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    Jesica Kirrane
    Apr 4th 2014

    This is the second Man Crate I have ordered and certainly won't be my last. I got my husband a grilling one for Valentines, so when I suggested this for his brother's birthday, he loved the idea. We opted to have the Duct Tape wrapping with it! His wife put the gift away until his party. The reaction everyone gave when it came out was just plain awesome! We brought a knife with us for him to use to open that part, but the struggle was on to open the crate. We he got it open, everyone loved it! His grandfather talked about how that was the kind of razor he used, then his aunts all said how it was the kind of razor they "borrowed" from dad to shave their legs with. My brother-in-law then told us how he loves a straight razor, I think he fell in love with the brush that has a stand and couldn't wait to try the other products. He has since posted on Facebook a pic of the gift and how much he loves it! Thanks for having such great ideas!

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