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    Paul Bissonnette
    Apr 22nd 2020
    Pinecone Bowie knife kit

    I just finished my knife and sheath project that my daughter bought for me for Christmas. I LOVE it! I took some liberties with the sheath...used leather stitching instead of the brass screw rivets, and braided the strap. Wish I could show it off!

    Debbie Martinez
    Jan 28th 2019
    Beautiful knife

    I got my husband the chef knife kit last year for his birthday and he loved it so much I got him this one for Christmas, so he already had the needed tools. He loved making this one and it's a beautiful knife when finished! He stamped the sheath with a scale design and dyed the leather black to finish it off. I wish I could show you a picture! Now he wants another one! Great gift!

    Dec 20th 2018
    Perfect gift for my outdoorsman

    I got a text from my hubby (stationed in Virginia) “you are such an amazing wife” and “I got my man crate and couldn’t believe it! I literally started crying” needless to say.. I got brownie points for sure! It’s pricey but very worth it! Perfect gift!

    Dec 25th 2018
    Nice gift but doesn’t have as much as the other kits

    I got this for Christmas and it’s really cool. I had no idea this even existed. My wife bought this version because the original knife kit was out of stock. She was excited to tell me that I could buy refill kits and I asked what that meant because everything seemed to be one use only. She thought that this kit came with the same vise and file that the other sets did. It’s kind of a bummer that it doesn’t, but otherwise it’s a cool idea.

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