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    Mar 11th 2023
    Prybar, more like Crybar.

    AWESOME bday gift 🎁 for hubby! I had gotten him a popcorn maker so I wanted some good seasonings and kernels, and luckily remembered how cool ManCrates were from all the advertisements I saw. This box was perfect for the gift themes I went for, and for spoiling your special someone with a different gift experience. You can get your crate by a decent time if you plan a little in advance or pay for the different available shipping rates. The options for different gift wrappings was pretty cute. The box came on time for his bday, and it was really fun watching him open the crate. It’s such a unique gift and opening it is half the fun! He had a hard time opening it from all the wood glue used so he opened it from the bottom eventually after we couldn't find a hammer to assist in the prying. He really got to use that crowbar. It was super fun watching him open the literal wooden crate from my perspective, I could see him thinking how to do it best like a puzzle, and then how happy he was when he finally cracked it open to see all the cool presents inside. Once he opened it, he loved the gifts inside and immediately wanted to try out the popcorn and seasonings. The seasonings were delicious by the way! The Amish ballpark butter shaker was super good. The silicone microwave poppers were unique and efficient. I say 5 stars, it was a really cool gift! Most likely will get these crates gifts for future birthdays again. My husband's review is 4 stars with the only negative of the opening difficulty (thus the Review Title, his words), maybe a mini hammer included could help. He said the difficulty was shattering his man dreams of prybaring a crate open with manly-majestic ease like in all the video games he plays.

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