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    Gabby L
    Oct 22nd 2019

    It works really well and can conceal more than just the knife.

    Jun 11th 2019
    Great Secret Santa gift

    All our Secret Santa/White elephant gifts come from Mancrates during the Holidays. When I saw this, I thought itd be great, because the men in the circle would instantly be turned off thinking it was a book, and trade for other gifts to open. I usually waited till the end to show them it was NOT a book, just to see the regret of their prior trades. buahaha. I mean, who DOESNT need a knife???

    Connie P
    Feb 15th 2019
    Great product & customer service

    Ordered for the hubs so it would arrive on V Day. Texted and ended up calling customer service since I hadn't seen any updates with shipping. Found out it wasn't going to arrive as expected. Customer service refunded my shipping AND is sending me a second order free of charge for my troubles. Hubs got it today and is SO pleased with the book and the Kershaw knife. And pleased with the wife, too! ;) Now looking for birthdays and other occasions.

    Feb 9th 2019

    So my boyfriend gets his gift he was like why did you get me a book about vampires I started laughing so he opens it and the look on his face was priceless!! He loves the knife!! This is a excellent gift if you want to catch someone off guard !!

    Feb 7th 2019

    I know zero about knifes but after a little research felt comfortable buying this for my knife enthusiast boyfriend. Of course, I paid the extra for it to come wrapped in duct tape because being difficult is just who I am. He absolutely LOVED it and got so stoked seeing the actual knife. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more gifts from y’all in the future.

    Dec 22nd 2018
    Toughness in a small package

    Today is my birthday however I decided to give my Hubz his Christmas and my advance anniversary gift and the package came too today so I handed him the entire package box and inside is this diabolical duct taped box again and the struggle to open this tiny gift was just awesome took a video how my 6’6” 290lbs man struggled through a book sized box and one open that look for getting a book title Vampire Desires just raised the eyebrows and came the little boy look on his face happy to get what he wants for Christmas and I highly recommend ManCrates just awesome

    Heather Jackson
    Dec 12th 2018
    Book Shelf Book with a Surprise

    My son wrote me to say this book looked like a great read. When I questioned the knife, he was puzzled. He ran to his library, grabbing the wrong mystery book! I give this 8+ stars just for fooling my son! He found the correct book with the hidden knife and he said it's an exceptional knife, a real one! What a laugh for me though. Better than the puzzle box! Thanks Man Crates! Homerun with this one.

    Aug 24th 2018
    It was a perfect ruse

    My husband was so excited he got a book for his birthday. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless. I've never enjoyed giving a gift as much as this one. He was thrilled with the Kershaw knife. For the man who has everything, this is perfect!

    May 27th 2018
    35th bday gift

    My husband loves the whole thing. He thought the book and knice were awesome

    Jan 12th 2017
    Great gift

    I got this for my brother in-law who loves knives. He went through a range of emotions when he got it: excitement when he thought he was getting a good book, slight disappointment at discovering it was not a book, and then elation when he discovered the knife. Overall it was a huge hit! Highly recommended.

    Michelle Williams
    Dec 27th 2016

    I bought this present for my brother for Christmas. He is a Sherlock Holmes fan already so the Sherluck Holmes option was perfect for him. He loved the whole concept of the gift!!

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