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    Aug 12th 2015
    Thumbs up all around

    I bought this for my brother who has everything he wants, which makes shopping for him difficult. He loved this item. The best feature was the ammo can but he said the products were of good quality. To quote him, "I'd give it a thumbs up all around". Can't beat the smile on his face. Thank you!

    Aug 11th 2015
    1 x Premium Jerky Ammo Can

    Sent this to my brother for his 40th B-Day. He stated, "I love the ammo box argh argh argh!" A no frills reaction! He loved it. :)

    Jun 30th 2015
    Happy Dad - Man Crates For Father's Day

    I stumbled upon Man Crates while searching for the perfect gift for my step dad for Father's Day. I am in marketing myself and so when I saw not only a clean website but the product I was very impressed. There was no hesitation when deciding to buy this gift for my step dad and he was floored when he got it. Great product. Great service. Great timing. Very impressed and WILL be shopping here again.

    Gina M.
    Jun 25th 2015
    Loves It!

    Ordered this for my husband for Father's Day. He loves the Ammo Can and loves all the products. Great gift!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Big Hit

    bought this for my Grandson who turned 25-He LOVED it! I quote, "It is Friggin Awesome" This is the second time I ordered a Man Crate and they are a big hit! So glad I found you guys!! With 7 sons I will be ordering again soon! Thank you!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Loved it!

    My Step dad loved this gift...He had a hard time with the duct tape and an even harder time opening the canister. This gift was well worth it...

    Jun 22nd 2015
    Best Jerky ever!

    I ordered this for my boyfriend for Father's day. He LOVED it.
    It's hands down the best Jerky I have ever had. The ammo case it comes in is cool as fuck and the gift itself actually tastes good too... win-win.
    I also had to contact the customer service area a couple times before shipping it, just for some random questions, and they are extremely helpful and prompt. I would suggest these gifts to EVERY person that has a man in their life (I think some women would enjoy these gifts as well)
    overall... Bloody well done Mancrates.

    Jun 22nd 2015
    Perfect Guy Gift

    I got this for my dad for Father's Day. Being a veteran, he was most excited about the ammo can! He loved it!!! Everything inside was just a bonus after that (:

    Jun 21st 2015

    This gift was perfect. It was better than I thought it would be.

    Jun 20th 2015
    Worth it for the ammo case alone

    Hubby loved this, especially the ammo case. Totally worth the price.

    Jun 14th 2015
    Perfect Surprise!

    I ordered this for my boyfriend as a random surprise gift when I saw it on Pinterest. He LOVED it. He's a big jerky fan and was stoked by the ammo can. A great gift all around!

    Jun 9th 2015
    The man loved the ammo box

    I got this gift for my guy - he loved the box - kept telling me how cool it was. He said it had all kinds of snacks in it that he loved and couldn't wait to break into them. Another great gift from the man crate store - I have many others that I want to send him - thank you for continually updating to keep him interested.

    May 11th 2015

    I received this as a Birthday gift and loved it!
    The jerky is fantastic and so flavorful and very high quality. I am always looking for good ammo cans and this one looked brand new!

    Barbara Aguilar
    May 2nd 2015
    Men love the ammo boxes

    I have purchased 2 ammo boxes as gifts and they love the gift. Now I need an ammo box for the chocolate lovers.

    Apr 30th 2015

    I was looking online to buy my boyfriend something cool and unique as a 'thinking of you' gift since we are long distance. Once I found the man crate website I was instantly pleased. I loved all the crates and it was hard for me to pick just one! I sent it to him while he was at work and he was definitely surprised. He loved the snacks and loved the ammo case even more!

    Apr 29th 2015
    Great gift for any man!

    I got this gift for my boyfriend after he was placed on medical leave after having had a motorcycle accident. He had been feeling and down and out and I wanted to lift his spirits. This gift did the trick! He was so excited to get a package in the mail not to mention how awesome everything inside it was! He was so impressed with my choice and couldn't thank me enough!

    Sonya Yam
    Apr 27th 2015
    BEST Gift for a Guy!

    I've never purchased a man crate before, but my friend recommended it. My boyfriend absolutely loved every single item in it! And ordering was fast and easy, with really great customer service! Will definitely order again.

    Apr 24th 2015
    Best gift ever!

    I have purchased a few of the crates before so I knew I couldn't go wrong with the jerky ammo can!!! I bought this as a birthday gift for a guy I just started seeing and when it was delivered to his house I got a text " I love it!!!! Best Gift Ever!!! " Thank you man crates you always have the best gifts for that special man.

    Apr 23rd 2015

    Sent this to my dad for his birthday. He was super surprised and loved it! He thought it was a unique and pretty cool gift. He loved the container and his favorite jerky was the chili lime, he said it was incredibly tender. He's always been hard to shop for so this was the perfect gift!! Will definitely be ordering again.

    Apr 13th 2015
    The BF loved it

    Random surprise gift for my boyfriend and he LOVED it. All the guys at his job were super jealous lol. The snacks were of excellent quality and the BF LOVED the tin can it came in. A great gift for any man in your life!

    TJ Prescott
    Apr 8th 2015
    Black sheep rising

    My dad is pushing 80 and in very poor health. Mom is a full time care giver. He started out as Army in the Nam era. First job out was Hercules Power plant, building bombs. HIs whole career was Testing for the military at both Picatinny Arsenal and Yuma Proving ground. His hobby, collecting, trading, selling and appraising weapons. Well, Mom had to have surgery last month and had to put my dad in a "respite" home while she was recuperating. Dad was none to happy, let me tell you!!! Mom's in the hospital, edible arrangement, no brainer! Dad on the other hand?? Then the skies opened up and the Gods of "Guy Stuff" showed me the light! Sent him the amo-box with jerky. Well, there aren't enough words (according to dad) to say how much he loved it. (nurses told me he got all teary!) He bungeed that sucker right up to his Hoveround and cruised all around the place bragging to the old military farts in the home!! He and mom are both home now, and he STILL has that thing on the back of his ride!! As a side note, eating all the goodies that my mom won't let him have, might have been a close second to the box! Thanks for making my dad excited over something for the first time in a loooooooooooooooooong time! BTW: "Black sheep rising: is me! Always been the black sheep of the family, but you guys might have brought me up to grey!! Thanks again.

    Apr 8th 2015
    Best Gift For Men

    This is the 2nd Man Crate gift I have sent. My boyfriend LOVES them! In fact, his friends are asking me to talk with their wives about sending these to them! GREAT idea for "man gifts."

    Apr 5th 2015

    Ordered these for my husband & son for Easter. They both loved them! Plus they love that they can use the can after the food is gone. The service was great & shipping was quick~I Will definitely order from Man Crates again!

    Apr 2nd 2015

    I sent this to my son for his birthday. It shipped on time and was a huge hit! He loved the jerky and snacks!

    Apr 2nd 2015
    Tough boy gift

    My brother is notoriously hard to shop for.... But for a foodie with a passion for military history - this was a HIT!! can't wait to order one for the husband's upcoming bday.... Kind of wishing there was a chick crate for me.

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