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    Jan 29th 2019
    holder for ulu?

    Son liked the jerky & sausage even though a wooden crate would have been better. Also, the example shows a holder for the ulu but none in kit. Was a holder for the ulu supposed to be included?

    Mikayla Foley
    Jul 1st 2018
    My dad absolutely loved it and ate it in one night!

    I was originally unhappy due to confusion with the shipping, but once by dad received it, he loved it! He and my mother ate it all that night. And the knife was a huge bonus, he is still using it!

    Jun 29th 2018
    Perfect little thank-you gift!

    My boyfriend visited Alaska and sometimes talks about going back to live there. I found this gem and thought it’d be the perfect thing for him in the meantime, and I was right! He loved it. I’m a vegetarian so sometimes he sacrifices having meat in his meals to eat with me. This was a great compensation and the perfect gift.

    Debbie Hedrick
    May 23rd 2018
    Good but not good.

    I sent this to a friend for his 79th birthday. He was very pleased with the cool knife and the yummy sausages, and the fun packaging, but the salmon jerkey was very dry and hard. Hoping they will send him something to replace it, kinda pricey for being so bad.

    Glenn Nalbach
    Feb 22nd 2018

    Yes I receive it for my 70 th birthday, i love the salmon jerky and the Alaskan Siberan Brand Saausage

    Karen Hurst
    Feb 19th 2018

    I ordered 2 of these for my fathers for their Birthdays. I didnt read carefully. The summer sausage and jerky does not come in the "cool man crate" but for the price you would certainly think it did. When ordering be careful to look and read what is included with purchase.
    Upside: father did like the jerky. Not fond of the summer sausage.

    Jan 10th 2018
    A Hit with Dad & Brother

    I got this Jerkeygram for both my dad and my brother for Christmas, both of whom are impossible to shop for. My brother just moved away from Alaska and he had meant to get the kind of knife that is included in this gift, but he forgot, so he was excited about the knife and uses it all the time. My dad also loves the gift and said that he buys this brand of jerky in Alaska whenever he visits and it is very high quality and excellent tasting. They were both very impressed! I’m happy that I managed to find something they both would love!

    Jan 7th 2018
    Excellent Cristmas Present

    Received the Jerky gram for Christmas. Delightfully surprised. Salmon Jerky was good and I thought the Caribou and Reindeer excellent. I am using the Ulu knife. A great tool in the kitchen.

    I am going to order more. :)

    Jim W
    Jan 5th 2018
    A taste of home

    After enjoying many awesome days of hunting and fishing the interior of Alaska for several years, I received this as a Christmas gift. I give it 5 stars for presentation and taste. While nothing beats catching, cleaning, and making your own style of jerky and sausage, this package gives a flavorful taste of the wild. I added the ulu to my collection also.

    Dec 20th 2017
    Outstanding surprise!

    I received this as a gift/care package while stationed in Europe. I have to say I was super excited to see what it wad to begin with, but after I got a taste of what was inside, I was floored by it! I was a skeptic about salmon jerky but I have to say I think it is the best form I have ever had salmon in! What a great gift!

    John in New Jersey
    Nov 17th 2017
    Part of a 30th Anniversary gift from my wife

    I knew my wife was buying me a gift from mancrates, after all, I suggested it. But, I didn't know what she'd pick. Came home to find two boxes from mancrates. Big smile! One was the Rasp Pi kit, since I'm a nerd, and the other was this box of jerky, sausage, and the knife. It's like icing on the cake! Love all of it. Knife is well made and super sharp,..that was an additional nice surprise.

    Nov 15th 2017
    Loved it!!!

    I received this box for Father’s Day. I absolutely loved the salmon jerky and the 2 sausages so much I asked for more for Christmas. I haven’t used the knife yet but it looks very sharp. While it may be a bit pricey for what you get I’m absolutely happy with this product and they do have to make a profit.

