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    Apr 16th 2021
    Bday gift unpuzzled

    My husband loved it from start to finish. The whole family enjoyed trying to figure out the clues. The only bad thing was the UV flashlight we put the battery in and 5 seconds later it stopped working. We solved the main puzzle but there are some more clues.

    Debbie Harris
    Feb 16th 2021

    I bought this for my husband and it turned out to be a family event. I have a 16 & 9 yr old that got into. We then went out with friends and we tryied figuring out. Loved it and will be looking for more.

    Jan 13th 2021

    I got this as a gift for my husband, but I watched him and solved the puzzles along with him (and tried not to give it away when I figured something out first haha). It was incredibly fun and I need so many more of these boxes in my life. My only complaint is that I wish you had more options for the gift inside and neither one was really something he needed or wanted. But the main point, for us, was the puzzle and that was perfect!

    Jan 4th 2021
    Nailed It!

    Husband and I don't typically exchange gifts for Christmas, but I came across ManCrates and I was intrigued. The puzzle box looked promising. What a hit! He never left his seat when he unwrapped his gift until it was solved. After he was done, he put it back together and two more people solved it. Bonus: The flashlight that was the present is quality. $100 for a gift better be good, especially buying online. This gift is quality and a good value. Thank you, ManCrates - I will be back!

    Jan 2nd 2021
    Better in a man crate than cardboard box

    We were thrilled with the purchase, but sad it’s just an old cardboard box. Takes some of the excitement out of getting a man crate when it’s just a box. Puzzle made him really think and was fun.

    Dwayne Downing
    Jan 1st 2021
    Love it.

    To cool. Got this for a Birthday gift and enjoyed it to the fullest. Will be buying other products if theres. You should get 10 stars.

    Nov 21st 2020
    Dad Loved it!

    Our dad is super intelligent and always solves riddles with ease. He’s the master of master minds. We wanted to go more brain than brawn for his birthday gift. He spent about 45 minutes solving to get the knife. I guess there are also “side missions” that he’s excited to finish! I wish there was a second secret society box for him to complete!!

    Jan 20th 2020
    Was a hit!

    I was nervous from reading past reviews about missing parts and what not...but the box came perfect. This is a hard puzzle box! I was so glad they have hints online or he might have taken a hammer to it! Once we finally got it open he admitted that it was fun and started thinking about which of his buddies he'd give it to and see if they could get it open. In the end you end up with a gift ....a knife in our case....the puzzle box to regift or keep for your own secret stash, a flash light and a nice lock. I was happy and so was he. I will be getting more man crates for gifts. Next one I want to get him one that comes in a crate.

    Dec 30th 2019
    So much fun!

    I bought this for my husband, who loves puzzles and riddles, for Christmas. We both got in to solving the box puzzles together. We stayed up way too late because we just couldn’t quit! It was so much fun, I want to buy another just so I can do one again.

    Dec 26th 2019
    Very Entertaining

    Got this for my father who loves puzzles and brain teasers. He loved it, and we had a great time solving the riddles together!

    Alena Ursida
    Dec 24th 2019
    Best customer Service

    My father received a secret society puzzle box missing pieces. I called and spoke to the most loving woman who was apologetic and made my Christmas by going over and above to make it right and to keep a future customer! I have never received that kind of customer care! I am yours for life! What a fantastic company and people you have. This may have started like a bad Christmas but you surely made up for it. I look forward to buying many more gifts! Thank you.

    Mar 23rd 2019
    Parts did not fit

    I got this at Christmas time and saved to give to my husband for his birthday. We just tried to solve it. We were having a great time but, in the end we could not complete it as the gears would not fit properly in the box in order to rotate and part of the puzzle did not match up. I would be happy to send pictures and explain our problem but, I do not want to give away answers here in my review

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Jennifer.

    Sorry to hear that the parts inside didn't quite work out. Thanks for not posting spoilers in your review! Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make sure we get your trouble resolved ASAP, thanks!

    -Team Man Crates

    Jan 15th 2019
    Puzzle box fail 1.5 star

    After reading the description I thought this would be perfect for my nephew. We have an ongoing event trying to make the packaging harder each year. After receiving the first package and it was broken I received the second box. Although not broken, the nephew opened the box when the padlock fell off within 3 minutes. After the padlock came off he pulled ona side and the flashlight came tumbling out. Not the plan I had in mind when spending almost $100 for a work flashlight. It did not match the welded and zip tied package he created for me and by the way if you are looking for an idea rebar and zip ties are hard to open!!! Unfortunately I am not able to change the star ratings above

    Man Crates Response: Sorry to hear your order arrived broken! We have identified a minor quality issue with this product early on and we've added steps to our production process to ensure that this issue doesn't happen again. We'd be happy to replace your order at no cost, please give us a call at 866.902.7260 and we'll make this right!

    Team Man Crates

    Jan 13th 2019

    I ordered two of these. One each for two of my, let's just say, several, sons.

    A couple of other sons received different Man Crates they were absolutely delighted with; but and I must say, these puzzle boxes captured the attention of every man in the house!

    It hardly mattered that one of the locks on one of the boxes was not locked when the crate was opened. Getting the lock open was one of the simpler tasks, and didn't distract from the awesomeness of the box at all, and in fact, he whole Man Gang (between the ages of 16-35) gathered around to assist in solving mystery after mystery in order to get to the prizes that are actually of such quality that my industrial designer and his brother, the mechanic were quite happy with them!

