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    Nancy Petry
    Apr 8th 2017
    Perfect Gift

    I bought this for my husband that has everything. He loved it! I would highly recommend it as a gift for any man that loves to collect.

    Bailey Blake
    Mar 17th 2017

    I ordered a crate for my husband on a Wednesday and by Friday it was on my front door step! My tracking info didn't update so I emailed man crates and they got back to me SO fast! My husband LOVED opening his whiskey appreciation crate and loved the personalization! I will be shopping man crates again! AWESOME product & AMAZING customer service! I cannot say enough great things about this company! Thank you thank you thank you!

    David Fuentes
    Mar 17th 2017
    Freakin Awesome!!!!!!

    I got this for my birthday and I loved it. I have never heard of the Man Crate before, so I had no clue what to expect. I love how it's packaged and the little crowbar you get. I cheated a bit and grabbed my hammer to help LOL. After I was able to remove the top, I was amazed as to what I found inside. Great product and PERFECT for men and women. Having the person recorded as the open the crate is a great idea as well.

    Ali Janssens
    Feb 16th 2017
    The best gift ever!

    I actually wanted to do the duck tape wrap too but my boyfriend is a cop and totally would have thought it was a bomb hahaha! Anyways, watching him struggle to open it was SO much fun! We laughed and laughed! Then of course there was the prize when it was finally open! Loved everything! Great quality! I can't wait until the next man crate he gets!

    Jan 24th 2017
    BEST Birthday Gift EVER!

    I gave this gift to my guy yesterday for his Birthday and he was so excited! he said it was the best gift he's ever received! he was so cute, taking pictures of everything that came in the box and sending it to his friends and posting it on his facebook. he couldn't get over how awesome the crate was too and continued talking about it all evening! definitely going to buy more of these!

    Jan 18th 2017
    Christmas Present

    I got this for my son for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. He had whiskey rocks. But this comes with some things that make large ice cubes. He claims they are better than the whiskey rocks.

    Pete Murcott
    Jan 6th 2017

    Received this as a gift from my brother. Quality of the glassware is superb, and adds to your drinking experience - be civilized!. Fill it with a nice bottle of Kentucky Bourbon, an aged Scotch, a drop of the Irish. If you haven't used ice spheres before, you really need to get on board with these as well. Fantastic gift to any real whiskey lover or a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Go on; you deserve it.

    Willie Wendorff
    Jan 6th 2017

    I received this Whiskey Appreciation Crate as an anniversary present yesterday. I am still in awe of the personally engraved glasses and decanter today. The glassware is heavy and the etching is perfect. I can't wait until I can offer a glass of premium whisky to my next guest to show them off.
    The crate was a b____ to open, but the reward inside was so worth the frustration!
    I will be ordering this and other crates in the future as gifts for others.

    Jan 3rd 2017
    Whiskey Lover

    I bought this a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. I wanted to get him something that he could use, but was still different than a standard gift. He LOVED it! His best friend witnessed him open the present and was quite jealous. I purchased a really nice bottle of whiskey to go along with the crate and he said it was the best gift he has ever gotten.

    Jan 3rd 2017

    I ordered this for my BF for Christmas 2016 and he absolutely LOVED it!!! The customer service is excellent and very helpful!!! I will definitely be ordering for my BF for every holiday, birthday, etc...

    Carla Barrington
    Dec 26th 2016
    Loved This Purchase!

    Thank you! I ordered this Whiskey Lovers Crate for my Dad for Christmas this year. He is 81 and I was fed up with getting him the usual "stuff" and wanted to get him something fun and special. This was perfect and a class act! The entire family got involved in getting this crate open to see what it held. Once the challenge was accomplished, we all gasped at how impressive this set truly is. I recorded most of this fun gift opening event with all the family on Christmas Eve. Not only does he love this gift, the entire family had a blast and this memory will last for generations. Again, thank so much!!

    Dec 25th 2016
    Best gift ever

    Gave this to my husband for today Christmas hes been drinking his Crown Royal black all day. Got him a smoking jacket he loves it!!!!! Its beautiful the delivery was quick. The glasses and decanter are fabulous Crate is fun idea I was totally happy with it and so is he. I am getting the humidor for Valentines Day!

    Paula Romans
    Dec 25th 2016

    Got this for my hard-to-buy-for hubby for Christmas this year! He absolutely loved it! He has always wanted a decanter and loved that it was personalized. Everything was intact, nothing broken and it's beautiful! Took him awhile to get the crate open and I was scared to death that he would break it. I finally got something for him that was unexpected and a hit with him! Thank you!!

    Nov 17th 2016
    Slap Happy Boyfriend

    I got this crate my now husband, then fiance', last Christmas. He absolutely love it! So much that I will be getting another crate this year. The shipping was fast and I was able to intercept it so he didn't get a peek. I also opted for the duct tape (so worth it)! He was literally laughing the entire time he was opening it, which was the highlight of my day :D Thank you guys for putting together such great quality gift!

