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    Krista L
    Dec 25th 2018
    Ultimate Tool Set

    This was a perfect gift! Everyone loved it! They laughed about the packaging and then loved how useful it is. It was a great add on gift or it made a great gift for male coworkers! I bought many this year!

    Diane Schoelles
    Feb 3rd 2018
    Ultimate Add-On

    My husband said that the only thing missing is a wire coat-hanger. Pop that into the crate and viola!

    Olen Hougen
    Sep 2nd 2016
    Great Idea

    Standard equipment here in bush Alaska with the addition of a Swiss Army Knife

    Jun 15th 2018
    Not-so "awesome cardboard box"

    I was excited to give this to my husband.. although I was bummed it didn't come in a little crate the description said it came in an "awesome cardboard box" so I decided to get it anyway. It arrived today in a cheap box all ripped up. Not awesome at all. Pretty disappointing.

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