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    Jun 27th 2023
    Unique gift card puzzle

    Something different than just giving someone gift card inside a birthday card! Bought this for my son who loves to solve puzzles. I hope there will be different puzzles offered for his next birthday!

    Kylie Decker
    May 22nd 2023
    Bought if for my dad

    My dad enjoyed it and it came extremely quick, which for how much I paid for the shipping, I’m happy. Took him 21 minutes to solve it which isn’t too bad for him. A little expensive but worth it to see him act like a child.

    Apr 2nd 2022
    Quite Puzzling

    I purchased this for my son's 36th birthday because he loves challenging puzzles. He really enjoyed delving into this one. It almost had him stumped, but he continued until he finally solved it and received his prize at the end. Thank you Man Crates. Hope another puzzle will be coming soon.

    Violette Cruz
    Feb 20th 2022
    Great gift

    My husband loved the box!!!!

    Feb 13th 2022

    My husband absolutely loved this! I hope you'll make another version for me to buy him!!

    Jan 13th 2022
    This was actually pretty fun to do.

    It was a fun brain teaser and made a nice gift from my girlfriend

    Jan 3rd 2023
    Great idea, but one arrived broken

    I bought two of these for my son's for Christmas. One came broken and the gift card fell right out of the box when opened. We put it back together so he could solve the puzzle, but it sort of ruined the fun. Great idea, but when you pay more for the box than the gift card...

    A Swish
    Apr 12th 2024
    Umm try again

    I accidentally solved the puzzle after 5 minutes after instantly ripping open the box to find a screw driver (I didn’t think there would actually be one) once I found it and unscrewed the box I couldn’t even open it because it was super glued shut. I’m talking I had to smash the box against the ground to open it. Less glue would be pretty cool I guess. 1.2/10

    Dec 26th 2022
    Good Idea

    The puzzle fell apart immediately and the gift card fell out of the side. We put it back together and my son solved the puzzle. I thought it would be a fun Christmas thing, but it was a dud

    Man Crates Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your gift arriving in less than ideal condition! If you haven't already, definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions who are standing by and happy to help with any order troubles you may have. They can be reached at guys@mancrates.com.

    Dec 18th 2022
    Broke immediately

    I was really excited to give this to my older brother for Christmas but the box’s glue was not put on correctly and fell apart after 5 min of starting the puzzle. It was a big bummer.

    Man Crates Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened! If you haven't already, definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions via guys@mancrates.com with your order number and your concerns. The team is standing by and happy to make it right.

    Melissa Jones
    May 6th 2022
    Awesome idea, but…

    My husband annoyingly always guesses his presents so I was excited for him to have to work at this. He opened it, held it to the mirror to read, turned it over just looking at it and it just fell apart 😒. The side is glued on and it fell off. I wanted to be excited, but sadly I’m disappointed 😔

    Man Crates Response: Hey there, thank you for your feedback!

    Apologies that you were disappointed in the Puzzle Box you received! We do our best to offer a great experience and value for the price and we're sorry to hear we missed that mark for you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, so when you're not happy, we're not happy! We'd be glad for the opportunity to work with you to make this right. Please send us a text at (866)-400-0929, or email us at guys@mancrates.com thanks!

    -Team Man Crates

    Severely disappointed gift recipient.
    Apr 11th 2024
    Defective, misrepresented, junk

    Received as gift. This is an overpriced junk wooden box screwed shut and additionally defective. How is a screwed shut box a puzzle? How thoughtless. This is a few silly actions to get to a bit to simply unscrew the thing. Again, how is that a puzzle? The scratch off portion scratched off the underlying text so it was not readable. The glue on the bit was nearly impossible to remove. Then after unscrewing the screws the lid was still glued down so it couldn’t be opened anyway. What a terrible product and waste of money. I am horrified that this company is getting away with selling this stuff and at such a high price. If this was a product from a dollar store it might be acceptable. I feel so bad for the waste of money that was spent on me for this.

    Man Crates Response: Hello there,

    We do apologize for the disappointing experience. This is not the impression that we want you to have about this very unique item. Please send us a message at guys@mancrates.com about the issues that you encountered regarding this item specially if you were not able to redeem the gift card. We will do our best to make it up to you.

    Hoping to hear from you in our email.

    Dec 26th 2023

    Absolutely 0 fun, there was next to no guidance, and the clues just solve it for you. This product literally just made me frustrated. But it is so terribly made, I barely had to try and the bottom popped off and the prize fell out. Poor design, poor construction, not fun whatsoever. Will advise my friends and relatives to never use this company again. It's a gimmick and a complete rip off.

    Man Crates Response: Hi there,

    We apologize for this subpar first experience of our Impossible Puzzle Box. This is not the first impression that we would like to you have about this amazing puzzle item. Please send us a message at guys@mancrates.com and we will do our best to make this right.

    We highly value your feedback. Hope to hear from you in our mailbox. Thank you for your kind understanding.

    Osric Vallejo
    Jun 18th 2023
    Complete waste of time and money

    Received as a fathers day gift and it was missing the parts to complete the 1st puzzle. Waste of time.

    Man Crates Response: Hi Osric,

    We do apologize for the frustrating experience you had with your gift and the replacement service. We are horrified and this is not the experience that we want you to have. Based on our correspondence, you opted to return the item and we received the item back in our warehouse. We have processed the full refund of your purchase.

    We value your feedback and we will do our best to improve our service. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Your Man Crates Team Champion

    Dec 26th 2022
    Not worth it, choose a different Man Crate.

    For about $30 over the cost of a gift card you get 4 cheesy puzzles in a bulsa wood box. Much happier with other man crates.

    Man Crates Response: I'm so sorry you didn't love the gift! If you haven't already, definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions who are standing by and happy to help with any order troubles you may have. They can be reached at guys@mancrates.com.

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