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    Feb 28th 2017
    Not Impressed

    Great packaging, downhill from there. Definitely not for the "working man". The holster probably the top item can be purchased at Walmart for less than 10 bucks. Plus some items that can be purchased at a local Dollar store. The other good reviews where written by the giver of the gift.

    Jill Tobin
    Jan 26th 2017
    Great Gift

    I gave these as a Christmas gift to each of the guys I work for. Since I wouldn't be there when they opened them, I told them they had to either video or take pictures (I wanted to create some suspense and curiousity). When we were all back in the office, they couldn't stop talking about the presentation and the contents. They loved the knife and used it right away to break down Christmas boxes. They loved it! I was so happy. Thanks for a unique and wonderful gift. I'll be ordering more for the guys in my family.

    Jul 3rd 2016
    "THE Best Gift Ever"

    I was out of the country for my boyfriends birthday and sent him the Pro Tool crate and a man kit. He was beyond esthetic and said it was by far the best gift he has ever gotten. He said everything in the crate was great quality and just what he needed. The crate is harder to open than it looks he said...which I think is great because then they have to try extra hard! The whole point of the MAN crate ;)

    You Know
    Jun 21st 2016
    Father's Day Hit

    My daughter and I got our guys one for Father's Day. It was a hit and so much fun watching them work to the point of frustration trying to get the crates open and the results of very nice goodies inside. Will definitely buy more.

    Jun 12th 2016
    happy wife

    arrived on ti,e an it was amazing got it for my husband for his birthday he loves it

    Mar 21st 2019

    I get it’s the novelty and fun but this isn’t worth what you pay plus shipping. The crate itself was way smaller than what is pictured. I’m sure if I read it will give dimensions maybe. But I was expecting a larger crate for this price. And the items in it were cool but could be bought probably at dollar tree. Took him 4 minutes total w the tape crate.

    Aug 6th 2016
    I thought a drill would be there for the price!

    This is the second time I've ordered from you. I bought this as a birthday gift for my son. Pictured is a small drill with the holster, this is the main reason I ordered this, for the drill, the rest was a nice extra. I paid $94 for a screwdriver, soap and some rags. He is in NY and I'm in Texas. I'm really not pleased with the purchase of a hundred dollar screwdriver .

    Dec 27th 2017
    Opened it in seconds

    My fiance open it in seconds which was disappointing. I paid for the duct tape which he cut through and then he just popped the lid with the tool provided. However he thought it was a cool idea and wants to give one to his Dad. I dont know if its worth the money, but he did think the idea was fun.

    Dec 30th 2016
    Not so great

    I received this as a Christmas gift. My wife spent over $150 on two gifts. The two of them have way less value inside than that. I received this "Man" Crate. It's not necessarily made for the working man, more like the city man who doesn't normally wrap his hand around real tools. My wife was really excited for me to open. It was hard to say I like it with a straight face to be honest. I would have rather had a AR-15 lower to build my own rifle...now that is man stuff. I thought I'd leave an honest review because the other reviews are left by the buyers, not the receivers.


    Hey Brian,

    Sorry to hear you were dissapointed in your gift! We're not happy until you are, give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make it right!

    Team Man Crates

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