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    Daniela Riley
    Mar 24th 2023
    Best gift ever!

    I bought this as a gift for my family, they’d loved it! Everyone had so much fun. The wine itself, was mind blowing! It was so good, so I heard. It’s been two years and I still hear about it. Can’t wait for it to be available again!

    Kelly DeLaFuente
    Jun 4th 2019
    Awesome Wine

    I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas since she makes her own wine. She loved it but when I went to ship to back home to her the cost was almost as much as a new crate so I kept it and sent her a new one directly. I just finished bottling my wine and it was awesome! Took it to a party and it was enjoyed by all.

    On a side note, I have ordered several things from ManCrates. Some come in crates, some do not and when you read the description, it is clear. Best gift so far had to be the pinata with the wheel of weaponry. Such a man thing.

    Dec 15th 2018
    Crate or no Crate its the love and thought behind it

    I ordered two of their items for my husband for x-mas this year. He is one of those that is extremely hard to buy for. I let him have his items early where it was just the two of us. One was in a crate and the other was not. I didn't order his presents based on whether or not it comes in a crate. I ordered based on his taste. He was extremely happy with the knife kit(with NO crate) and the decanter set engraved with his name and initials(with crate). It didn't matter to him that he only got one crate. It was the idea and love behind the gifts and the actual order that he was so excited about. HE LOVES HIS GIFTS crate or no crate. That is just petty that people are upset about not getting a crate instead of the gifts itself. I would definitely buy from this site again.

    Sarah Jazwiecki
    Jun 17th 2018
    Man crates not in crate

    Wow!! How disappointing! I ordered this for my husband for father's day, he even hinted to wanting it because of the fun of the crate. How embarrassing and disappointing toboth of us to open this and there be NO CRATE! I would have just ordered a wine making kit on Amazon... how does a website called MAN CRATE have items not in a crate??? Thanks for ruining my surprise for my husband... :(

    Stacey Wray
    Jun 15th 2018

    Sent it for Father's day to a dad that is VERY hard to please. When he called to thank me he sounded like a gitty school boy who couldn't wait to get this project started. He always loves drinking LOTS of he can't wait to try to make it. Guess we will find out in 2 weeks how it taste...fingers crossed.

    Jun 13th 2018

    I expected this gift to come in a crate! That’s half of the fun of ordering from Man Crates. Read the entire description. Very deceiving!

    Valery Savage
    Dec 23rd 2018
    Purchase a crate

    The fact that the Wine making kit does not come in a crate is written more than enough times. I just can’t see how you could miss it. Do you sell the crates separately or can you include a crate with an extra charge? It’s sad that the girl was disappointed about not getting a Crate with the wine making kit for her dad So I was just making the inquiry for future purchases that might not come with the crate. I think you should be excited about a gift you give someone and the crate obviously made the girl excited. Your crates are the main attraction to the gifts that draw you to your website. Most of the items on your sight can be bought on other sights, but your crates are unique and therefore make buying from your sight more attractive. Thank you any future answers to the questions I asked.

    Man Crates Response: Hi Valery,

    We don't sell empty crates at this time, thanks for your review!

    Team Man Crates

    Jun 17th 2018
    Wine making kit no crate

    I’m very disappointed I bought a man crate for my dad’s Nd it wasn’t I. A crate. I spent all the money for a th mean crate name and expecting it to come in a crate and it came in a box. Very disappointing.

    Man Crates Response: I am so sorry to hear you are disappointed that your order did not come in a crate. We do have quite a few items that we sell which do not come in crates. The crates are the base of our brand and excellent gifts. However, we choose not to limit such glorious gift-giving to just wooden boxes. We offer other legendary gifts such as our: fresh-from-the-front-lines Ammo Cans, or our insanely-delicious JerkyGrams, and most recently our line of (If-You Want-Something-Done-Right-You-Have-To-) DIY project kits.

    We do try our best to make it clear that certain items do not come in crates. Repeatedly on the site we make mention of this, specifically under the "add to cart" button on each product description page, in the "How It ships" section, we have written that it ships "In an awesome cardboard box" (as opposed to one of our namesake crates) as well as including a picture of how the item ships. This info is repeated once the item is added to the shopping cart as well, before you begin processing your order. Sorry if you missed any or all of these signals in all of the gift-ordering excitement, we've done our best to try and give that heads up.

    The bottom line is, we're not happy until you're happy. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to turn this around! Feel free to give us a call at 866-902-7260 or reply to this email. Have a good one!

    -Team Man Crates

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