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    Jun 17th 2018

    I bought this as a grad gift for my nephew and he totally loved it. He had fun ripping open the ductape cocoon and prying the box open. Yes, the box is glued together; yes the box of ramen isn't worth a total of $50 (this is a business, people); but, come on, it's a fun novelty gift that no one else is buying for your guy and a one of a kind experience that is most definitely worth the money. When my next nephew graduates, I'm totally buying another ManCrate.

    Patrick Cooke
    Feb 15th 2018
    Great Ramen and gift

    My mom has gotten this for me for Valentine's this year and she knew that I love ramen. So this is the perfect gift for me

    Linda C.
    Nov 11th 2017
    Great "Get Well" Gift

    My nephew had surgery and was going to be laid up for a week or so. I had this sent to him the day before his surgery thinking the ramen would be a nice change from regular chicken soup. He loved the crate and the crowbar and the whole deal. Thanks for this great guy gift!

    Ed P
    Apr 4th 2017
    Yummy Ra{men}

    I received the Ramen crate as a birthday gift from my lovely fiancee. I was surprised when I opened the crate (without breaking the box) and saw different types of Japanese noodles with exotic flavors such as chili oil. With great flavors, Ramen can be an exotic lunch or dinner meals. The only thing I missed was a wooden bowl where I can pour the Ramen noodle and enjoy. Arigatō,'man kurētozu' chīmu!

    Jun 22nd 2016
    Happy Ramen Man

    My husband has an obsession with Ramen and when I saw this crate I knew it was the perfect gift for his picky tastes! Sure enough when he opened it he was head over heels and couldn't wait to get into the kitchen! best gift ever! I got an even better reaction out of this one than i did with the ammo can poker set which he loved too!!!

    Feb 22nd 2016
    Finally Nailed It!

    Got this crate for my boyfriend (who is damn near impossible to please) thinking this would be a nice gift that he wouldn't mind receiving. Well I was completely taken aback by how much he absolutely loved it! He must've thanked me at least 10 times saying it was the best gift he's gotten in a long time. Unfortunately it arrived a day early so I wasn't there to watch him crack it open but he made sure to let me know how great it was.

    Feb 18th 2016
    {Wo}man Crate

    My husband bought this for my for my birthday. He even wrote {wo} in front of the man crate logo all over the box. I love ramen and loved this. I was surprised the crate was glued instead of nailed but it was still fun to pry open. I know this is a niche market but I'm sure plenty of women love these crates too!!

    Jan 4th 2016
    Best Gift EVER

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas, and he absolutely LOVED it! He's been a Ramen fan for as long as I've known him, and he really enjoyed taking it to the next level. I will definitely be back and will be buying more crates for gifts! Could not recommend more!

    Dec 27th 2015

    I bought the ramen crate for my fiance for Christmas. He loves ramen and I was excited for him to try the Japanese Pepper however, the fact that it came in a crate was the real selling point. My guy just loves crates. I was disappointed however that the crate was glued together instead of nailed. Peeling hot glue off the box kind of ruined the effect. We had to use a hammer to get the crowbar into the seam but it was pretty easy to pry open other than that. Shipping was super fast and the faux-crate cardboard box it came in was awesome. Haven't tried the ramen yet but hoping it's great. The sword chopsticks were pretty cool too.

    Nov 25th 2015
    great gift

    gave this to my little brother for his bday--we always make fun of him in our family for not knowing how to "cook" anything except for ramen. opening it was a hoot (we actually had to use other tools than the crowbar!) and a great personal gift for a ramen enthusiast!

    Nov 14th 2015
    So Far So Good

    I sent my friend this gift. He was thrilled and sent me a picture of the crate. I asked him if he felt manly using the crow bar to open it. Seems he hasn't opened it yet--he thinks the wooden box is too cool to pry open. I'm still laughing, but pleased that he is thrilled with his box!

    Sep 25th 2015
    One More Happy Man

    I sent this crate to a long-term contractor of mine who deserved a cool and unique show of appreciation. He absolutely loved the gift (and probably the crate and duct tape wrapping even more!)--he said it totally made his day (and week!). I had the gift delivered to his office and he said all of his colleagues were standing around watching when it was delivered, wondering what it was and how in the heck he was going to open it. I wish I could have been there to see it! Thank, Man Crates! :D

    Feb 10th 2017
    Intriguing Approach for Gift

    A family member sent this gift to me for my birthday and I was happy with it. I found it fascinating to open a gift with a mini-crowbar, on top of being placed in a cardboard box wrapped with duct-tape (per her special request) - I was not expecting anything like this. The items inside were great! There were only 2 downfalls, like others here mentioned: (1) the crate was heavily glued instead of nailed (broke the box trying to pry it open and got the crowbar sticky) and (2) I was disappointed that I received regular chopsticks instead of the sword chopsticks. Other than that, I loved it and it may be the new trend for gifting.

    Jan 18th 2017
    Ramen <3

    My BF loved opening the crate and was very surprised with what was inside. I was a little disappointed as the chopsticks were just regular black disposable chopsticks and not the chopstick swords as shown. This was especially upsetting because the description actually states “These chopsticks are the most intimidating way to ward off future Ramen rivals (and there will be many).” Implying that they will in fact be swords, not just regular chopsticks. They were actually my incentive to get this crate, as I also got him an actual sword for x-mas thought it would all be fun together. Still a really good gift, it was just very misleading

    Dec 28th 2017
    Neat Gift, not worth the $$

    Super neat xmas gift! So sorry my wife spent so much $$ on it. Go to the store and buy the $2.00 ramen packs. You're only paying for fun and its not $50 worth. Reluctant to buy other crates. Feels like i'm getting scammed.

    Nov 21st 2017

    I purchased this for my husband thinking it would be better quality than the regular ramen crap from the grocery store, but it was far worse!! This product is advertised as “gourmet” and the description makes a joke about MSG not being an ingredient. Not only is there MSG in every pack, but also TBHQ! The ramen looks like it came from a dollar store and is loaded with far worse ingredients than what I was trying to avoid in the first place!! Also tasted gross. Not worth $50 plus shipping. Maybe the other crates are better, but I wish I didn’t waste my money on this one and sacrifice my husband’s health in the process. The description is extremely misleading. False advertising for sure!!

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