    Nov 10th 2016
    Best Christmas Ever

    So, I know I'm not the normal customer base for ManCrates, but I sent the Customized Barware one to my boyfriend for his birthday, and he loved it so much that he wanted to give one back to me for Christmas. I'm a whiskey girl at heart, and he knew this, so he got this crate for me. I opened it and I was so excited, and then we noticed that once of the customized glasses were broken. He contacted customer service to have a new glass sent out, and you guys sent an entirely new and whole crate. Can't tell you how excited we were to get that. I have both of the decanters and the 3 glasses that I have proudly sitting on my bar right now. You guys are the best and I tell everyone I know about you if they're having problems figuring out a gift for the man in their life.

    Mark Voelkerding
    Oct 24th 2016
    Great customer service!

    I originally ordered 10 crates (7 being this whiskey appreciation crate) for my wedding party gifts that we'd give them at the rehearsal dinner (ordered them a couple weeks out). We then decided to order one for the bride's father to open immediately and his decanter was completely shattered to an unrecognizable state and the glasses were slightly chipped. Imagine my concern still having 10 more crates that would not be opened for a couple weeks knowing we're 0 for 1. I contacted customer service and they were fantastic and immediately sent out another crate for the father (which made it in whole this time) and assured me the same for any issues I may have with the other unopened crates. There were also some issues with the site in ordering that many crates at once and they were right there to help quickly and offered a coupon for ordering so many of them. Long story short, all of these groomsman crates were fine with nothing broken (they did seem to be packaged better than the other one for some reason). They all loved them and I'd definitely order from man crates again.

    Oct 10th 2016

    I bought this crate for my boyfriend's birthday and he loved it. It arrived on my set delivery date, the presentation was beautiful, nothing was broken, and everything was fine quality. I am truly pleased with my first Man Crate purchase. Even though this crate is pricey it is worth it for that special man in your life!

    After opening this, my boyfriend when on the website and named 10 other crates he wants. Plus he is going to buy a crate for his dad for Christmas. We will be frequent customers - one holiday at a time!

    rafael de jesus
    Sep 22nd 2016
    whiskey decanter set

    I have just received this as a gift from a long time friend as a birthday gift, and it was a very thoughtful gift for someone that dose enjoy a good drink. the glasses are engraved and they are heavy so you can grip them like a man.

    Sep 6th 2016

    It arrived in perfect condition, amazing quality and personalization, great customer service so its a quick response if you have any doubt or curiosity and my friend loved it! It took a while to open but the torture was fun to watch lol. Bought this one with the Beer Appreciation crate, and will soon buy baconology when it becomes available,HOPEFULLY SOON.

    Aug 21st 2016
    A HUGE hit!

    My husband LOVED his birthday Whiskey Appreciation Crate! The glassware is heavy and high-quality! He loved everything in the crate! Thanks so much!!!

    Paulette Disabatino
    Aug 20th 2016

    bought this product for my nephew's 50th birthday.when he received it at his home was surprised with the duck tape packaging.him and his son worked hard to open the box.they called me with the description of how much fun they had..he was thrilled with the gift.told me he was going to display the glass set in his office ...I also have to say I love the duck tape...tapeing gifts has been a calling card for me in our family..they know if it's taped up and sealed it's from me ...they get a kick k out of trying to figure out opening gifts ...I love your concept ...maybe you can come up with a crate for women...Thank you.

    Jul 23rd 2016

    I bought this gift for my boyfriend, I wanted to get him something unique.... HE LOVED IT..... I was so happy to know I ordered from a company who cater to gifts for men..... Fast shipping, no issues .... I sent some positive feedback to Will at customer service he was great and the reply email was entertaining.... I will be a return purchaser and share this company with my friends!

    Jul 13th 2016
    Fully awesome Gift

    your crates are the best, but easy on the glue eh? your crowbar couldn't deal with the seal that was placed on this here crate and I was forced to used scissors, a stapler and a large sharpie to pry the crate open....which when opened was pretty damn great..I will be bloated for a week from the salt content I just inhaled.

    Claudia Pena
    Jul 11th 2016
    Awesome company

    I came across this site looking for a present for my husband. It was his 40th birthday so I wanted it to be something special. I placed the order for the whiskey appreciation kit . It was supposed to get to me July,2nd however due to Holidays I didn't got it on the promise day .I called customer service and the treatment was more than great, it is the best customer service I ever had ,no exaggeration , they right away shipped me the crate next day and apologize for all inconvenience.
    Next day I got the crate and when hubby was opening the crate the whiskey decanter was broken :( it was glass all over the place, so I called again customer service and explained the situation , I was a little frustrated cant denied it. They were great once again.
    Guess what, I got a new one two day later . they completely replace my man crate at no price and my husband finally had his present. HE LOVED IT :).
    I will recommend this site and all his products. They are really committed to make every and each one of their customers happy and to deliver a great product. They don't see you as a number , they see you as a person. I found the price fair for the quality ,lets not forget is personalize too. The happiness in my husband's face was worthy of the wait.

    Jul 6th 2016
    A+ Customer Service

    I too received a broken gift. Check that, the Whisky glasses were nearly sand, they were so smashed. Needless to say, This awesome company was johnny on the spot when it came to replacing it in a hurry. The gift itself is a great piece to put on display or use daily. I am more than happy to be writing a positive review as a gift recipient. The human touch via the apology letter was both hilarious and much welcomed in this society of robots. Ha Ha I am now proud to say this is where I'll be buying my gifts for men. Thanks everyone,

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