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    May 8th 2020
    Whiskey Lover

    I bought this as an anniversary gift for my one and only (Along with a yearly whisky subscription) - at first he thought it was a gag gift but once inside- completely loved it! I heard the words “this is bad as-“ at least a dozen times, and each time he pulled something else out of the box- only took him about 5mins to open, (I didn’t have enough time to open my camera to record before he broke in!) ManCrates will definitely be seeing more purchases from me.

    May 8th 2020
    Perfect Gift

    My brother absolutely loved this and took a video of him opening the crate which alone was worth the money!

    Apr 29th 2020
    So Bad A$$

    This was a birthday gift from a brother of mine. He’s on the east coast and I’m in SoCal. Definitely cussed while trying to open it, but was so worth it!

    John Campbell
    Mar 18th 2020

    My mom had passed and my cousin knew I wasnt a flowers kind of guy . This gift made me smile. Awesome gift!!! I thank her and you for this gift. Flowers die this will last forever..

    Rocxy Lemmon
    Mar 11th 2020
    I Love My New Gift!!!

    After receiving my crate I was like Yeahhh! I had a hell of a time getting through that glue, so I had to resort to a hammer to help but ounce opened I was in awww over the design, then was like It't don't come with the scotch?

    So I went out that morning a bought some scotch and put in there but it looks great now, thanks so much man-crate....

    I Love the peanuts that come with it.

    Feb 24th 2020
    My brother loved it!!!!

    I had my sister in law record my brother opening the box. So cute and hilarious, during the process of him taking out the goodies from the box he looked at the box from the outside and said “I’m not going to lie, I actually like the box the best”.. Lmaoo... he literally loved everything that came in the box. His named engraved was really special to him. The snacks added a nice touch to the crate. Thank you MANCRATES. You’ve made my brothers 31st birthday very special. I wish I could upload the video.

    Jan Griffin
    Jan 21st 2020
    A Gift for my son

    Normally, I get my kids money for their birthday, but I decided to try something different- The Man Crate— read my son’s response to me; he even sent a picture— you can hear his excitement!!
    Thank you MAN CRATES!! Will definitely order more!
    I got the man crate gift!! I absolutely love it thank you so much. Will send pictures tonight once I get my ice mold set up

    This was a picture he sent me😊

    Steve Yablonski
    Jan 5th 2020

    I received this as a Christmas gift. High quality classic look. It is an appropriate vessel to hold my Angels Envy Bourbon.

    John Hansen
    Dec 26th 2019
    Five star!

    My grandson gave it to me for Christmas.
    Everyone comments. Great gift. Have to find a prominent place to put it where I can reach my
    Makers Mark.

    Kaitie Casares
    Nov 16th 2019
    Awesome quality!

    I ordered this for my fiancé’s birthday and he absolutely loved it! The quality of the glass is amazing and all the little things that came with it just completed the package. Definitely will be getting more ManCrates in the future!

    Fayshaunn Hardman
    Oct 21st 2019
    Dad Loved his Gift!!!

    This was ordered for my father for his 61st Birthday. He LOVED it! Great Quality! Will be back in future for him!

    Robert day
    Jan 7th 2019
    Best gift ever

    This was the best gift I have ever received. It’s excellent everything I could’ve wanted. No imperfections everything is great. I just have to think my wife Jeanne for thinking of me for Christmas. It’s perfect. Had a lot of fun open it with the crowbar also can’t forget that.

    Chris Huchton
    Jan 3rd 2019
    Whiskey Crate

    My wife got me the whiskey crate for Christmas 2018 and I absolutely love it. The craftmanship of the decanter set is amazing. Absolutely one of the best gifts I have ever received! The ice ball molds make a true ice ball and take hours to melt so enables me to enjoy a cool glass a whiskey for quite a while. Highly recommend this company because this is the 2nd year my wife has bought me a man crate and all around this a great company with creative gifts and excellent customer service.

    Dec 27th 2018
    Best Christmas Gift Ever

    I received the Whiskey Appreciation Crate from a very special friend. We have been friends for twenty plus years. Over those twenty plus years we both had our ups and downs. Not to mention gone periods of time without seeing each other, miraculously we have reunited. We live in different states. We text and talk as often as we can. During the times we were apart, I often thought about her and hoped one day I would see her again. Several years ago she gave a matted and framed picture of all the lighthouses in North Carolina. This year she gave me the Whiskey Appreciation Crate. I am so humbled she thought that much of me. Thank you for a truly awesome gift.
    I will always love you.

    Rick Vomberg
    Dec 27th 2018
    Christmas never tasted so good

    My daughter, gave me this incredible thoughtful gift. The whole family had a extensive laugh at my expense, due to the length of time it took me to open the crate.

    My son, especially took a liking, to this gift for he is a Junior and felt a little entitled. Well done, with an awesome presentation

    Dec 26th 2018
    My Daughter and Wife are AWESOME

    My wife and daughter purchased the Whiskey Appreciation Crate for Christmas. What a thoughtful gift. I must admit, I was like a ten year old kid opening a great gift. What a nice experience, one that I will always remember.

    Dec 25th 2018
    Agree with President Washington

    Absolutely stunning addition to our bar!!!! A Christmas gift from my whole family - truly one of the best “Dad’s” gift you can receive. Thank you

    William Troxell
    Dec 24th 2018
    The best

    My son got me this as a gift and i LOVE it!!. Also as an added surprise he had the box completely wrapped in ducktape. Coodos to the people who shipped it..👍

    James Busack
    Dec 20th 2018
    My Kids got for me as a Christmas gift !! Very cool !!

    Take’s a little while to open !! 😂

    David Stipanovich
    Dec 20th 2018
    Early Xmas gift - and WOW what a gift from my daughter

    My daughter couldn't wait for me to open my gift, so who was I to argue - and when I saw what it was I couldn't believe it! The packaging was awesome and the craftsmanship of the whiskey crate set was beautiful! We will definitely be displaying this in the man cave, with the best whiskey money can buy! Best gift EVER from my daughter!

    Aurora Roberts
    Dec 19th 2018
    Amazing bundle.. but.

    I’m not sure if it was a defect in the product I ordered but the frosted lettering on the decanter and glasses seemed very light, almost sheer with some edges rigid or missing more of the frost. It was a gift for my boyfriend and he didn’t complain about it one bit though so I suppose as long as we’re absolutely extra careful with rinsing and his name and initials won’t fade, I’d say this is the ultimate gift.. I have a hard time topping this one still.

    Neil Furr
    Dec 16th 2018
    my wifes the bomb

    got this from my wife for my birthday ,,totally awesome ,,only complaint is the decanter stays empty ,;o;

    Rodney Kennedy
    Dec 7th 2018
    Can’t Wait

    Just ordered this for the best man in my life...ME. Looking forward to getting it next week to add to my bar collection

    Nikki Hutchinson
    Dec 7th 2018
    Best Gift Ever!!!!!

    Nothing else can desrcibe this! I couldnt wait til Christmas for my husband to OPEN HIS CRATE! The decanter, glasses-IMPRESSED! TOP QUALITY! The other things were just the cherry on top! I wanted to keep the crowbar but my husband wasn't giving it up!!!!! I'm def ordering again BEFORE Christmas!

    Nikki Hutchinson
    Dec 7th 2018
    Best Gift Ever!!!!!

    Nothing else can desrcibe this! I couldnt wait til Christmas for my husband to OPEN HIS CRATE! The decanter, glasses-IMPRESSED! TOP QUALITY! The other things were just the cherry on top! I wanted to keep the crowbar but my husband wasn't giving it up!!!!! I'm def ordering again BEFORE Christmas!

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