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    sherry armlin
    Dec 31st 2015
    nailed it!

    I have two nephews in-laws that have everything. The last couple years I've just given them gift cards for lack of knowing what to get them. I actually got a thumps up when they opened their gift! Thanks for the great ideas!

    Dec 27th 2015

    I gave this to my nephew who loved it. Best gift ever as all my family members now want to order mancrates.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    My husband said this was the best of all his gifts. He couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. I will definitely be sending man crates to every guy I know.

    Dec 23rd 2015

    Sent this as a last minute gift to a friend across the country. It arrived quickly and he absolutely loved it!!

    Dec 19th 2015
    Coolest ever

    So it was supposed to be for Xmass but *I* couldn't wait to see if he liked it. Bill is a gun enthusiast and I wanted the ammo can for him for storage. Well...he LOVED it :) I'm so pleased! It's really hard to buy for someone who has everything and I have wracked my brain for things to get for him and it worked. A word to all about the duct tape extra wrap, remember not to do it if you're sending it to someone who is disabled!

    Dec 9th 2015

    I got this gift for my son who just came back from deployment. He has everything and I never know what to get him. Perfect gift!!

    Debbie Setere
    Nov 16th 2015

    I sent one Ammo Box with Jerky & one crate filled with breakfast stuff to my sons in the Marines. My older son training for Special Operations got the Ammo box & loved it. He called me right away. My younger son is stationed away till Dec. 15th & will open his when he gets back. He looks forward to it. Thank You for the Awesome job you guys do. Sincerely Mom :O)

    Nov 11th 2015
    Great Gift!

    Amazing gift, the ammo can is beautiful. Husband loved the jerky.

    The crate did not arrive on the day it was scheduled, but when I contacted customer service about it they worked hard to make it right. I appreciate that, and it arrived the very next day.

    Oct 31st 2015

    This ammo can was a definite winner! He loved everything in it.

    Dr. J
    Oct 24th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    We picked this out for our son-in-law. He's kinda new to our family so we weren't sure what to get for his birthday, but this seemed like the kind of gift that would appeal to him. Long story short: we knocked this one out of the park -- he loved it! We added the diabolical duct tape wrapping to make it even more manly, which really was just icing on the cake.

    Oct 24th 2015
    Best gift ever

    Purchased this for my son's 26th birthday. He flipped. Totally loved the jerky products with the bonus of an ammo can. I heard him brag to his friends about what an awesome gift it was.

    Oct 23rd 2015
    Loved it!

    I have purchased this for several people for different events and have always received great responses from the receivers. The guys really LOVE the Ammo Case they think it is soooo cool! and the Jerky is always a hit!

    Oct 6th 2015
    Round Two

    This is the second time I buy this item. The first one was a big hit with my brother that I figured my boyfriend would like it just as much. I received a nice intensive from James to finally click the purchase button. Thank you James

    I purchased this item nearly 2 months ahead and selected a future delivery date. I had a brain fart and couldn't remember if I had been charged already. The wonderful, patient folks in customer service replied in a timely fashion not just once (because sometimes I lack basic understanding of the English language) but twice to my emails. Thank you for your patience!!!

    I will never need to shop anywhere else for the men in my life.

    Michelle Flake
    Sep 25th 2015
    Man Crates Delivered!

    I never know what to get my man and every year he ends up buying his own presents. My attempts to surprise him in the past have failed (why did I think he'd be excited about a new suit??). When I saw the beef jerkey in the ammo can, I knew I couldn't go wrong. He loved it!

    Customer service was great and delivery on time. This was my first and not my last purchase.

    Sep 22nd 2015
    Great Gift for the Man in your life

    I read some of the other reviews about this "not being worth the cost", however, I researched the cost of the items individually and considered the cost for what the ammo box might cost. You also have to add in the cost to pay someone to package, label, ship out the product. I'm sure I could get all the items together myself and send it out, however that takes time. This was the perfect gift for me to send to my boyfriend to show how much I appreciate all that he does. He said the jerky was really good and even ate the Pemmican Fruit 'N Nut bar (he's not a health food nut)and said it wasn't bad. I will definitely order again. BTW- Customer service was superb and delivery fast and my pkg arrived right on time. Thank you for helping me show my boyfriend how much I appreciate him. You Guys Rock!

    Jan E
    Sep 22nd 2015
    Great guy gift!

    This Premium Jerky Ammo Can was a nice surprise for my brother-in-law who was recovering from surgery. It's something out of the ordinary that made his day! Thank you for bringing unique ideas to the ever challenging world of gifts for men!! I will definitely return for more purchases in the future.

    Aug 30th 2015
    Where have you been all my life?!?!

    The search is over for the perfect man-gift! I'm tickled to have found this site!!! I sent the Jerky Ammo gift to my friend back east and he loved it. I would definitely recommend it based on the huge smile he had on his face in the photo he sent me.

    Aug 21st 2015
    Best Care Package!

    I sent this to my boyfriend on his first deployment overseas in 2013 and he loved it! All the other guys had fun helping him open it as I opted for the duct tape. He loved the jerky and is now stuck on the Krave brand. He still loves and uses his ammo can. I am so glad I found Mancrates. Good morale booster! He is on his 2nd deployment now and I just ordered him the coffee can. I am sure he'll love it just as much.

    Aug 18th 2015
    So awesome!

    I'm so glad I found you guys! What great ideas!
    My boyfriend loved his jerky ammo can.. it was a good luck gift for a big job promotion, and I was so worried it wouldn't be delivered on time, but it was! Also, your customer service rocks... Super nice and helpful (Meghan). He loved everything inside, and said the ammo case was cool too!
    Yay! Thanks for making me a rock star girlfriend ;)

    Aug 12th 2015
    Thumbs up all around

    I bought this for my brother who has everything he wants, which makes shopping for him difficult. He loved this item. The best feature was the ammo can but he said the products were of good quality. To quote him, "I'd give it a thumbs up all around". Can't beat the smile on his face. Thank you!

    Aug 11th 2015
    1 x Premium Jerky Ammo Can

    Sent this to my brother for his 40th B-Day. He stated, "I love the ammo box argh argh argh!" A no frills reaction! He loved it. :)

    Jun 30th 2015
    Happy Dad - Man Crates For Father's Day

    I stumbled upon Man Crates while searching for the perfect gift for my step dad for Father's Day. I am in marketing myself and so when I saw not only a clean website but the product I was very impressed. There was no hesitation when deciding to buy this gift for my step dad and he was floored when he got it. Great product. Great service. Great timing. Very impressed and WILL be shopping here again.

    Gina M.
    Jun 25th 2015
    Loves It!

    Ordered this for my husband for Father's Day. He loves the Ammo Can and loves all the products. Great gift!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Big Hit

    bought this for my Grandson who turned 25-He LOVED it! I quote, "It is Friggin Awesome" This is the second time I ordered a Man Crate and they are a big hit! So glad I found you guys!! With 7 sons I will be ordering again soon! Thank you!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Loved it!

    My Step dad loved this gift...He had a hard time with the duct tape and an even harder time opening the canister. This gift was well worth it...

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