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    Feb 19th 2014
    Pretty Awesome but....SPAM instead of Twinkies?!

    I loved the Man Crate, my wife opted for this instead of a "traditional" Valentine's Day gift...chocolates for men? Psstttt, I'll take a Gerber tree chopper any day. Only gripe...SPAM? I live in Hawaii, finding SPAM is like finding a cockroach in the slums, every where. Twinkies on the other hand? Priceless. Get the Twinkies back! Other than that, awesome crate!

    Laura Barber
    Jul 22nd 2014
    No Twinkies!

    I bought the Zombie Crate for my husband for our anniversary. Cute idea. A little disappointed in the crate. I expected it to be something to keep as a novelty item, it was a bit messed up and some of the stamps were on partially. No Twinkies? What were you thinking? Over all this was a expensive but cool novelty item. You received 3 stars because of the price.
    Man Crates Edit:

    Hi Laura, we're sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the condition of the crate when it arrived. We'd be happy to help, give our customer champions a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right!

    Also, just wanted to address the Twinkies. When they were retired we retired them from our crate, not expecting a return. When they did come back we had a public vote on our Facebook page to choose whether or not we should re-introduce them to our Zombie Survival line of crates, the people spoke and Twinkies lost...for now.

    Jul 17th 2014
    Completely Useless Gift

    My wife bought this for my birthday and I gasped in disbelief. #1 Zombies are pretend and don't exist. #2 I served two tours in Afghanistan. Should've saved the money for a M4 carbine or a Sig Sauer pistol... I'd rather shoot at Taliban, Al Qaeda, or home invaders. Good thing she bought the beer lover kit too. That was cool.

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