    Michele Shanklin
    Feb 14th 2017

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine's Day. We live in the lower 48, but he was born in Alaska. Both summer sausage varieties are super tasty. He didn't like the salmon, but I love it, so IT'S MINE! Ha ha! The ulu knife is super great and super sharp. It's a great keepsake and will get lots of use. Thank you, Man Crates!

    Julie Bartlett
    Oct 24th 2016
    It was a hit

    We got this for a friend as a thank you for some work he had done for us. He lets us know that he really liked it. He said that when he opened the box, he smelled MEAT. He added that his wife had her eye on the salmon jerky.
    Since they had recently traveled to Alaska, the knife was a hit. They'd been debating whether to buy one when they were there and hadn't, so now they have one.

    Oct 17th 2017
    A nice gift idea for that guy who is hard to shop for

    I didn't get the one I wanted, it was sold out, so sad. This was my second choice. It was shipped very fast. A nice idea for that guy...or girl that is impossible to shop for. I think my son in law will like it. I just hope the next time that the one I want is in stock. I'll definitely be a return customer. Thank you.

    Mar 22nd 2017
    My Dad loved the uniqueness!

    My Dad laughed at the "jerky gram" box that it came in and thought it was a joke gift from a friend of his. This wasn't the effect I was going for since it was from his daughter and I thought everything came in a man-crate which is why I came here in the first place. So be aware this does not come in a crate but my Dad loved it! And, Mancrates did make me a satisfied customer in the end. Definitely unique and I would recommend!

    Jun 5th 2019
    Good, but that "Caribou" sausage...

    I like the reindeer sausage, fish jerky and knife. It came today as expected. On the reindeer sausage reindeer is the first ingredient. For the "caribou" sausage the first three ingredients are "pork, pork hearts, and beef", then caribou. Being a Siberian-Alaskan teamup sausage, I'm guessing the pork hearts are Russian excess. Yum. Just sayin', maybe you should mention that in the product specs.

    Dec 25th 2017
    Not much for $50

    It’s a great idea for that hard to buy for person but thought he’d get more for $50 plus s&h of $11. He loves the 2 sausages and the salmon was ok.

    Dec 21st 2017
    Under impressed

    The hype was way more than the delivery. I was so beyond happy my package was being delivered. I didn’t expect it to be so very small. I bought this as a very special Christmas gift for my Papaw. I was so under impressed. Kinda upset I paid this much for so little. Thought the ulu knife would be much bigger.

    Oct 24th 2017
    Good jerky but...

    Bought this for my husbands birthday. I was so excited about it. When it arrived and he opened the box he was not pleased. He already saw on the bank account how much I had spent and said it was good jerky but way too expensive and that I've done better for less. I still love many of the different man crate gift and will try agin with something different the next time I'm buying him a gift.

    Jennifer Pelletier
    Feb 15th 2017
    A little disappointed

    I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Prompt shipping, arrived as scheduled. Haven't tried the meat yet, but we were disappointed to see the Ulu knife doesn't come with the block/stand pictured. It's a very sharp, unusually shaped knife to have no stand or protection.

    Dec 29th 2016
    Feeling disappointed

    I bought this as a unique gift for my hubby for Christmas, he's a jerky connoisseur. The jerky in the kit was actually very delicious, what we are disappointed in is the cost and the high shipping. For what you receive in the kit, it truly was not worth it. My husband literally said "you paid how much? And this fells like a rip off" I was disappointed in that I felt like he didn't like his gift that I spent over $60 on. But very cool concept and I do think that the company is awesome


    Man Crates Edit:
    Rebecca, sorry to hear that you were disappointed in your order! We're not happy until you are, please give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll work out a way to make it right, thanks!

    Aaron N.
    Apr 14th 2018
    Fair, but deceptive.

    The ingredients list on the "caribou" sausage reads "Pork, pork hearts, beef, caribou, water, etc." While the flavor was good, I would not want to pay $50 dollars for pork sausage, which I apparently did. If someone has dietary restrictions, it would help to know what you are paying for.
    Knife is decent quality, fish jerky was tough and fishy (as expected).

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