Build Your Own Barrel Smoker

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In the Box

  • Smoker Barrel Parts
    • 16 Gallon Barrel (open ends)
    • Barrel feet
    • Barrel Handles
    • Stainless Grill
    • Lid Hook
    • Lid Handle
  • Smoker Accessory Parts
    • Meat Hanging net
    • Charcoal Basket
    • Meat Hook
    • BBQ Thermometer
    • Rotating Vent on Lid
    • Sliding Vent
    • Bottle Opener
  • Instructions & Hardware
    • Instruction Booklet
    • Bolts, Washers and Nuts Set
    • Step Drilling Bit
    • Pilot Drill Bit
    • Stencil

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Wholly Smokes

We thought about naming this product the D.I.Y.-B.Y.O.B.S., but our test group was spending too much time bumbling over the acronym and not enough time smoking mouth-watering meats and veggies.

After trying the ribs, they suggested we call it “The Greatest DIY Smoker of All Time.”

Boasting a 16 gallon, double open-ended barrel, this kit comes complete with all the drill bits, stencils, and hardware he’ll need to construct a quality smoker by hand, right in his backyard. The only thing we didn’t throw in is the elbow grease.

Get your guy the ultimate D.I.Y., and upgrade his backyard barbecue with the Build Your Own Barrel Smoker Kit.

Barrel-Smoked Bullet Points:

  • This high-quality, 16 gallon barrel is large enough to smoke 4 racks of ribs, or one complete brisket. But why not just make both?
  • With air vents located on both the sides and the top of the barrel, controlling the smoker’s temperature is a breeze. Even in a breeze.
  • We’ve coated the barrel with durable, high-temperature powder coat rated up to 900 degrees, to make sure the smoker lasts for a lifetime of fall-off-the-bone barbecue.

Customer Reviews

    Gary Lutz
    May 25th 2021

    Me wife bought me this as a Christmas gift and I couldn't be happier. Easy to build and use. I have smoked ribs, fish, chicken and pork shoulder and can honestly say better or as good as the local bbq joint. Trust me this works just as good as the overpriced smokers. Buy it you won't be disappointed.

    angela nicholas
    Apr 28th 2021
    my husbands favorite smoker

    I bought this for my husband to give him something to do. He has used it a few times with wood chips we made from a storm damaged tree. The last time we used it I asked him which one he liked best. We have 2 electric smokers that we have used for years and he said "The barrel smoker!" He likes it best because we get the "Fire" that we don't get with the other smokers. So far the best thing we've made is smoked chicken tinga tacos . Thank you

    Mark H
    Jan 2nd 2021
    Highly recommended project

    I received the barrel smoker as a Christmas gift. I make my own beef jerky & bacon, so this was a perfect way to add extra smoking capacity to my existing setup.
    The parts kits were easy to identify, and the included tools made for easy assembly. I especially enjoyed working with the step drill bit.
    The drill templates are sturdy; I recommend retaining them in case you want to make modifications later.
    I spaced the assembly over 3 separate days & was very pleased with the result.
    Hints: a workbench with some scrap wood helps to "block" the barrel in place during drilling. A strong magnet helps to pick up tiny bits of metal left over from drilling. Keep charged batteries handy, especially when drilling the lower vent holes. An angled power drill is easier to balance when drilling on the barrel surface. Finally, an application of high-temp paint will cover any small exterior chips that occur when working with the upper & lower lids.
    Recommendation to Mancrates: offer a second vent door parts kit as an option to add a small access point for placing more wood chips during the smoking process.
    Thanks Mancrates!

    Javonn Musgrove
    Dec 29th 2020
    Christmas gift

    This was one of the best gifts Ive ever received. My girlfriend hunted this down as I have wanted to start smoking meats for a new hobby. Built it the same day. Used it the next day. Works great!

    Marcy Merrill
    Dec 27th 2020
    Great fun!

    Got this for my husband who dreams of being a smoker (never done it). Thought this would be fun for him...a beginner smoker - I’ll get him a fancy one if he uses the home-built one! We built it together in about 3 hrs. Instructions need an update, but we didn’t encounter any problems. He smoked a rack of ribs for dinner and they were pretty darn good (we are in Alaska and this worked at 25F, kept the temp pretty constant).

    Good find, good buy! (We got a puzzle box too and that was super fun!)

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