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    Jan 21st 2021
    Very pleased

    I purchased 2 different styles for my husband Rob 1 for Christmas and 1 for his birthday and he was so excited to open up the crate he kept saying this is so dope hell yes I love it. Lol I will be making more purchases

    Jan 14th 2021
    The Best Gift EVER!!

    To see the excitement in his face as he opened the box and then opened the crate then unpack the crate was simply priceless. He was so excited and kept expressing how awesome this gift was. He told me I made his entire year with this one gift. I was so pleased with the presentation and the product but even more pleased that he loved it so much.

    Sheila Brown
    Dec 29th 2020
    Awesome gift for a whiskey lover

    My man is hard to buy for, but when I saw this specific crate, I knew he would love it. He was so surprised and indeed does love it! The glasses are heavy duty, high quality, and the cube maker works great. He was tickled by the whiskey notes book that was included.

    Dec 29th 2020
    An amazing Christmas gift

    His eyes lit up as he opened his crate. His joy warmed my heart. I think it's the most wonderful gift I could have had personalized for him. He absolutely loves it. I personalized the bottle with his birth year, name, & lucky number. The glasses have his name on them. I even got to write a little personal note.

    Juliette May
    Dec 26th 2020
    My husband loved it!!

    When he opened the crate (which in itself was fun!) he was flabbergasted! He just kept on saying, “this is so cool!”
    My original order was stolen, Man Crates was incredibly gracious and shipped me a new one immediately. I will definitely be buying more from Man Crates. The quality is fantastic, and the gift is so unique.

    Darrin Dockery
    Dec 26th 2020
    Made our Christmas!

    When I purchased this for our son in early November, I had no idea what to expect when he opened it Christmas Day! This just made our Christmas! I had ordered 2 other crates for other family members! All I can say is WOW and Thank You for such a great gift idea!

    Adam Burris
    Dec 26th 2020
    Absolutely love it

    I received it as a Christmas gift and loved the whole idea of it. When I finally got it opened and saw my monogram initials along with the whiskey glasses with my name on them I fell in love with it. I was even more surprised to see more items under the foam padding.

    Casey Pederson
    Dec 25th 2020
    Amazing Gift

    My brother and his wife got me this Crate for Christmas. I was just blown away. Completely unexpected, its a very tough crate, fun to open and high quality items inside. Love the personalization of the decanter and glasses. I am going to hang the crate as a shelf for the decanter and glasses in my bar.

    The ice cube trays are even really cool. You can't go wrong with this if you know someone that enjoys a good glass of whiskey.

    This crate is so nice I felt compelled to come here and leave 5 stars. Thank you man crates, and Travis and Amy if you are reading this review.

    Dec 22nd 2020
    Perfect gift!!

    I got it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it!! The crates are no joke when it comes to getting them open... it was definitely funny to watch! Absolutely love this site and will definitely be purchasing more!!

    Terri L Wilson
    Dec 16th 2020

    I ordered this for his anniversary present this year, and he absolutely LOVED it!!! I always try to find unique things for him, and this was the best one yet! The look on his face as he saw all the treasures inside made my heart happy. He got the crate opened quite easily, but I will tell you this -- open it from the bottom. Then you only have the nails to deal with, and you can put it back together as a keepsake. And, it actually arrived a day early! Thank you for putting this amazing crate together!!!

    Lori Adams
    Dec 6th 2020

    My husband absolutely loved this gift. He told me it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever received. I would 100% recommend.

    Dec 5th 2020
    Doesn’t come with whiskey!

    I wish I would have read the details alittle better! I just assumed it came with the whiskey, it doesn’t! Besides being embarrassed about not having the whiskeys hen they opened it, it was a great gift for our friends!

    Terri B
    Nov 23rd 2020
    Loved it

    Fiancé’s 58th birthday present 🎁. Loved the duct tape wrapped box 📦. Love how he had to pry it open. He was like a kid opening up a Christmas present. His excitement was worth it. Thank you. Beautiful present.

    Nov 21st 2020
    Great Gift!!

    Got this for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved it!

    Cynthia Spears
    Oct 29th 2020
    I think I solidified my position as his favorite!!!!!

    Decided to send this to my uncle as a small token of appreciation, just for being an awesome dude. The crate was delivered ahead of what the schedule said, so when he called to let me know he received the gift, I didn't understand the excitement. Let's just say that he was more than touched. His exact words were, " Niece, you hit this one out of the (explicit, explicit) park!" He can't wait to have the fellas over for drinks to show it off. The engraving and the ice molds were the extra special touches. Thank you Man Crates for being the tool of appreciations for me to give to my uncle.

    Oct 18th 2020
    Best Gift He’s Ever Received

    Been with my husband for 10+ years and he said this was the best gift he had received. Not only because the actual gift but because it’s an experience with opening the crate. So incredibly happy.

    B Jones
    Sep 18th 2020
    Perfect gift!

    I ordered this for my husband For our 19th anniversary 3 days before! I had just had major surgery and was looking for a wow! Gift and this delivered! I was able to have it personalized and delivered on our anniversary and my husband was overjoyed! He even loved having to pry open the crate! Thank you for having such an awesome collection sure you satisfy any man!

    April Taylor
    Aug 26th 2020
    Anniversary Present

    My husband loved this. He uses the glass bottle all the time and the round ice cubes. Looks great. Would recommend and you have a crate and crowbar to open it with. He didnt have a hard time opening it tho.

    Jul 6th 2020
    Best Father's Day Gift ever

    Got this from my daughter and grandkids. I was at a loss for words when I opened that crate. My daughter is very creative when it comes to Father's Day gifts but she cleared the bases on this one. This set rocks.

    Kevin A Gonzalez
    Jun 22nd 2020
    My Sister and Brother in Law

    No words. The detail behind the design of the Whiskey appreciation crate given to us has no words. The gift was awesome, the intention was awesome and the taste of the specific items are awesome as well.

    Maria J
    Jun 22nd 2020
    One of the BEST and thoughtful Father’s Day gifts..

    My husband is a little hard to shop for because the man has EVERYTHING!! He loves barbecuing, jerky making and his favorite is drinking whiskey! The one thing he did not have was a whiskey decanter! I was a little skeptical at first..but ordered this Whiskey appreciation package (with his initials) and I was shocked at how fast it was delivered! I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and received it by Friday! Everything looked amazing! From the careful packaging, the COOL ice mold..to the glass itself! Such a great and thoughtful gift! He absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to order him his next gift from Mancrates! Highly recommend! The box itself looks so cool!

    Jun 20th 2020
    He loved it!

    Got this for my husband for Father's Day. (He loves experimenting with different whiskeys.) He went on and on for HOURS about this crate! Said best Father's Day gift ever. Thank you Mancrates!

    Ronnie Jackson
    Jun 20th 2020

    I bought this for my husband for Father’s Day, he was stoked!! Absolutely loved it. The glasses are his new favorite glasses and I was super impressed how heavy they are. He also loves the slate coasters so much we are looking for more.

    Jessi Croson
    May 26th 2020
    Very Happy Husband

    When my husband opened this up it was seriously better than I expected. I was nervous because it's kinda pricy but it was absolutely worth it! It's such a unique gift that he can use forever.
    My only downside was that I paid for the shipping for it to arrive on his Birthday but it arrived 3 days late. That really wasn't a huge deal for us though.
    We are happy with the product regardless!
    Thanks Man Crates

    May 22nd 2020

    My daughter got the whiskey set for me. I was in the OMG mode while opening this box (still in the mode). This set is awesome to say the least. Very well made. I'm going to get a couple more glasses.

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