Country Everyday Carry Cigar Box

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In the Box

Daily Essentials

  • Opinel Twist-Lock Folding Knife
  • Saddleback Leather Wallet
  • Keychain Bullet Bottle Opener
  • Field Notes Pocket Journal
  • Gentleman's Handkerchief

How It Ships

Cigar Box
In an authentic, recycled cigar box that may have been previously used by an esteemed world leader.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The Things Y'all Carry

Country living is much more than sipping whiskey on tractors, catching fireflies by some lake, and whatever other cheesy cliches you can cram into a country song. At some point, a man's got to work, and when he does, he'll need a strong work ethic to get things done, and the everyday tools to get things done right.

The Country Everyday Carry equips any man to outmuscle, outsmart, and outlast whatever rural life throws his way.

Better Leather

When confronted with a problem, a man is only as sharp as the knife in his pocket. The classic Opinel folding knife with its unique safety twist lock is designed to be the ideal working man's knife. It's a French-designed knife that even a London museum honored as one the "100 most beautiful products in the world," but don't let the elegance fool you; it can also stab things.

We've also hand-selected a hand-crafted, once-in-a-lifetime wallet, and by that we mean it will outlast the man. Saddleback Leather makes one guarantee about its top-quality materials and craftsmanship: "They'll fight over it when you're dead;" (difficult to personally verify).

Southern Pocket Pals

If there are two things we know, it's that there's a bonafide southern gentleman inside all of us, and that there's probably a better way to phrase that statement. The flexible, cherry-wood Field Notes pocket journal, keychain bullet bottle opener, and tarnation-wiping handkerchief will help a man remember his rural roots or score some ironic hipster fashion points.

All these awesome tools ship in a recycled, authentic cigar box that can be used as home base for all his pocket tools. No more digging through coat pockets or between couch cushions for the daily essentials, this swanky cigar box is a penthouse suite for the sweetest gadgets.

The Country Everyday Carry is designed to handle the rugged weather and responsibilities of real country living, day-in and day-out.

Customer Reviews

    Dec 8th 2015
    Very Nice!

    I ordered this for a lifelong friend for his birthday. After being terrorized by Fedex who left it a doorway that no one ever uses, the package was found and my friend was wowed! I thought the Opinel knife was just pretty cool, but he told me he has wanted one for decades and just never got around to getting one. He was thrilled with the entire gift and said it made him very happy. And I am very, very happy with Man Crates customer service! Yous guys are second to none, the cream of the crop! Thank you, thank you!

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