family impressed with paella items (although not used yet) but it was very disappointing that it couldn’t be sent in a crate. I bought it because I needed a last min present for my stepdad and I was on your site buying a “crate” present. (Ironically, I really only wanted the “non-crate”options for my bro-in-law but settled for a diff one because of the crate.) I would have sent this set to him as well if it had come in the famous box.

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