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    Wanda Hammond Bundrick
    Dec 5th 2018
    Steaks 🥩 on a Plate Crate

    I ordered it for my husband for our 19th wedding anniversary!! It came today, and he had to be across town in 15 minutes but, when he went to get in his car he met the Fed~Ex guy, and he carried it in and said I’ve gotta go! I said well, Happy Anniversary and that’s your gift. He read on the outer box 📦 “Man Crate” what is it he asked? You can find out when you get back but, he turned around, sat down preceding to open the box! Then he saw the crate with the crow bar, and sat down to see what the thing was! He looked like a child at Christmas but, it was only December 4th. He looked at everything in the crate before he left, and he said “I Love It” That was enough anniversary gift for me 👩🏼🥰😉. Thank You

    Jul 22nd 2018
    Loved it

    I bought this for my dad for Father's Day. He absolutely loves it. He still calls to tell me how much he's enjoyed it!

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