    All of the guys were very happy with all of their gifts, but these captured the most attention and kept them busy long enough to utterly burn the deep fried turkey!

    And oh well!
    Who needs to eat, really, having such fun?

    You did good, Man Crates! Very, very, good; especially at helping out a frazzled mom who runs out of ideas come Christmas and birthdays.

    THANKS! I'll be ordering again soon!

    Oh, and thanks a hundred times over for getting a gift here at the very last minute. I owe you for that one. -)

    Jan 4th 2019
    So much fun!

    Our entire family was working on this (including my 5 year old!). I took the risk after reading the reviews but my box arrived intact - no issues. I honestly had a lot more fun solving this than many other boxes supplied to me by professional puzzle subscription companies and that says a lot!

    Jan 2nd 2019
    Awesome gift

    I got this for my husband as a Christmas gift. It was such a hit! He said it was the best gift. I saw the reviews so I checked the box once it arrived and everything was intact. Hopefully you make more puzzle boxes!

    Stephani B
    Dec 26th 2018
    It was tricky

    My Dad loves solving puzzles like this so when I had seen it I knew it was perfect. My first box I ordered came damaged. Thankful mancrates has excellent customer service and I got another Christmas Eve!! Packaged better and good condition. Only fault this time was the lock was already locked and not on the box. We just rolled with it. Probably took a couple hours to get it solved. My brothers helped too. Fun family time. And he liked the flashlight. The UV light also. He’s a mechanic so both will come in handy.

    Dec 17th 2018
    Not assembled

    Received this today as a gift for a family member...upon getting the box I wasn’t sure what it was and then talked with my husband and realized it was the crate. Upon opening the entire card board box was full of disassembled pieces, the lock was locked when I received the box. I immediately called and the situation was totally rectified. Customer service refunded the money for the gift and sent a new gift free of charge to arrive in two days so it will still be here for Christmas!!

    Dec 14th 2018

    Awesome gift. I also had a small issue with packaging and an open lock. Contacted the team and they absolutely made things right. MC customer service is amazing. My fellow puzzler really enjoyed the box and puzzles. I was able to have a go at it, and I think it is an awesome setup. All in all I would definitely recommend this gift for that special someone who loves puzzles. In fact, one will be going into my collection soon.

    Dec 26th 2020
    Great fun but flawed

    The puzzle was awesome, except at the end the gears were off by a letter, and the screws on the inside did not come out. I had to use a mini crowbar I got with another man crate to pry it open. I would have liked to have kept the box but it was destroyed. Other than that, it was fantastic.

    Nov 16th 2020
    Amazing but

    This is my second purchase and I got this puzzle for my boyfriend because he really enjoyed the first one so much! Everything was going well but we sorta second guess ourselves because the pieces were super tight! We had to use some tools and my bf actually got scratched while doing so. We are not pansies but as for the last puzzle, we figured it out but ended up almost breaking the box to finally get the present because of the manufacturing problem. He still very much enjoyed it but it’s not as smooth as we hoped. Great idea, needs some tweak in execution.

    Nov 1st 2020
    Tight tolerances

    Enjoyed the puzzle, seems a bit harder than the other puzzle box! Some one the elements are built in really tight! So even after we had solved it, we had to double check we were doing the right thing and grab a set of pliers to shimmy on to the next clue! We were worried about breaking it with how hard (the two of us) had to pull to get what we needed to get done.

    Dec 21st 2018
    Replacement shipment arrived intact

    Great customer service! The replacement box was received double packaged and intact. However, the lock is jammed and I'm not able to fix and their are no instructions to tell me what the original lock code is. So, even if I wanted to reset the lock, I cannot. And I watched the video on master lock several times.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Debora,

    Glad to hear the replacement worked out for you! The code is included in the puzzle as part of the mystery, the lock is set to that specific combination so please don't reset the combo, it will ruin the experience! If you are trying to get the lock open after reaching that part of the puzzle and are having trouble give us a call at 866-902-7260. Thanks!

    -Team Man Crates

    Dec 19th 2018
    Not packaged properly

    Ordered this as a Christmas gift for my husband. As other reviewers have said it came poorly packaged. It got here and the lock was missing (hopefully nothing else is missing). I called customer service and they are sending me a new lock. I was disappointed but your customer service is great. Hopefully it all works out because this is a great gift.

    Reem Townsend
    Mar 16th 2021
    Fun but shipping disappointing and broken

    I sent this to my brother as a gift. He loved it and said it was a lot of fun. He's an engineer and said it took him a couple of hours to complete. The disappointing part was a piece broke. Then it took 2 weeks for Man Crate to send the replacement piece. March 2 I got confirmation that the replacement piece would be sent and today, March 15 ingot notice that it shipped. 2 weeks waiting for a part in order to finish the last step. Really disappointed.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there, thank you for your feedback! Apologies that you were disappointed in the puzzle box you received! We do our best to offer a great experience and value for the price and we're sorry to hear we missed that mark for you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, so when you're not happy, we're not happy! We'd be glad for the opportunity to work with you to make this right by offering a product replacement, discount, or we can arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'd be happy to work with you to make this right.

    -Team Man Crates

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