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    J Schlaefer
    Dec 2nd 2018
    Incredible Gift - Poor Execution

    Last Xmas I ordered a similar Scotch man-crate. The gift itself was brilliant and would have been the belle of the Xmas Ball if the interior packing had been more substantial. Everything glass came broken. The tinkle we heard on Xmas Eve was the jingle of shattered decanter and glasses. Important to remember, these Man Crate folks were the bomb and resolved the issue swiftly! This is just a cautionary tale.

    Nov 28th 2018
    Perfect gift

    He absolutely loved it. The crow bar bent wile opening the crate, but other then that everything was perfect. He went that day and got a tray to display it on.

    Cindy Bates
    Nov 16th 2018
    25th Anniversary Gift!

    I ordered this set for my husband for our 25th Anniversary! He loved it. And it was priceless watching him try to open the crate. It wasn't that difficult but we laughed and wished we had recorded it. He couldn't just rip it open like a typical present so he had to study the crate to figure out the best attack. When he saw the Decanter Set he was sooo happy and it now has a permanent spot on our counter. Thank you!

    Ed Hernandez
    Oct 18th 2018
    Best gift ever!

    My bad ass team pitched in and ordered this for me for “bosses day” it was such an awesome experience to open this in front of my team. Then to top off the fun, I saw what was in the crate and was so impressed! The decanter and glasses were so nice and personalized with my initials and name. I was so grateful and flattered by the gift. What a great idea! Shout out to my team for thinking inside the box! Best team in the business!

    Oct 8th 2018
    Loved it!

    Got this for a “welcome home from deployment” gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! It was fun to open, the decanter and glasses look great. Also they had amazing customer service! There was a little hiccup in the delivery so they totally took care of me 100% and personally called me to do so. I was very impressed with the entire experience.

    Brea Hitz
    Jun 18th 2018
    Whiskey Appreciation Crate

    This was a hot! My husband is a big whiskey fan and LOVED opening this crate for Father’s Day!

    Jun 15th 2018
    SO FUN!

    The crate arrived and my husband was so puzzeled... what is it?? It was great to see how pleased he was. What a unique present. LOVE IT!!

    Jun 15th 2018
    Happy Fathers Day!

    My awesome son gave this to my husband, Ross for Fathers Day. What a fantastic gifT. He loves the personalized decanter and glasses. They are nice and heavy and the special monogramming is tops! Such fun opening it and seeing my husband smile! P.S.We plan to fill the decanter with Makers Mark and toast our wonderful thoughtful
    son, Chris! THANK YOU, SON! Great choice of an unusual, yet thoughtful surprise🌞🌞

    Amanda Coney
    Jun 11th 2018
    He loves it!!

    I got this for a really good friend of mine for his birthday. When he received it he didn’t know what in the heck it was and he said he had such a hard time opening it 😂. But once he got it opened he LOVED it! He tells all his buddies about it and he still has the crate. He also liked the ice mold so much he went out and bought himself more. So thank you mancrates!

    May 1st 2018
    So great!

    Beautiful glass wear, such a fun and creative gift. I messed up the label for the drinking glasses, and even though it was completely my fault they sent me new ones for free! Such good customer service, will definitely be coming back

    Apr 21st 2018
    Received for Christmas not too happy with it

    Received as a christmas gift looked great when it arrived after i've refilled it 2 times the etching in the first letter has faded the whole letter away I rinsed with hot water never even used soap on the outside. I expected this to be permanent but looks like it will be fading quickly due to what initials were on there it looks horrible now with one faded really cant tell what it says.

    Farrah Marriott-Marks
    Apr 9th 2018
    Fantastic Anniversary Gift!

    My husband was so intrigued by the crate, he decided to video his experience. He loved everything about it - the crowbar, the crate, and especially the personalized glassware! I'm searching for another man crate that will go over as well as this one did. This was awesome!!!

    Apr 7th 2018
    World's Most Interesting Man Gift

    My dad is The World's Most Interesting Man. My whole life my dad has given me the most wonderful and extravagant gifts! I never imagined finding anything that would match the caliber of his character and generosity.
    It WAS nearly impossible to find appropriate gifts for a cosmopolitan, intellectual, jet-setter. That is, until the Personalized Whiskey Appreciation Crate! He loved every minute of the struggle to pry open the crate almost as much as the triumphant glory of seeing his name and initials beautifully etched into the glassware.
    He was impressed and I am proud of myself for giving my dad such a spectacular gift! Both the gift AND the corresponding gift-opening experience solidified our bond!
    THANKS A MILLION MAN CRATES! Your company is a model of quality and excellence! Your company is the manifest embodiment of the maxim: "it is better to give than to receive."

