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All reviews for Smooth Face Mini Crate

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    Ke’ala Sylvester
    Mar 26th 2018
    Great surprise for my son 30 th birthday

    For someone who is hard to buy for this was great surprise!! He said it was a Challenge to open. And really liked the products.

    Mar 6th 2018
    Three Stars, but Totally Worth the Products

    I purchased this crate as a birthday gift for my fiancé and it was my first purchase from Man Crates.
    The only reason I give this three stars is because the lid on the oil was not tightly secured and there was a mess inside the box. It did not leak outside the box, but we did have to wash everything that was inside. There was about a third of the oil missing from its bottle. While it smells great, my house definitely smelled like man, as did I, for quite some time after cleaning. A little goes a long way with oils. This issue can be easily resolved.
    Having said that, this issue is not enough to make me not love this crate and thankful that I purchased it. And while I think the crowbar is the cutest thing ever, my fiancé is happy that he gets a new tool too! He actually used it on a small project over the weekend. I did enjoy that he needed to use a bit of his brute strength to open the crate.
    He has been using the products and I haven't heard any complaints (not that I thought he would). He does tend to have sensitive skin with certain products, but I felt confident enough to purchase these without any previous test runs. The smell is subtle, clean, and crisp. It leaves his skin smooth and he hasn't had any irritation. It was a wonderful choice and we are both glad I picked this specific crate.

    In summary, I may rethink purchasing a crate which includes oils, but will cross that bridge when I get there. I recommend this crate for the products, especially since the guy can still use his favorite razor!!

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