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    Feb 20th 2015
    "This might be the coolest gift I ever got"

    He LOVED the ammo can! When he found it full of meat he had to tell all The Fellas! I got called from all over congratulating me on my success at gifting badassery 101.

    Feb 19th 2015
    perfect vday gift for my guy

    I loved all the options on the site, but the ammo can with the masculine snacks, was the best option for my guy. I loved the special duck tape package, and when i was having a problem with my confirmation email i got a quick and helpful call to sort it all out. My guy loves this. Ill be using them again!

    Feb 18th 2015
    My man lived his man crate!

    My husband was so surprised about his man crate! He loved the container and everything that came with it! Excellent job!!

    Feb 18th 2015
    V-Day gift

    stumbled across website just in time for valentines day. Perfect gift for my husband, he was really surprised and loved his gift. Definetly will be ordering from Man Crates again!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Boyfriend loved it!

    Gave it to my boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he really liked it.

    Feb 18th 2015
    Perfect Gift!

    My fiance loved it! He was surprised by the jerky in the ammo can. Great Valentine's gift.

    Chelsea W
    Feb 18th 2015
    My First Order...I'll be back!

    I ordered this for my husband for Valentine's Day because I didn't want to embarrass him by sending flowers or girly stuff...let me just say I'm SO GLAD I found this company!!! Product was delivered on time as promised to his office. My husband said it was the coolest gift ever!!! I'll be back to order a crate next time for his bday!

    Feb 17th 2015
    Big hit

    My husband is not materialistic. It is next to impossible to buy gifts for him. I have even tried gift cards of every sort. But the JERKY AMMO CAN was a major hit! He spent several minutes just studying the can before he opened it!then when he finally did open it, he was even more surprised.

    Feb 17th 2015
    awesome gift for your guy

    I got the ammo jerky snack one for my husband. He loved the ammo can it came in, loved the jerky. He is not into gifts, but he absolutely loved this!!!

    Feb 14th 2015
    He LOVED it

    My husband was blown away with the ammo can gift, and has already eaten most of the jerky. What a great gift idea!

    Feb 13th 2015
    Awesome Gift!!

    Sent this to my husband at work for Valentine's Day and he loved it!! This is such a great idea for guys!! You guys rock!!

    E H
    Feb 13th 2015
    Gift Win

    My boyfriend is a storyteller for rpgs for our friends and he loves learning all sorts of things about a wide array of topics. He's also big on gun facts to make things as real as possible for the games so when I stumbled across this while looking for something unique to give him this year since he always does something fun for me I just new he'd love it - snacks and an ammo box, what's not to love?

    I hinted the day before it arrived that something would be coming in the mail for him so he spent the night trying to find out what it was and when it showed up today he was more than confused by how heavy it was; I don't think I've seen him that happy over a gift before and the smile and crushing bear-hug I received made this purchase more than worth it. We plan on getting something for some of his family in the future. Thanks for the laughs and snacks.

    Michelle Gunn
    Feb 12th 2015
    Best Gifts EVER

    Ok, so the shipping to Canada is a wee bit of a burn, but for me its worth it. This is my second consecutive Valentines Day purchase for my boyfriend and it even makes ME excited for it! So fun to choose the appropriate Crate and wait for him to tell me that he received it. Its such a creative gift to give. And truly, I believe the thrill of him opening the crate at work is worth every penny of the Canadian shipping burn. I will continue to order these, a V-Day tradition if you will!
    P.S. Thanks for the AWESOME customer service, as usual you guys are the best.

    Feb 11th 2015
    Our Airman LOVED it!!

    We sent this ammo can to our Airman for Valentine's Day! Before it arrived I sent him a text that girls get flowers and candy delivered for Valentine's Day but what do boys get?!?! Hmmmm....had him guessing for sure! lol! Needless to say he absolutely LOVED it! He plans on filling the can with some of his favorite things and said the jerky was delicious!! So happy with our purchase and super excited it made our sons day and put a smile on his face!! Thanks Man Crate for making our sons day brighter when I can't be there to do it in person!! Shipping was super fast and I plan on purchasing again in the near future!! I think there may be a crate on it's way this summer for his Birthday!!! Shhhh! Don't tell! ;)

    S Montgomery
    Feb 11th 2015
    Greatest Gift for a Man's Man

    Purchased this for my hub and he loved it. No frilliness !

    Feb 6th 2015
    Jerky Ammo Can

    I ordered this gift for my sweetheart of a boyfriend, and he absolutely loved it! He is big into firearms and shooting, so he got a real kick out of the 308 ammo can, and of course loved all the treats. He has been enjoying the jerky, and he did mention that it was a great gift! I will definitely order from you guys again!

    Feb 6th 2015
    A hit at the office

    Got this for my husband's 30th bday and had it sent to his office. He was puzzled at first and wondered what I sent him that was so heavy. After he saw the ammo case and saw that there were snacks inside he thought it was awesome. Only a little hard to get open but worth the effort.

    I would get one for all the men in my life.

    Feb 2nd 2015

    I got this for my BOyfriend who has everything. I was screaching over the interent and found this site. Let me just say I was Skeptical at first but ordered it anyway HE LOVED IT it was amazing. Just as cool as you would hope. ORDER THIS for your man who has everything because HE will never EVER have anything like this. Ordering him another for valentines day.. THNAKS MAN CRATES!!!!

    Debra Rigsby Walker
    Jan 29th 2015
    Jerky Box

    Gave this to my oldest son for his birthday, he loved the jerky & the box. I am a repeat customer & I am already looking for my next purchase! Coolest gifts I have ever seen!

    Jan 28th 2015
    Perfect man gift!

    They delayed shipping to the exact date I needed it to arrive!
    All the men in my hubby's office were jealous. I will def. order again!

    Jen "sister extraordinaire"
    Jan 26th 2015
    Manly Snackin

    I sent my brother an ammo can of jerky for his 30th birthday. He happened to be in Vegas when the can arrived so my dearest youngest sister thought it would be sweet to put it in a gift bag for him upon his arrival. Damn sisters. Oh, that's me. Anyway, you guys definitely found a fantastic niche and your service is MANTASTIC!! You haven't heard the last of me.....

    Amber Dorton
    Jan 23rd 2015
    Ammo Box

    This gift was great and my 33 year old brother thought it was the coolest.

    Jan 17th 2015
    Wicked Cans!

    I bought the Premium Beef Jerky Ammo Can for my father for Christmas. He was surprised how heavy it was and was even more impressed at it's condition. He'll eat all the beef jerky by the end of the day, but the military grade ammo can will last forever. He's still looking for the right item(s) to put in his water proof, air tight, virtually indestructible ammo can. I foresee more man crates orders in the near future.

    Jan 16th 2015

    We are in the Army and we sent one of my friends this grate for his birthday. He didn't even want to open it because he wasn't expecting a package. He called all the people he thought might send him something, but no one had. So we ended up being his only big present of the day. When he opened it, he immediately called us. He was so surprised and he said we made his day awesome. He wouldn't have been into flowers or anything like that so Man Crates was the obvious choice to us.

    Jan 16th 2015

    I brought the jerky ammo can for my husband as a Christmas present. The gift arrived on time, when my husband opened it one of the jerky's had a little slit in the back of it (like a box knife slit) I called Man Crates to see if they could just replace the one pack of jerky that was slit open. Man crates called me right back told me they would replace the whole entire ammo can with over night shipping. My husband was stoked for the ammo can he loved every type of jerky! Well done Man Crates!!!!

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