    Mar 15th 2018
    An amazing product!!!!

    I purchased the whiskey appreciation crate for my fiancé. The custome name turned out wonderful and was a very big hit! I could not have put together something so amazing myself. I am very pleased with my purchase. I ordered the duct tape which was fun for him to struggle, just don't use scissors and it adds a challenge. Also shipping was fast and arrived on time.

    Feb 20th 2018
    Tough and well packaged crate

    I bought this crate for my boyfriend for Valentime’s Day. The delivery was fast and he absolutely loves his gift. However, I asked him to film himself opening it... after 10 minutes of trying to get it open, he threw the crate about 10 feet thinking it was a joke... the bottom opened up, and out spilled the food packages. That’s when he realized there was actually something in the crate. He then proceeded to unpack it And to both of our surprise, nothing was broken. He said this was the best gift he has gotten.
    I will be a returning customer.
    Thank you so much!

    Jan 11th 2018
    Best. Gift. EVER.

    I have wanted to give my husband this gift for years, and when he finally voiced his dream of owning his own decanter and some glasses, I jumped on it. Honestly, I don't know how I'll ever be able to top this gift, because watching him receive this crate, realizing he has to open it with a crow bar, and then discover what was inside, was the most surprised I have ever seen him. The decanter is now on display in our bar nook in the dining room, and he's bragged about it to all his family and friends who come over. Man crates far exceeded my expectations on this one! They even allowed me to change the shipping address, and were so witty about it, when I told them I wanted to ship it to my office, so my husband wouldn't even see the box before Christmas. You CANNOT go wrong with a man crate for your man :)

    Brent M.
    Jan 7th 2018
    Whiskey heaven

    For the first time in a long time my wife was able to surprise me with a Christmas gift not only a great surprise but a great gift I absolutely love it and her

    Dec 15th 2017
    Fantastic gift!

    I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He said it was a lot of fun opening it and it didn’t take him long. It was more amazing in person and he loved that it was personalized. I will definitely get another one in the near future!

    Dec 14th 2017
    Would Buy

    I have been looking into this gift for my husband. There should be a choice of what "snack" comes in the box. I will not purchase this because my husband is allergic to peanuts.

    Dec 3rd 2017
    Awesome gift

    I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday a couple of years ago. I had as much fun watching him as he did opening it. So clever. All contents were in tact and in good shape. He LOVED the glasses and uses them all of the time. We have eaten all of the snacks of course, still use the the ice molds and the coasters. Just a great gift. Will definitely order again.

    Dr. Ken
    Nov 29th 2017
    Simply Epic

    My wife got me this as a graduation present when I got my PhD, along with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Scotch whiskey). This wasn't the first man crate I got, so I was able to open it without nearly as much trouble as the first one. The decanter and glasses are very well-done, and the high end snacks are a very nice touch. I highly recommend them, because it's not just about what's IN the crate, but the experience in opening them.

    Nov 21st 2017
    Fantastic Gift

    Yes I bought this for my Fiancee' for his birthday, he loved it. It was such a great gift. They let me know every step of the way and when I had a question I texted them and they answered back asap. This is great gift for men. I look forward to ordering crates for Christmas...

    Nov 12th 2017
    Man Crates is a win for the special guy in your life!

    I ordered the Whiskey Appreciation Crate for my boyfriend's 21st birthday...let me just say, wow!! He LOVED it! First, he had no idea what it could be and he loved opening it, took him about 10 minutes to get it open (I was thrilled because I thought it might be too easy for him). The contents were perfectly made and packaged and, according to my boyfriend, "the best gift I've ever received!" He has shown everyone the engraved decanter and couldn't be happier. The company itself was great and the shipping was right on time ;) He told his parents about it and now they are thanking me for making Christmas shopping super easy for them! Thank you Man Crates!

    Dave Deas
    Apr 26th 2017
    Man Gift all of Man Gifts

    From then moment you see the crate, it has you curious as to what can possibly be inside. Then the unboxing starts, the struggle was real trying to open it, the crate is just a next level touch. Everything was neatly packed and nothing was damaged. First thing I did was run to the packy and grab a bottle of goodness to fill my new Trophy Case Decanter.

    Great gift, looking forward to trying other crates.

    Props to the wife for coming up with something new, loved it.

    Apr 26th 2017

    I bought this for my son's Birthday and he loved it!
    It was a struggle for him to open it which made it even more fun.

    I would highly recommend Man Crates for all the men in your life!

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