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    Jun 5th 2015
    Road Warrior

    And order the Road Warrior crate for my Dads 60th birthday (I've purchased items from Mancrate for him before but never in the crate). He opened the box containing the crate with your entire family gathered. Unfortunately, the crate did not contain the crowbar. My father and uncle jerryrigged it open after getting some tools from the garage. He was SO excited to see what this one contained. He freaked out he was so happy and for the next hour and my family exchanged the item & exchanged awesome comments (most telling me they want a crate for there next present). This items were incredible & my whole family enjoyed it.
    Upon returning home I contacted Mancrate about the missing crowbar & that had happened at the party. They promptly respondied and apologized for the inconvenience. The crowbar came today & they sent me some Jerky too :) (which is my Dad fav snack). Mancrates has awesome stuff & excellent customer service. I recommend there to everyone I know, if you haven't tried them your missing out for sure.

    Jun 11th 2015
    It was okay

    It was cool, but not really what I expected. Great pictures, cheap product. And, the price is through the roof!

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